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Why Every Gamer Should Use a VPN

Michael Gargiulo - CEO,

By: Michael Gargiulo, CEO at

Updated: 9:37 PM ET Sun, February 9th 2020

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Access is one of the key features of a Virtual Private Network (VPN). But VPNs have also evolved into an integral part of online security. As technology is now used in every industry in the world, the amount of personal information housed online is staggering. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook alone store over 1.2 million terabytes of data online. Data held digitally includes sensitive credit and banking account information, passwords, and health records.

Regardless of where you hang out online, your information is vulnerable to cyberattacks. Some networks and servers are more susceptible than others, and there is nowhere that this is more true than in the world of gaming. 

There is no sign of an incoming cyberattack, which is just one reason why you should use a VPN when gaming. But what exactly does a VPN do, and what are the benefits? 

Today we’ll explain why using a VPN will enhance and secure your online gaming experience.

Gain Access to Games

Your IP address acts as a digital footprint that’s tied to your physical location. When no VPN is installed, your IP address can limit which websites you can access and the games you can play. The ability to change your IP location is one of the main reasons why you should use a VPN while gaming. 

A VPN changes your IP address by routing it through a remote server in another country. Filtering your IP to a different region gives you access to games that might have been otherwise blocked due to licensing or censorship reasons.

One of the most exciting components of gaming culture is trying out and learning to master new games. However, games don’t release in every country at the same time. Another reason why you should use a gaming VPN is to gain early access to new games. Don’t fall victim to spoilers because you weren’t able to play a game the day it was released.

Protect Your IP Address

Hiding your original IP address can allow you to keep your identity anonymous. Gaming is a serious business and projected to be a $300 billion industry by 2025. Competitors have been known to resort to malicious tactics to weaken their opponents. Online stalking and IP address hacking are real threats, but are much harder to accomplish when there is not a clear pathway to your real IP address.

Prevent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

If your IP address becomes compromised, you could be targeted in a DDoS attack. By flooding your connection with traffic, a hacker can make your game unplayable or even cause you to disconnect entirely. 

Attacks are more likely to happen in highly competitive games, so you should always use a gaming VPN when playing tournament-style games. Especially where there are large sums of money at stake. To eliminate the risk of DDoS attacks, make sure you choose a VPN service that has a strong focus on security features.

Reduce Latency

There’s nothing more frustrating than a game loading slowly or high ping rates creating an unplayable online experience. Thankfully, VPN companies are currently focusing their efforts on creating targeted features for gamers. High-speed dedicated gaming servers will ensure you never have a slow connection again.

Countries have varying Internet speeds, and Internet service providers are notorious for throttling the connection speed of their users. Why should you use a gaming VPN to improve this situation? Because routing your IP address through a faster, less-crowded, or closer server will reduce latency significantly.

Using a gaming VPN is particularly helpful in multiplayer games where information is transferred between players in real time. Players need to act as both client and server in these games, and latency can seriously affect your ability to fulfill this requirement.

Wrapping Up

Every gamer should be using a VPN to protect their online privacy and improve their overall gaming experience. As the VPN market continues to change, more features have become available that are specifically helping online gamers. 

Our company has tested the best gaming VPNs, and we can make sure you’re getting the best value and the features you need. If you need more information on why you should use a gaming VPN, check out our related articles on the topic.

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