Protect Your Brand With AdultBlock

Block registrations for your domain name across every adult-themed TLD.

What Is AdultBlock?


AdultBlock is simple — it allows trademark holders to block the registration of any domain that falls under their trademark. Instead of having to register different TLDs, you can instead block your trademarked domain for up to ten years, saving you money and the hassle of managing multiple domains.


Smart Block Technology

Smart block technology.

AdultBlock blocks registrations across all four adult TLDs — .XXX, .SEX, .ADULT, and .PORN. It also automatically blocks renewals of matching domains when their registrations expire and become available.


For even more insurance against unwanted domains being registered, AdultBlock+ provides unlimited blocking of lookalike names generated with Unicode. For example, using numbers to replicate letters (“1” instead of “I”).

Not Sure Which Solution Is Right For You?

We’ll conduct a free audit to identify how many trademark variants you have and how many matches your domain has with your SMD file. Don’t pay for any protection that you don’t need.

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