The Top Business VPN Features To Look For In July 2022

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VPNs first appeared in 1996 as a way to give consumers freedom of access to the Internet. These networks evolved and helped to remove the limitations of geo-blocking. They opened up a world of streaming and websites to users no matter where they were based in the world. 

Today, they have become an integral component of security technology. They help to prevent both data collection and network penetration, making sure you have a dependable, secure Internet connection.

As a business, security is one of the most important elements of day to day operations.  Employees exchange sensitive information via cloud-based services and need to know that their data is protected. 

But not all VPNs are a good fit for businesses, especially considering their origin story. 

So how can you make sure that you are choosing a business VPN in that enhances your day to day business flow? And how do you make sure you’re not spending money on features you won’t use? 

While having a business VPN in is essential, you should take steps to make sure you find the right fit. So how do you decide which VPN works for your business?

Look For Business Oriented Features

Businesses need secure access to company information and cloud-based services in the office and when employees are traveling or working for home. They need sensitive information to be protected and precautions put in place against unwanted data collection. 

Hackers and foreign governments have found ways to infiltrate networks that have been deemed secure. These types of cyberattacks will only continue to grow into the next decade.

Future-focused VPNs can provide businesses with account management, malware protection, and other services such as central billing. The right business VPN in can also set up filters for content such as streaming and social media platforms. Having control of these settings can help to ensure that employees stay on task and heighten productivity.

Understand The Different Types Of VPNs

There are three main types of business VPNs in .

Fixed VPN – This VPN comes directly from your Internet service provider. It’s also called a static VPN and provides you with a dedicated IP address. It links your various offices together to a central corporate network. While this is useful, it’s not flexible in the features that are offered.

Specialized VPN – This type of VPN is run from a specialized server that has a VPN server built into it. You need an IT department to manage this type of system, and it is best suited for larger companies.

VPN Service – This type of VPN is a cloud-based service that creates a virtual portal between your device and the VPN server. Services are cheap and easy to use, but not necessarily tailored for businesses. They are mostly consumer-facing, and often lack some of the more premium security features you might require.

Whatever type you decide to use, make sure the primary function of your business VPN in is to provide added security.

Understand VPN Security Features

Average consumers mostly use VPN networks to override geo-blocking. This allows freedom of access to websites, sporting events, or award shows that aren’t available through their local IP. But VPNs for businesses need to emphasize security. Features that affect security include:




The process of logging keeps a record of connections that flow in and out of a VPN server. During this process, a user’s IP address might also be recorded. Logging helps if you want your business VPN to conduct an audit in . However, logging can make your IP easily discoverable and lead to potential network intrusion from unwanted third parties. Many of the best VPNs offer a no-log policy.


Central Management


A secure business VPN in will use encryption keys, which helps to prevent the loss of data. The more data you need to protect determines how much you will have to rely on encryption keys. This offers another blanket of security, but can also make access confusing if protocols are not properly documented and shared with team members.

Decide What Features Aren’t Needed

As more companies use VPNs for security, the amount of services available has continued to expand. While many of these features are designed to assist with security, not every company needs a multitude of add-ons

For instance, if you don’t need support on the weekends, then you shouldn’t pay for it. The same goes for being able to connect to multiple servers at different locations around the world. Business VPNs in have many valuable capabilities, but you can also save money by staying lean, and not adding services that your business doesn’t need.

Wrapping Up

Make sure that you choose a business VPN in 2022 that puts security first and is easy to use. There are VPN services that have entered into the business of selling data, so make sure you check the terms of service to know what you’re signing up for. 

Take a step in the right direction by using a business VPN in , but remember that not every VPN is made the same. If you need help finding a VPN for your company, we have years of experience helping businesses improve their security.