Are VPN Complicated?

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Updated: 3:30 PM ET Fri, May 1st 2020

I’m Worried That Using A VPN Is Complicated

Not everyone is a computer expert. The idea of having your own virtual private network can sound overwhelming.  Luckily, a VPN is one of the easiest to use Internet security tools available. 

Even for those with little to no technological know-how, VPN are not complicated. With easy to use software and convenient apps, literally anyone can set up and use a VPN.

The Basics You Need To Know

If you’re unsure about the idea of using a VPN, that’s okay – everyone has to start somewhere. These basic questions can help you understand the overall premise of VPN, including how they work, how they are used, and why you need one.


How Does A VPN Work?


VPN use an encrypted network to create a secure, private connection to the Internet. Your online data is hidden from your Internet Service Provider and secured from hackers or other prying eyes. 

You can also access the Internet as if you were in any location in the world. Watch soccer as if you were in the UK or Netflix as if you were in Japan, all from your home office. 


When Do I Need A VPN?


To truly be secure, you need to use a VPN everytime you connect to the Internet.

But we understand that isn’t always possible.

At the very least, we recommend VPN for business use and whenever you connect to a public WiFi network. Regardless of the device you use, a VPN can be easily installed and activated in just a few clicks.


Is A VPN Easy To Set Up?


A VPN is very easy to set up. From one-click installation methods to user friendly sites and simple apps, VPN are designed with you in mind.

Many devices from Apple and Android even have automatic VPN set up processes.

Still confused? We have easy to follow guides just for you.

We Make Finding The Best VPN For You Easy

Choosing a VPN is similar to choosing any other product or service – research is the name of the game. And we know you’re busy, so we’ve taken care of the research for you. 

Our team of VPN experts have compiled the information you need to know about more than 1,000 VPN providers. Need to find the VPN that’s easiest to use? We got you.

Explore our easy to use best of lists, comparison reviews, and how-to articles. Choosing a VPN doesn’t have to be complicated. Find the best provider for you today.

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