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Information about Australian VPNs

What is a VPN for Australia?

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A VPN for Australia is a private service that enables any user on the internet to safely browse the internet through a “tunnel” of encrypted protection. This tunnel is created between any device in your home and the VPN provider’s service, who then in turn takes that connection and sends it out to the rest of the web.

On our main VPN spreadsheet you’ll find nearly 140 separate VPN services that offer servers in Australia, whether they’re in Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth. Not only that, but during our rigorous speed testing regimen Sydney scored some of the best speeds we’ve seen around the globe, with OverPlay in particular scoring a stellar 269Mbps download when running during off-peak hours.

Why Use a VPN in Australia?

As any native Aussie will tell you, the local government’s relationship with ISPs in the country is dodgy, at best. Many of the internet providers in the region hold considerable sway over both local municipal organizations as well as the larger government as a whole, which means that net neutrality essentially doesn’t exist and most providers are allowed to fastlane content as they please.

The best way to fight back against this all-too cozy partnership between the private and public entities of Australia’s internet landscape is to use a VPN. With the help of a VPN you can prevent ISPs from being able to see what your web traffic is. This means any sites you visit, content you stream, or items you purchase online won’t be available in their log sheet, and therefore also means they can’t then take that information and flip it on the third-party market to the highest bidding advertising firm.

Should You Use a VPN in Australia?

Whether you firmly believe in the internet privacy rights of users in Australia or just want a way to stream your favorite shows available in the country while you travel, using a VPN for Australia is the best way to go!

Anyone who wants to protect their online shopping/banking logins/credit card information should also consider the use of a VPN, as hackers love to steal this data while it’s in transit.

No matter what you want to use your VPN for, you can scroll up to navigate through our spreadsheet to find the perfect VPN for you and all your needs in Australia!