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Why Use a VPN in Singapore?

Besides the obvious reasons like being able to protect your communications from hackers who might try to steal your credit card information or your entire identity, there are also a number of other reasons why everyone in Singapore should start using a VPN today.

One of the most obvious is probably the ability to open up content that you might not otherwise have access to without the help of a VPN. Many major streaming portals like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube use a process known as “geo-blocking” to restrict what content can be seen and by whom, but with a VPN installed on your laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet you can guarantee that the entire library that all these services have to offer will be open to you and anyone else in your home!

Singapore is notorious for its hardline approach to most laws, punishing those who break them with arcane methods like caning and lashes. Thankfully when it comes to the legality of VPNs, the country is much more lax on the policy and allows all its citizens to use a VPN service however they so choose!

Last year the country did review the use of VPNs within Singaporean borders when discussing the sensitive topic of copyright infringement, however it was eventually found that the benefits of using a VPN outweighed the potential risks in that department.

This means that as long as you use one of the VPNs listed on our master spreadsheet, you should be completely in the clear to use any VPN you’d like!