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ProtonVPN Review: Is This The Best VPN For You?

ProtonVPN Review_ Is This The Best VPN For You

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Coming from the same family as the well-regarded email service – ProtonMail – ProtonVPN steps onto the scene. But can it really outshine other top-notch VPNs out there? This is what our “ProtonVPN Review” aims to find out.

ProtonVPN is not only strong on security but also a favorite among gamers. Our ProtonVPN Review found it armed with robust encryption methods and secure connection paths. With a wide range of servers, it avoids any jam-ups. Its swift connection ensures smooth streaming and gaming sessions. What is more? They offer a free trial so you can test the waters before diving in.

Still, there were some concerns about its privacy terms raised in our ProtonVPN Review. If there were any shifts in how they track user activity then you would be in the dark. This made us lean towards considering more private options like NordVPN.

What Is A ProtonVPN?

While ProtonMail is famous for secure email services, ProtonVPN takes it a step further with a privacy-focused internet connection. In our ProtonVPN Review, we found that this VPN has safety features like DNS shielding, an emergency off-switch, and a selective connection method.

It works from top-notch data hubs. Our ProtonVPN Review reveals that it ensures the best privacy while letting you access content that might be blocked in your region.

Proton proudly supports nearly 2,978 connection points across 68 countries. So, according to our ProtonVPN Review, finding a fast connection close to you is easy. It makes it hard for anyone to spy on your online actions.

Enjoy streaming popular shows and movies on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, and more. All the while, your identity stays hidden without slowing down your internet.

What Are Pros And Cons Of Using ProtonVPN?

What Are Pros And Cons Of Using ProtonVPN

It is best to look at the pros and cons of a VPN before buying it. It helps you know whether a VPN is worth buying or not.

If you are looking for the best free VPN subscription then ProtonVPN is the answer here.
Their apps are a bit complicated for starters. They might feel difficult to operate it.
Their apps are pretty safe and well-built
Their pricing plans are not budget-friendly
An array of sophisticated privacy instruments
Starters might be intimidated by FAQ section
Firm commitment to customer privacy
If we talk about their WireGuard speeds then remember they are pretty average.
Smooth, user-friendly interface
They have awkward Chrome OS implementation.
Outstanding performance in speed assessments

Why Is ProtonVPN Better As Compared To Other VPNs?

When exploring the world of VPNs, you are met with a sea of options. Our ProtonVPN Review aims to give insights into how ProtonVPN stands against its competitors. Founded in Switzerland, a place known for its strong commitment to privacy, ProtonVPN ensures your data is protected. In contrast, many VPNs have roots in the US or UK where, as highlighted in our ProtonVPN Review, privacy laws might not be as tight.

A unique feature of ProtonVPN is its not-for-profit stance. They are more about offering secure connections than making big profits. In our ProtonVPN Review, we noted their free tier—a rarity in this field. You can use this free plan on one device but expect some limitations like reduced speed.

In short, if you want a cost-effective VPN that truly values your privacy, then according to our ProtonVPN Review, ProtonVPN might just be the right choice for you.

What Are Key Features Of ProtonVPN?

What Are Key Features Of ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN offers many features to its users. But some of the main features that make it the top pick are:

Anonymous Browsing

Cyber bad guys, ads people, and even government folks can watch what you do online by looking at your IP address. But with ProtonVPN they only see the IP of the server you pick. In our ProtonVPN Review, we found that Proton keeps just a tiny bit of your details to make sure your data is safe. Plus, you don’t need to share your real ID when you sign up. Want more privacy? Use a secret ProtonMail email to sign up.

DNS Protection Measures 

When you visit a website, your computer asks for directions using a thing called DNS. This DNS changes website names to IP addresses so your computer can find them.

But some sneaky folks can see these searches and know what you are doing. ProtonVPN makes sure these searches are hidden by sending them through a safe path. This way no one knows what you are up to online.

When we checked out ProtonVPN in our ProtonVPN Review, we did a bunch of tests like a DNS leak check. Good news from our ProtonVPN Review! You can trust ProtonVPN to keep your searches safe. Their protection is always turned on.

Always-On Kill Switch

ProtonVPN, including the protonvpn free version, has this cool feature called the ‘Kill Switch‘. Think of it as a safety net. If your internet suddenly stops and you’re not connected to ProtonVPN, or even the protonvpn free version, anymore, this switch jumps in.

It stops all online stuff until you’re safely back on ProtonVPN. This means your real IP and web searches stay hidden. You decide when you want this feature on.


ProtonVPN, with its proton VPN free option included, has a ‘Split Tunneling’ thing. It lets you pick which apps or websites use the VPN and which don’t. You can watch a movie on Netflix with the VPN, perhaps even using “protonvpn free”, while browsing the web without it.

This feature works on Windows and Android. To turn it on, just go to the “Advanced” section and click on “Split Tunneling.”

Why Is ProtonVPN The Best Choice?

Why Is ProtonVPN The Best Choice

You might be wondering why in the long run we should choose ProtonVPN when we have other choices and the answer is here:

The Significance of Server Speed and Location

For a top-notch online journey, the place and swiftness of servers hold great weight. Many wonder, “is ProtonVPN safe and quick?” To cater to varied needs globally, it is essential to have an extensive mix of server spots.

More servers don’t just mean more choices. They ensure a solid and quick link too. Checking speed through tests shows how well the service works, which makes sure it always hits the mark for users. When considering whether “is ProtonVPN safe?”, it’s also essential to note its consistent performance.

For those who love streaming or gaming, the speed of these servers is vital. Nobody wants a game or show ruined by delays or constant loading times. So focusing on where servers are and how fast they work ensures smooth sailing online, whether you are binge-watching or deep in a game.

The Power of a Good User Experience

Putting the user experience first is a must for any company or platform. Why? Because it is a big part of keeping customers happy and coming back. When wondering “is ProtonVPN safe?”, considering the user experience is key. Getting started with a product or service should be easy peasy. It lets folks dive right in without any issues.

A smooth start can make people think better of a brand, and if it’s a service like ProtonVPN, knowing “is ProtonVPN safe?” becomes crucial. They will likely stick around for more. Also, a smart-looking and easy-to-use design helps. It lets users get to what they need without a fuss. It fits just right with what they want.

And let’s not forget about top-notch customer help. Being there to sort out any issues or answer questions, especially when users are querying “is ProtonVPN safe?”, shows that a brand truly cares. Quick, helpful support not only fixes issues but also builds trust and loyalty.

What Are The Pricings Of ProtonVPN?

What Are The Pricings Of ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN presents two primary selections: the enticing ‘Free’ edition and the feature-rich ‘Plus’. Although it’s tempting to opt for a no-cost solution. The ‘Free’ version comes with certain limitations. On the other hand, the ‘Plus’ delivers all the bells and whistles of ProtonVPN.

You can choose the duration of your commitment. Considering a yearly subscription? Here’s a perk – if you have second thoughts within the first month, you can get a full refund, making it risk-free.

Here’s a breakdown of ProtonVPN Plus’ pricing structure:

  • One-month subscription: $9.99 (which totals $119.88 if you maintain it for the entire year)
  • One-year subscription: At a rate of $4.99/month (equating to $71.88 annually)
  • Two-year subscription: Priced at $4.99/month (coming to $119.76 over the two-year period)

It is common for VPN providers to offer more competitive rates for extended commitments. Hence, if you are aiming for savings then the two-year package stands out as a stellar option. For merely $4.99 a month or $119.76 spanning two years, you are getting substantial value for your investment. In our ProtonVPN Review, this was a highlighted point.

The ‘Plus’ version of Proton VPN is way better than the ‘Free’ one. With the ‘Plus’, you get the NetShield blocker (so you won’t be bothered by unwanted ads and trackers), Tor over VPN, faster connections, and you can use it on up to ten devices.

Ready to pay? Proton VPN makes it easy whether you are using a card, cash, bank transfer, or even cryptocurrency for those who want to stay really private.

Looking at what you get versus what you pay, Proton VPN’s deals are pretty generous. Plus there is the bonus of a free version to try out. After reading our ProtonVPN Review, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of its offerings.

What Are ProtonVPN Security And Privacy Protocols?

What Are ProtonVPN Security And Privacy Protocols

ProtonVPN excels in ensuring both safety and discretion online. It provides a powerful combination of solid security measures and a commitment to preserving your confidentiality.

Besides not keeping any user logs, ProtonVPN also adds an extra layer of safety with multi-factor authentication.

Use Of Strong Protocol

Here’s a closer look at the top-tier protocols ProtonVPN employs to boost your online shield:

Stealth Mode

This feature lets ProtonVPN slide past barriers like firewalls by making the VPN traffic seem just like any regular online traffic. Those using Android, iOS, or macOS can tap into this stealthiness.

Secure Core

With this, your online journey passes through special servers located in fortified zones in Switzerland, Iceland, and Sweden. This means even if a tech-smart wrongdoer compromises a server, your real digital identity remains concealed.


If you go for a paid ProtonVPN plan then you will benefit from its ad-blocker, NetShield. By using DNS filtering, NetShield ensures your gadget remains free from intrusive ads, digital stalkers, and harmful software. It gives you a speedier browsing experience.


A tried-and-tested protocol, OpenVPN comes with forward secrecy, ensuring fresh key generation with every session. Depending on your needs, it can work on either UDP or TCP, providing reliable digital protection.


A fresh addition to the VPN protocol family is WireGuard. It is known for its quickness and speed. It is more streamlined compared to its peers and employs cutting-edge ChaCha20 encryption to safeguard your ProtonVPN interactions.

In short, with ProtonVPN you are not just protected but you are backed by some of the most sophisticated security tech out there.

They Don’t Keep Track

In our ProtonVPN Review, we noted that ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland, a country known for its strong privacy laws. This means ProtonVPN doesn’t have to save records of what you do online. They promise not to retain any info about your internet use, like when you log in or the websites you visit. Plus, experts have confirmed that ProtonVPN genuinely keeps its promise.

Extra Login Security

In our ProtonVPN Review, we were impressed with a unique safety feature called two-factor authentication. This means when you want to log in, just having your password isn’t enough. You’ll also need a code from your phone.

So, even if someone knows your password, they can’t access your account without your phone. To enable this, simply download an app that generates these codes, set it up, and you’ll use that code every time you log in.

Is ProtonVPN Easy To Use?

Is ProtonVPN Easy To Use

We know that simplicity of an app plays a great role. And people who are thinking of buying a ProtonVPN will think of the same thing; Is ProtonVPN Ease Of Use?

Streamlined Design Across Apps

We highlighted that while Proton’s apps may have varying appearances, they maintain a consistent ease of use. When you launch the app on your device, there’s a prominent “Quick Connect” button to link you to the speediest server. But, for those with preferences, you can select from an extensive list of 2,978 servers, even pinpointing a specific city or location.

Easy to Understand Server Info

We appreciated the intuitive system ProtonVPN employs to display server busyness. Utilizing a combination of percentages and a color scheme (green, amber, and red), users can gauge server usage at a glance, facilitating a quick choice.

Furthermore, the option to configure various profiles is a standout feature. You might have one tailored for work, emphasizing security, and another optimized for streaming, prioritizing speed. The app even provides server speed insights, so if one lags, transitioning to a faster one is just a tap away.

Some Suggestions for ProtonVPN

Using ProtonVPN is pretty simple. But it would be even better if they added some features. Things like adding tools to web browsers or having a 24/7 chat for help and letting people ask for help right from the app would be nice. Right now you have to go to ProtonVPN’s website for that.

Does ProtonVPN Have Good Customer Support?

Does ProtonVPN Have Good Customer Support

For those who pay for ProtonVPN, there is email help and a system where you can send in questions. We tried this out by sending a question and in just about an hour we got an email back. While going through a ProtonVPN Review, we wanted to know which computer systems ProtonVPN works best with. Their reply was easy to understand and they even showed us where to get more info if we needed it.

ProtonVPN’s website has a bunch of articles and step-by-step guides to help users. If you’re looking for a comprehensive ProtonVPN Review, their site has insights along with sections split up into groups like “Getting Started,” “Fixing Problems,” and “Basic Info.” The guides are really clear and even have pictures to show you what to do.

If you are trying to find something specific then there is a search bar to help you out. And for those who like online communities, ProtonVPN has its own spot on Reddit. Here, both people from ProtonVPN and regular users chat about the service.

Is ProtonVPN a Good Option For Streaming?

ProtonVPN does a great job of letting users watch shows and movies from other countries. While conducting our ProtonVPN Review, we tested this out and could watch shows on BBC iPlayer using different ProtonVPN servers. Through our “ProtonVPN Review” tests, we could also check out Netflix shows from Canada, Australia, and the UK.

ProtonVPN also works with many big streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, ABC, Peacock, fuboTV, and Pluto TV. But depending on where you are, some shows or movies might still be blocked. And if you are using ProtonVPN’s free version, then you won’t be able to stream at all.

ProtonVPN doesn’t have a special feature (smart DNS) for devices that aren’t made for VPNs. This means if you have a game console or a smart TV then ProtonVPN won’t work the usual way. But there is a way around it: you can set up ProtonVPN on your home’s internet router. However, this requires manual setup.

Is ProtonVPN The Right Option For Your Business?

Is ProtonVPN The Right Option For Your Business

ProtonVPN is there to help you save from the third party invasions. It makes sure every client’s data is kept safe and secured. 

For Individual Needs

ProtonVPN shines for everyday users and for those who need added security once in a while, like journalists or activists. They can count on top-notch safety, fast connections, and access to plenty of servers. Plus, it’s offered by a company that takes privacy seriously.

For Company Needs

For growing businesses, ProtonVPN might not hit the right note. Why? It is missing some key features made for business use. Plus, the price might not feel right for what’s offered. Got a problem? There is no special team ready to jump in. Interested in ProtonVPN? Test the no-cost option. It shows a bit of what VPNs can do but keep in mind, it is limited and allows only one link-up.


In the digital realm, our “ProtonVPN Review” found that ProtonVPN stands well-reputed for its dominating dedication to user privacy and its impressive range of VPN tools. Digging a bit deeper into our “ProtonVPN Review”, it perfectly captures what we look for in a VPN. It even holds strong when its price tag rises. Its no-cost version is notable for giving you freedom on data usage without limits.

For those wanting a free VPN, it is our top suggestion. What’s more? Its strong relationship with Proton’s secure email, storage facilities, password toolkit, and organized calendar only adds to its value. Indeed, it is a full suite for online protection. We hope that we have cleared all your confusion. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask us.

Customer Reviews for ProtonVPN

ML Michael

ProtonVPN Review: Is This The Best VPN For You?
Great service and worth every cent
Out of all the VPN services I used in the past, this one is by far the most stable and reliable one. The connections are extremely stable and very fast, and all their features just work. It's fool-prove. The public WLAN at my university is actively blocking VPN connection, and Proton was the only one who managed to establish a stable connection so far, thanks to their stealth protocol. In regards of privacy I would definately rank them in the top 5 of all VPNs aviable. So everyone looking for a solid VPN provider, the three I always recommend are Proton VPN, Mullvad and OVPN. Each of them has their pros and cons, but in the end you can't go wrong with either one of them.
Date of Experience:
April, 12 2023

ProtonVPN Review: Is This The Best VPN For You?
ProtonVPN! Wonderful customer service and great speed
ProtonVPN is the best VPN I have ever used. I have been a customer for over 5 years, and it has been absolutely seamless to use. I've also never had an issue with the login process. The user interface is also very friendly and easy to use. And if you're looking for some extra features? Well, ProtonVPN has got those too! They have mail features and VPN features that are second to none. Customer service was always responsive whenever I needed anything from them.
Date of Experience:
March, 8 2023
WN William Nelson

ProtonVPN Review: Is This The Best VPN For You?
Solid service
Solid service. Clearly care about their users' privacy unlike HideMyAss which will give up their users' indentity on the first warrant they receive. Proton's servers can be a little slow sometimes, they're very loaded, at least in the United States. Aside from that, great application.
Date of Experience:
July, 18 2021
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