Trust.Zone Review


What We Liked

  • Snappy app performance
  • Good number of server locations
  • Solid software performance under all testing scenarios

What We Didn’t

  • No mobile apps
  • Convoluted login process
  • Very slow speed test scores

Verdict: Trust.Zone is a quick performing app that has a nice roster of server locations to choose from, but its abysmally slow speeds and lack of mobile support make it difficult to recommend over competitors.

Stars: 2.5/5

Ease of Use Review

Installation and Signup

Getting the Trust.Zone application installed on our Windows 10 test machine was a simple enough process, requiring only a download and a quick three minute setup to get up and running.

One area of note during this setup, however, was the odd login style that Trust.Zone uses to get its apps registered. See, rather than entering in your login information on the first install, Trust.Zone seems to utilize a cookie stored by your web browser after you’ve logged into your account on the company’s website.

In order to change your login you need to go through a rather convoluted process that involves both your browser and some special hidden commands in the app itself. We aren’t exactly sure why the login system has been gated this way, though we’d hope it has something to do with the company’s promise of complete 100% anonymity for its users.

User Interface and Design

Trust Zone User Interface

The design of could easily be described as “basic”, but I prefer the kinder assumption of “function over form”. There’s nothing flashy or over the top about how the app is presented, but it does provide just enough information to get your connected to the server you want in seconds.

Finding the server we wanted to connect to was as simple as opening the server list and tapping on the flag of the country we were trying to route through. Where things got a little convoluted however was when it came time to narrow things down city by city.

Though Trust.Zone has multiple server locations in larger countries like the United States, most of the servers are divided by state/province, rather than the actual city the server is connecting from. Not a deal breaker of course, more of a slight annoyance than anything.

Supported Platforms

Trust.Zone supports native apps for Windows XP and above (with less-than-native support for OSX and Linux), but one area the company falls suspiciously short on is mobile.

While iOS and Android are both technically supported through the OpenVPN app (and Trust.Zone’s supplied OpenVPN config files), the lack of a homebrewed app for either of these systems doesn’t earn the company any extra points in this department.

Lastly, Trust.Zone also supports routers with DD-WRT installed as well as most major gaming consoles, which is a big plus in our book on both fronts.

Security and Privacy Review

Privacy Record

Trust.Zone was started back in 2014 as a part of a larger parent company known as Trusted Solutions Ltd., and is based out of the East African island of Seychelles which has no data retention laws that would require the company to keep any data on its users.

The company’s reputation is a bit of a mystery, however. It’s true there are no reports of Trusted Solutions ever handing over data to any agencies in the past which is always a good sign, but we also couldn’t find much more information on the VPN or its parent company outside of a few scant details on their own website.

Similarly, not even any users of the service have come out to review it on aggregate sites like, where despite searching, we weren’t able to find any mentions that the company even existed in the first place.

We prefer slightly more transparency with our VPN providers when it comes to small details like these, but again, not so much a deal breaker as it is just a small ding on an otherwise good experience.

Security Review

While connected to various servers around the globe, we ran a series of tests to determine just how secure your connection is while using the Trust.Zone application. While hooked up to a server in the United States we visited where we got a negative result, however this was offset by the perfect result we achieved on the extended test from

Support Review

Trust.Zone has a support staff which remains on call five days a week, from Monday - Friday 6:00AM to 4:00PM GMT. All requests for help are handled through a ticket system, which replies to your email as well as giving your issue a dedicated page complete with all the messages you and your support representative have sent to each other.

After sending a ticket to the team it took around 16 hours for them to respond, which is actually pretty quick in the world of VPNs. The answer we received was both accurate and helpful, and included links to support pages we could use to continue troubleshooting on our own if need be.

The company’s support articles and knowledgebase were extensive, and featured pretty much every guide under the sun when it came to setting up, configuring, or running the Trust.Zone VPN on any system you could think of.

Pricing Review

Pricing Tiers

Trust.Zone offers three different subscription plans to its users, as well as a 3-day free trial that will let you transfer a total of 1GB of data before it runs up.

The company’s plans go for $6.99/mo, $14.85 for 3 months, or $39.95 for a year. This pricing structure is definitely on the low end of the scale when compared to other providers, which to be honest, makes sense given the limited number of platforms that are supported by Trust.Zone at the time of this writing.

Payment Options

Trust.Zone supports payment through Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Avangate and PayPro (which open up wire transfer and Webmoney options), as well as the choice to pay using Bitcoin. To back up their dedication to user anonymity, Trust.Zone actually offers a 10% discount to anyone who goes through Bitcoin to boot.  

Trust.Zone Review: By the Numbers

12 Mo Price
14 Eyes Jurisdiction
1 Mo Price
3 Mo Price
Access to Website - China
Alexa Website Rank
Android Devices
Nougat - 7Marshmallow - 6Lollipop - 5KitKat - 4.4
Automatic Multihop or Double Encryption
Business VPN
Claims "100% No Logs"
Claims to Work - China
Claims to Work - Netflix
DNS Leak Protection
Easy to Find Owners?
Enemy of the Internet Jurisdiction
Facebook Likes
Founding Year
Free Trial
Free Trial - Days
Free Version
Gaming Devices
iOS Devices
iOS 11iOS 10iOS 9iOS 8
IPv6 Leak Protection
Kill Switch
Linux Devices
Bandwidth UsedConnection TimestampsTraffic Activity
Mac Devices
macOS High Sierra - 10.13macOS Sierra - 10.12OS X El Capitan - 10.11OS X Yosemite - 10.10
Max # of Connections
No of Total Locations
# of Countries
# of Languages
# of Platforms Supported
# of Protocols Offered
# of Servers
# of Setup Documents on Website
# of Troubleshooting Documents on Website
Payment Methods
PaypalVisaMastercardAmerican ExpressDiscoverUnion PayAliPayWeChat PayWebMoney
Payment Methods - Cryptocurrency
Private DNS
L2TP/IPsecOpenVPNOpenVPN TCPOpenVPN UDPSSHP2P TorrentsTCP on Port 443
Refund Period Days
Router Devices
Support Offered
TV Devices
RokuAmazonApple TV
Twitter Followers
Unlimited Bandwidth
Visit Home Page
VPN Service
WebRTC Leak Protection
Website QualSys SSL Rating
Windows Devices
Windows 10Windows 8.1Windows 8Windows 7Windows VistaWindows XP