VPNs available in Canada

Information about Canadian VPNs

What is a VPN for Canada?

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A VPN for Canada is a service that allows anyone from around the world to connect their device to a secure server located within Canada. The VPN creates what’s known as a “tunnel” between your device, encrypting your location and all your sensitive information behind a wall of encryption up to 256-bit AES military-strong.

In general, Canada features some of the fastest speeds on their servers available in the Northern Hemisphere. This is due to both Toronto and Vancouver both being heavily-tech focused cities, with many of their industries reliant on high speed networks. A higher number of fiber lines means faster servers available for all customers.

On our main VPN spreadsheet you’ll find over 130+ VPNs that support servers within Canada, and this is thanks in large part to the country’s stellar reputation for providing reliable internet service to its nearly 90% internet penetration rate among its 36 million residents.

Why use a VPN in Canada?

The most common reason that customers prefer to use a VPN when connecting to the internet in Canada is to open up more streaming options that may be geo-blocked if they detect you’re not in the right country. This is because copyright law changes from country to country, so even though a YouTube video or Hulu show might be available while you’re actually connecting from a device physically located in Canada, as soon as you leave those borders you could be blocked out!

VPNs are also a quick and easy way to up the security of your connection with the help of a single app. Because of the encryption layer placed on your connection, you can do everything from shopping online to checking your bank statements without worrying about someone else listening in on the other side.

Should You Use a VPN in Canada?

Everyone should use a VPN in Canada! Whether you’re trying to stream one of your favorite shows or just want a better way to secure your connection while at home or travelling, a VPN is a perfect way to combine these services into one easy to use program.

Whether you’re on a laptop, desktop, tablet or your smartphone, can help you find the perfect VPN provider that fits all your needs. Simply scroll up and start navigating through the spreadsheet provided to find the service that has the right combination of devices supported, extra features, and price!