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What Does Onavo Know About You?

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When Facebook bought a relatively unknown startup called Onavo back in 2013, many were left wondering how the social media giant would attempt to monetize the technology they acquired.

The company provides several different enterprise and consumer-facing services, but the most valuable to Facebook seems to be the company’s VPN service, known as Onavo protect. But why would Facebook — a company that’s generally hellbent on having access to every bit of data it can about your life — encourage the use of a product specifically designed to encrypt your information from larger corporate entities and hackers alike?

Read on in our guide to the Onavo Protect VPN service to find out.

What Information Does Onavo Protect Collect?

Onavo Protect is a free VPN service that Facebook has begun pushing out to users under the Apps section of their own Facebook application. When selected the link will take you to the user’s respective app store for a new download of the Onavo app.

And although some VPNs have recently gotten into hot water about their data logging policies and their ability to monitor the traffic of their users, as far as we and regulators can tell Onavo is actually one of the few that do maintain a squeaky-clean no-log record.

So what data is Facebook interested in? Well, according to Onavo’s privacy policy although no actual browsing or communication data is shared with Facebook, the company does use the application to look at other activity on your smartphone. This means that any applications you use as well as data like device identifiers and IP addresses can be collected and shared with the social media company, though it should be mentioned the same thing is true for just about every other entity that Facebook owns.

This means that even if you don’t install Onavo, you’d still be signing over the exact same data rights if you install anything from the main Facebook app to Messenger, Instagram, Moves and more.

What Can You Do About It?

Don’t use Onavo. There are quite literally hundreds of other perfectly capable free VPN applications that don’t use your information against you and provide a decent alternative to Facebook-owned products.

If you’d like a full list of all the VPN applications that adhere to a no-log policy, head on over to our homepage to see all the options that are available to use 100% free of charge! Protection Status