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Italy Domain Names

Grow your business with the help of .it domain name.

With the evolution of the internet, domain names have become an essential part of any online presence and Italy is no exception. Italy domain names, more commonly known as .it domains, offer website owners a way to differentiate themselves in the country’s online space and establish authenticity with Italian visitors.

The top level domain indicates that the website is based in Italy and provides further assurance to Italians that they are engaging in commerce with a legitimate website native to Italy.

Furthermore, Italy specifically regulates its own national domain name space giving businesses choosing to register .it domains even greater confidence. In summary, Italy domains are an important aspect of Italy’s digital landscape to consider for businesses looking to gain exposure or operate within the nation’s web space.

What Is .it Domain Name?

Businesses in Italy domains. It is registered and controlled by, part of the Italian National Institute for Telecommunications (INT). These domains instantly connect Italian consumers and businesses to the worldwide Internet community.

Why It’s A Great Choice For Businesses?

These domains are fantastic for Italian businesses for several reasons. First, these domains are easy to remember and linked with Italy, making them appealing to Italian consumers and businesses. Italy domains are ideal for small enterprises looking to make an impact in the Italian market due to their excellent security. These domains are inexpensive and straightforward to set up. Check out Business Broker: sell and buy quality businesses with the top broker in the industry.

History of .it domain names

Domain names have long been an integral part of the internet, providing easier access to websites and representing them in a memorable way. Italy Domain or .it domain names are no exception. This type of domain has also had a fascinating journey throughout the years.

The first .it Italy Domain was registered back in 1987 by the Italian National Research Council (CNR), setting off a path that would be followed by many more domain owners.

Over time, Italy Domain registrations skyrocketed, reaching over one million active domains under .it TLDs in 2019 – making Italy one of the leading countries in terms of per capita domain registration numbers. It’s remarkable to see how this type of domain has evolved since its introduction and how it continues to bring Italy closer together online.

Eligibility Requirements For .it Domain Names

.it domain names are becoming increasingly popular and have a status that sets them apart from other domains. To obtain this domain eligibility, requesters must provide proof they do possess a valid connection to the country of Italy.

Serving as a form of protection against cybersquatting, Italy domain registration requirements ensure only those with a legitimate connection to Italy are able to access these domain names.

Depending on the purpose of the .it domain, there are various types available for purchase and each presents various rules and requirements for eligibility; including cost (some domains may incur an extra fee due to their higher worth) and documentation.

Whilst these domains require specific documentation – documentation which differs from other domains – .it domains offer an assurance that only legitimate holders of these domains are in possession of these coveted virtual real estate.

Advantages Of Using .it Domain Names

.IT domain names offer a variety of advantages for both businesses and individuals. For business owners, these domain names offer excellent branding potential, as Italy domains stand out in search engine results, given their country-specific nature.

These domains also provide businesses with a great opportunity for local SEO targeting, allowing them to focus their marketing efforts on local communities and reach out to even more customers. These domains are a great way for individual users to proudly display their Italian heritage no matter where they live.

Furthermore, these domains gives users the assurance that they are using the top level domain (TLD) specifically designed for them and endorsed by the Italian government. Ultimately, .it is an excellent option for businesses and personal use alike, standing out as an attractive, affordable choice that comes with clear benefits.

How To Register A .it Domain Name?

If you live in Italy, securing a .it domain name is one of the best ways to bring your business online with ease. Before registering, make sure you know the eligibility requirements and whether or not your desired Italy domain name is available.

Fortunately, .it domains are among the more affordable options on the market, costing anywhere between 10-50 euros per year depending on the registrar and package selection. When choosing a registrar to buy your domain from, research their reputation and determine what kind of customer service they provide.

Every registrar should include services like DNS management, client area access for account setup and email addresses as well as features such as private registration which can help protect your brand identity. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to successfully register .it domains in no time!

Restrictions And Regulations On .it Domain Names

Italy is well-known for its strict regulations and restrictions surrounding .it domain names. System administrators and website owners should be aware of what words or phrases are prohibited for Italy-based domain extensions, as well as activities that are strictly prohibited. For example, Italy prohibits the registration of Italy domains containing material that violates the public morality of Italy.

Additionally, Italy requires any website with an Italy domain extension to use SSL certificates to prove their legitimacy. All in all, regulations and restrictions in Italy should be taken into consideration to ensure smooth operations and adherence to Italy’s laws when hosting a website within Italy– they can often make the difference between success and failure of a given venture.


Italy domain names are a valuable resource for businesses and individuals in Italy, offering them a unique, visible presence on the web. Italy domain names tell customers that the company or individual is Italian, showing local access and dominance.

Italy domain names also offer a type of digital asset protection that is not possible with other domains; Italy-based services are more reliable due to the Italy registry’s stringent regulations and processes governing ownership. Companies will be able to protect their online presence and products, even against competitors operating from different countries.

Finally, Italy domain names provide users with greater recall value; when people search the web they are more likely to remember Italy domain names since it allows them to quickly associate a product or service with Italy. Additionally, Italy domain names can bring added credibility as it ensures customers that you operate within the boundaries of Italy law.

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