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How to Delete Moves

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Moves is a fitness application that Facebook acquired back in 2013. Part of a number of shrewd buyouts on the company’s part, Facebook hoped to open up a whole new channel of data gathering for itself by not only keeping track of what people do while they’re using Facebook, but also where they go in their day-to-day life.

What Data Does Moves Gather?

As a pedometer and general fitness tracking application, Moves uses the GPS signal in your phone to determine your location at all times in order to figure out how far you’ve walked, run, or traveled on any given day.

Added up over time, this can make for some seriously valuable data caches that Facebook can use to sell ads back to you. Here is how Moves uses your data, according to the company’s own privacy policy:

Moves collects data from your phone to provide you with an easy way to track how and where you move in your everyday life. When you install, run or use our services we collect:

  • Location: Our system starts to collect location data from sources such as GPS, Wi-Fi and cell towers once you install the App and consent to the App’s tracking your location. We also collect Accelerometer samples, Wi-Fi network IDs, activity data, and places you identify with the Services. You may choose to stop our collection of location data through the Settings that we provide in the App, or by removing the App from your phone.

  • Information you provide: If you choose to create an account, you provide us your email and a password. You may also provide other information such as your gender, height, weight, and birth year in order to use all of the App’s features.

  • Information from your device: This includes information about your operating system, device identifier, carrier, language, battery performance, wi-fi or other network connections, or other data that you permit the App to access on your device including through permissions on your device (e.g. Google Play on Android).

  • Communications with us: If you communicate with us, we collect the information and content you provide to us, including personally identifying information such as your name, email or other contact information. You can provide anonymous feedback by using an email account that does not reveal your identity.

With so many other perfectly capable fitness tracking applications out there which don’t sell or monetize your data in any way, there’s not really any good reason why you should prefer Moves over the alternatives on your Android or iOS device.

How to Delete Moves from Android

If the idea of Facebook having a massive database of you and your friend’s GPS data sounds just a bit too intrusive for your tastes, here’s how you can delete Moves from your Android device.

To start, find the Google Play icon from your phone’s home screen:


Delete Google Play

Next, type “Moves” into the search bar at the top of the window:


Delete Moves Android Search

After the Moves icon appears, tap this and you’ll see a small button near the top of the screen labeled Uninstall:


Delete Moves Android Uninstall

Tap this and Moves will be deleted from your Android device!

How to Delete Moves on iOS

Deleting Moves is easier on iOS than on Android (just like everything else pretty much).

To delete Moves on iOS, simply find the icon for the application on your home screen. Tap on it and hold your finger there for about five seconds:


Delete Facebook Moves Ios

After this a small “X” should appear at the top-right corner of the icon. Tap this and the Uninstall button from the follow-up window, and Moves will be deleted from your iOS device! Protection Status