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The Right VPN for Delta Airlines

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Delta Airlines is one of the many airlines around the world who offer in-flight WiFi services like Gogo to give their travelers an easy way to access the internet, no matter which ocean they’re currently flying over.

But both airlines and airports can be hotbeds for hackers, who can use dozens of different clever techniques to steal your personal data while you’re flying…and possibly even find a way to use it against you before you land.

So what are some of the internet threats you should be keeping an eye out for the next time you fly? Read on in our guide to the finding the right VPN for Delta Airlines to find out!

Airports are a Hacker’s Best Friend

You may not know it, but your internet-connected devices are under threat well before you even make it to the Delta terminal. For hackers, it all starts at the source: the airport.

When a hacker looks for a good public WiFi hotspot to snoop on, they keep an eye out for a couple key things. The first thing that can guarantee a good hack is volume: how many people are signing into the WiFi every day, and how long are they staying connected for on average? If the answer is “a lot” and “a long time” (much like you’d find at an airport), that’s two checkmarks down their list.

Next, there’s the probability that anyone on that network might be handling sensitive data transactions while they’re online. I don’t know about you, but for me, whenever I find myself stuck in an airport because of a delayed or canceled flight the first thing I’m doing is popping open Amazon Video and looking for a new movie to rent. $5.99 to make it through the next two hours? Sign me up.

But this is what hackers want. By using tools like packet sniffers or spoofing fake WiFi hotspots from within the airport, these nefarious net-dwellers can snoop on hundreds of connections at once. If people are spending their time on their laptops renting movies with their credit cards like me, they’ll use their tools to grab my financial data while it’s in transit.

Not only that, airports also prove to be a veritable goldmine when you think about the fact that after a hacker steals that data, all he needs to do is wait for you to get on the plane to strike. Once you’re in the air, even if you do use the in-flight WiFi, it may be hours before your cell phone has signal again. Your bank could be calling and leaving you messages all day about how your account has been compromised, but you wouldn’t know anything about it until you touched down at your destination.

But Wait, There’s More

Last, there’s the issue of trust. Oftentimes when travelers are in a new city or a new country (especially somewhere they don’t speak the language), they’ll do whatever they can to just connect to the very first WiFi hotspot they can find in order to avoid data roaming charges. As anyone who’s accidentally left their data on after an international flight will tell you, these fees can quickly rack up a huge bill if you’re not careful. This is why it’s actually encouraged by airports to connect to their provided WiFi whenever you can, and if a hacker happens to be targeting that specific network, you could be in for a wild ride.

Hackers rely on people making mistakes in order to get what they want, and people make more mistakes than ever when they’re rushing through the gate with their shoes in their hand, sprinting down the terminal to make a flight. They can’t spend the time to worry about whether the network they’re signing into is safe – they just want to make sure they can buy that upgrade to their ticket in time before the plane takes off.

Why You Need a VPN for Delta Airlines

So with so many different problems to worry about the next time you’re rolling down the tarmac on a Delta Airlines flight, your personal security and identity protection shouldn’t be one of them.

With the help of a VPN recommended by, you can be assured that all of your personal and financial data will remain secure behind a brick wall of 256-bit uncrackable encryption. A VPN can successfully shut down any man-in-the-middle attacks that may attempt to take advantage of you while you’re waiting in the terminal, grabbing a snack at the food court, or browsing through that store with the way-too-expensive luggage.

Plus, not only will you get the highest level of personal security possible with a VPN, but you can bet that once you reach your destination you can continue to use that same VPN to log into any of your accounts as though you were still back in your home country!

This prevents your bank from doing something like automatically disabling access to your account when it detects a login from a foreign country, and makes it simpler for you to get your financial accounts handled before you start your vacation or head out to make that next sale.

So if you’re curious about all the benefits you can get from a VPN, head on over to our homepage to find the service that’s right for you! Protection Status