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What is a VPN for Brazil?

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A VPN for Brazil is an online service that allows users in Latin America to easily and quickly have a way protect their digital privacy, watch any geo-blocked content, or simply access their accounts without worrying about whether or not the data will be traced back to their IP address.

As one of the fastest growing markets for new internet users in the past 10 years, Brazil is seen as a haven for hackers who want to get the most bang for their buck. Because so many of the 140 million users in the country are newer to the internet (and its many threats), hackers are able to take advantage of their ignorance to the threats out there en masse. has scoured the web to find all the VPN providers that offer servers from within Brazil, and of the 75 different services found, was the fastest with a download speed just over 195Mbps!

Why Use a VPN in Brazil?

Aside from being one of the largest internet using populations on the planet, Brazil also has some of the most passionate gamers and media watchers out there. A VPN allows anyone in the country to watch and game how they please, without having to worry about content blocks or anything that might prevent them from enjoying the internet as they please.

Plus, as we mentioned in the previous section, due to the large number of hacking organizations which target Brazilians, using a VPN from within the country is always a good idea. A VPN can protect both your financial and personal information from falling into the wrong hands, and whether you’re browsing on your phone or your desktop you can guarantee that you’ll always be secure.

Using a VPN in Brazil is 100% legal, and no matter which of the 75 providers you decide to go with. The government has made it clear in several public statements that the country is dedicated to providing an open and clear internet to all its citizens. This means you can browse in the knowledge that none of the locally-based ISPs will be trying to hack into your data in order to sell it to third-party providers.

So, if you’re ready to get started with your first VPN in Brazil, scroll up to our comparison tool to find the one that’s right for you!