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What is a VPN for Saudi Arabia?

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A VPN for Saudi Arabia is an encryption service or software that enables any user the have the option of surfing the web through a “tunnel” of encrypted protection that keeps all their information private to them. This tunnel is created between any device in your home and the VPN provider, which then takes the connection and routes it to any websites you visit or services you want to use on the web.

Because of the strict censorship laws put in place in Saudi Arabia (which we’ll get into more below), currently there are only 23 VPN services around the world that support servers within the region. Not only that, but Saudi Arabia also features significantly lower internet penetration stats than most other countries in the region, at only 64.7% of the population.

Why Use a VPN in Saudi Arabia?

Currently, the Saudi Arabian government blocks access to nearly 400,000 different websites through the use of Deep Packet Inspection techniques, or DPI. This is why it’s vital for every member of the country who values their internet freedoms to employ the use of a VPN that’s designed to get around this type of censorship.

With the help of a VPN designed to circumvent Deep Packet Inspection techniques (of which there are many), you can guarantee that all your personal data will stay protected from government spies, and also be sure that no one will control the types of content you can or can’t see on the web.

Although it’s not currently illegal for citizens of Saudi Arabia to use a VPN, considering the recent ban put in place by the United Arab Emirates, that time may not be very far off. Saudi Arabia is one of several countries in the Middle East that censors the content that their citizenship can access, which is just one step shy of banning the free flow of information entirely.

Ever since the Arab Spring many governments in the region have become increasingly wary of allowing free access to social media platforms like Twitter; essentially anything that could allow their citizens to organize and protest against them.

This is why it’s vital that every member of Saudi Arabia take control of their personal privacy and employ the services of a VPN today!