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Looking for the top Afghanistan VPN to keep your online journey in Afghanistan safe and free? Wondering which Afghanistan VPN can get past online barriers, keep your details private, and offer quick connections?

Online freedom in Afghanistan has always been a tough topic. So, if you want to keep your online rights untouched when there, picking the best Afghanistan VPN is a smart choice.

By using an Afghanistan VPN, you can get past blocks on well-known sites like BBC, PUBG, TikTok, and others. A good Afghanistan VPN will let you deal with VPN-related blocks, support private downloads, and let you enjoy the internet freely. Plus, it will also hide your online identity.

When you are choosing an Afghanistan VPN, try to pick one with many servers. It is necessary for easy IP switching and strong safety measures against threats.

If you are going to Afghanistan for a little while or moving there for good or just want to stay connected with friends, then this article will show you the best Afghanistan VPN options available.

Why Do We Need VPN In Afghanistan? 

Why Do We Need VPN In Afghanistan

Given the recent restrictions which are imposed by the Taliban’s new leadership; Afghan internet freedom is under threat. With the use of an Afghanistan VPN, accessing platforms becomes smoother.

From restrictions on social media, and huge applications like TikTok and games such as PUBG to the blackout of reputable news sources like BBC. Accessing these platforms has become a challenge unless you are using a dedicated VPN for Afghanistan.

An Afghanistan VPN will hide all your online actions and will ensure that they are shielded from unwanted eyes. Your data without this protective layer is open for anyone who is connected to the network to view. ExpressVPN for instance, which can be seen as an excellent Afghanistan VPN choice, will make certain that your activities remain a mystery not just to hackers and digital miscreants but also to your very own internet service provider.

To truly understand the importance of VPNs in Afghanistan, especially when discussing the benefits of an Afghanistan VPN, you should consider the following explanations:

Bypass Censorship

The internet should be an open world. Right? However, when half of it is locked away due to censorship, especially in places like Afghanistan, then can it truly be called a ‘free space’? We doubt it. So what is the solution? An Afghanistan VPN.

VPNs, especially an Afghanistan VPN, will allow you to connect to servers in regions where sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia are freely accessible. It includes communication platforms like Skype and WhatsApp.

Are you concerned about detection, particularly in restrictive regions? Then worry not. Because Afghanistan VPNs come packed with encryption tools that will ensure that your actions remain invisible to everyone, including your service provider.

Prevent Unauthorized Monitoring

Global trends have revealed that governments keeping tabs on their citizens is far too common nowadays, especially in places like Afghanistan. Even if the state doesn’t monitor you, then the commercial entities might do it. They are hoping to target ads your way. It is often said that if you are not guarding your data with tools like an Afghanistan VPN, then it is likely being logged, archived, or even sold.

If you want to keep your data and whereabouts protected from Afghanistan’s government and from corporations that are waiting to monetize your details, then an Afghanistan VPN is your best bet. It will keep you anonymous and will ensure that your digital identity remains untouched and impervious to prying eyes.

Access Region-locked Content

Perhaps we think that you are not particularly concerned about surveillance in places like Afghanistan. However, being restricted from content available elsewhere can be very disturbing. This is why we say that Afghanistan VPNs are your gateway to unlocking such content.

Owing to licensing and copyright agreements, numerous movies, series, and live events might be off-limits in Afghanistan. So if you want a wider range of entertainment then Afghanistan VPNs can help you bypass such restrictions. It will grant access to platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus.

For all the reasons that we have stated above and if you are considering getting an Afghanistan VPN, then we highly recommend our given VPNs as a trusted choice.

What Are Top VPN For Afghanistan?

What Are Top VPN For Afghanistan in 2023

We know that living a restricted life can be tough. It becomes more difficult when you can’t even access your favorite website. So we are here with VPNs that will help you pass these roadblocks.


ExpressVPN has a big network with over 3,000 servers in 94 countries which is also great for accessing content in Afghanistan. When we tested it we saw that ExpressVPN was the fastest among other VPNs. What is more amazing? With ExpressVPN you often get better internet speed than your usual internet service. So, we think that slow speeds aren’t a problem anymore.

These fast servers also come with built-in features that will hide the fact you are using a VPN. This means the Taliban can’t:

  • See that you are using a VPN
  • Stop you from accessing blocked websites

So, it means that you can easily use sites like CNN, BBC News, or play PUBG. Every method used by ExpressVPN will automatically hide your activity. And, it offers the fastest hidden connection. This means that you can watch YouTube or Netflix quickly without any slow-downs from internet providers.

But, there is a small downside: ExpressVPN doesn’t have a specific server in Afghanistan. So, you will need to use a feature which is called “split tunneling.” This lets some apps use the VPN while others don’t.

But remember this “split tunneling” will only work on computers, routers, and Android phones, not iPhones. On the plus side, ExpressVPN is very private because it:

  • Doesn’t keep user data
  • Has a Network Lock feature to protect you
  • Uses strong protection methods

This means the Taliban can’t see what you are doing online when you use ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN operates outside of Afghanistan. So, even if they did have any data the Taliban can’t get it.

Moreover, the strong protection used by ExpressVPN means that no one can see your online actions or know who you are. There is also a safety feature to protect you if the VPN suddenly stops working. We checked this protection ourselves and it worked great.

Additionally, ExpressVPN can be used on:

  • Phones (Android & iPhone)
  • Computers (like Chromebook, Mac, and Windows)
  • Amazon devices (like Fire HD)
  • Routers

You can use it on five devices at the same time with one subscription. While this might seem less compared to some other VPNs. You can increase this by getting ExpressVPN’s special router software.

Lastly, there are good discount deals for ExpressVPN. And if you are not happy then you can get your money back in 30 days.



PureVPN stands out from other VPNs by offering a local Afghan IP address through a virtual server. Given Afghanistan’s challenging internet conditions and the Taliban’s rule, this virtual server choice is very clever. This is why PureVPN ensures:

  • Quicker speeds with its Afghanistan server as it is located in a speedier region.
  • Enhanced safety because the server is in a region with a stronger network setup.
  • Protection against the Taliban, as they can’t touch a virtual server outside their control.

Having an Afghan IP address means that you can safely access local bank apps, shop on local websites, and use the Afghan web without the Taliban getting your data. Moreover, PureVPN has a split tunneling feature. This will let some apps skip the VPN which makes it more flexible as compared to ExpressVPN.

Additionally, PureVPN boasts over 6,500 speedy servers across 76+ countries to:

  • Access content from other areas.
  • Get past bans on social media, news sites, and more.
  • Watch Netflix US, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime, CNN, etc., smoothly.
  • Make your online activity safer.

Also, PureVPN has special P2P servers for safely sharing files without interference from Noor Telecom, Insta, Afghan Cyber, or the Taliban. Till now ExpressVPN has an edge because all its servers support P2P and not just some.

Similarly, only PureVPN’s OpenVPN (UDP & TCP) protocol offers obfuscation. ExpressVPN however, provides it across all protocols. And PureVPN’s speeds drop a bit when obfuscation is on, unlike ExpressVPN’s consistently fast speeds. But PureVPN will also shine with its best 256-bit encryption. They even have some servers that protect against future super-powerful quantum computers.

Plus, PureVPN’s kill switch is designed to protect against unexpected connection drops. This means the Taliban can’t use these moments to find out who you are. We did our own tests for any security gaps and PureVPN proved that it is secure.

PureVPN encrypts your activity and makes sure that there are no leaks, even on Afghan servers. Also, PureVPN has a strict no-logs policy and it has been independently checked. They are open to surprise checks by KPMG anytime.

This means that your VPN usage, real IP address, and online actions are safe from the Taliban, internet providers, and hackers. PureVPN works on the same devices as ExpressVPN and lets you connect more devices at once (ten vs. ExpressVPN five). Also, PureVPN is generally cheaper. Right now, there are big discounts available for PureVPN so you can save even more.


Surfshark may not have as many servers as PureVPN but with just over 3,200 servers and none in Afghanistan. Yet, it still offers good speeds, trustworthy hiding features, and can be used on endless devices. That is a big win. This unlimited device feature makes SurfShark popular among many in Afghanistan. They are looking for a cost-effective but solid VPN to avoid the Taliban’s online spying.

This makes SurfShark a top choice for reporters, activists, and everyday folks wanting their online freedom. Another great thing? Surfshark gives unlimited data use for all devices. It works on many platforms:

  • Computers (like Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chromebook)
  • Phones (iOS and Android)
  • Routers
  • Amazon devices like Fire HD and Kindle

Using the router app provides even more protection from unwanted online snooping and slow speeds from internet providers. Plus, it will also help you watch blocked content on your smart TV, like CNN or BBC. Like the other two, Surfshark has a feature to hide your VPN use called Camouflage Mode. But this only works with their OpenVPN settings.

This is a bit different from ExpressVPN. Also, when you use this hiding feature with SurfShark, the speed can go down a bit, which doesn’t happen with ExpressVPN. However, SurfShark provides top-level security on all servers and all setups. If the VPN ever stops suddenly then there is a feature in the computer and Android app settings to stop any data leaks.

For iPhones, this feature is already part of the app which means it is always on. We wanted to see if all these safety features worked, especially when one considers using it as an Afghanistan VPN. So, we tested them. And guess what? Surfshark passed with flying colors. Also, Surfshark is based in the Netherlands, so the Taliban can’t touch it. But it is good to remember that the Netherlands is part of a group that shares surveillance info.

Still, Surfshark was checked to make sure that they don’t keep any user data, especially critical for those considering it as an Afghanistan VPN. They passed this too. So, they don’t have any info on you and they can’t give it to anyone.

Even if they did have data (which they don’t) then it is doubtful the Netherlands would give it to the Taliban. On top of all this, SurfShark is the cheapest option mentioned here. With unlimited device use – it is a great deal. You can also get discounts on SurfShark and if you change your mind then they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it a favorable choice for an Afghanistan VPN.

How To Use VPN In Afghanistan?

How To Use VPN In Afghanistan

Choosing the right VPN is most of the battle. After that, it is all about setting it up to freely use the internet in Afghanistan. Here is what to do next:

  • Open a web browser on your computer.
  • Log into your chosen VPN account and download the application for your system (be it Windows, Mac, or Linux). If you are on an Android or iOS device then the VPN might guide you to an app store for the download.
  • Once downloaded, install the VPN software. Start the app and log in with your account details. Usually, the VPN connects you to the quickest server available as soon as you open it. If you want to use the internet from another country’s perspective then you can pick a different server.
  • If you just want to browse securely then go with the fastest server. But if you need to access content restricted to a specific country then switch to a server from that location. The VPNs we have mentioned before let you switch between servers as often as you want without any issues.
  • For an added layer of safety, check to ensure the VPN is hiding your actual location. While this step isn’t mandatory, it is a good safety measure, especially if there is an issue during the VPN setup.
  • With your VPN on. Go to using your browser. This site checks where the internet thinks you are browsing from. At the top, you will see a section labeled “Your IP addresses”. Underneath, it should show a country that is different from your actual location. For example, if you are in Afghanistan but connected to a server in Italy, it should say “Italy”. If it does then you are good to go.
  • Once you have done all this, you are all set to surf the web with your VPN. Always keep it on to maintain your online safety and privacy. Enjoy your secure browsing!


Are you ready to surf the web freely and explore everything online with an Afghanistan VPN? We think you are, especially now that you know how to pick the best VPN for Afghanistan and set it up on your device. You can easily access blocked or location-limited websites fast and safely using our top Afghanistan VPN picks.

Our top recommendation? ExpressVPN. Feel free to drop any questions or feedback below about using a VPN so you can dodge online restrictions and monitor in Afghanistan.

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