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Meet Our Premium Domain Broker Team

Michael gargiulo linkedin 2Michael Gargiulo
CEO of


Michael has bought and sold more than 600 domains. His acquisition of as the 7th largest transaction in 2019 speaks for itself, along with several other 6-7 figure domains. He can help you acquire or sell your name with many existing contacts. Moving quickly on large 7-8 figure deals is where he excels. One of his favorite transactions was, which he contracted for $1.8 million.

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Sharjil Saleem

Sharjil Saleem
VP of Domain Brokerage

Sharjil has a resume well known in the premium, exact-match domain industry. Sharjil excels at sourcing great buy and sell targets and has brokered countless 6-8 figure domain transactions. He brokered six of the world’s largest 100 domain deals in 2019 and three of the largest 100 deals in 2019. One of his favorite transactions was which he sold for $2 million.

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Some of Our Successful Transaction
(Governor of the State of Georgia)

Your Premium Domain Broker Overview

We only charge 15% upon a successful deal


For Domain Buyers
So you need help acquiring a premium name?
 At, our brokers have acquired more than 1,000 domains. Our team moves fast and delivers high-quality acquisitions at an unmatched pace. Benefits are below.

1. Absolutely no upfront costs
2. 100% anonymity for you and your company
3. transaction, transfer and payment protection
4. Expert acquisition negotiators for premium exact-match domains

For Domain Sellers

So you want to sell your premium domain name?
 Great! At we can help connect you with our network of high-profile companies and individuals who make great targets for your domain.

Our goal is to maximize your return and our commission is directly aligned with this. With over $15 million in domain name transactions between our brokers, you can trust your domain will be sold for the absolute best price the market can offer.

1. Absolutely no upfront costs
2. Only 3-month exclusive with your name, we move fast!
3. Expert brokers for premium exact-match domains sales
4. transaction, transfer and payment protection



Some of the Most Asked Questions

What is a domain broker?

Domain brokers sell and purchase domain names for clients. In addition to representing a client, domain brokers may work as mediators or third parties between sellers and buyers of domain names.

How do domain brokers work?

A domain broker represents owners of domain names who want to either sell their domain name or purchase a domain name. Domain brokers are hired on commission to negotiate with possible buyers or sellers.

How much do domain brokers charge?

Domain brokers work on commission. An initial fee may be charged by a domain broker to begin the process of procuring or selling domain names. Commissions between 20% and 30% are commonly charged by domain brokers but commissions will vary depending on the monetary value of a domain name.

What is the definition of a premium domain name?

Premium domain names are domains owned by registries, individuals, or other entities. Domains are considered “premium” when it is deemed more valuable than your average domain. Factors involved in the validity of a premium domain name include brandability, keyword usage, and length of the name.

What is the highest price I can sell my premium domain name for?

It has been reported that the domain name “” was purchased for nearly $900 million in 2017. Demands for certain premium domains naturally ebb and flow. If you have a premium domain name you want to sell but offers are not up to your expectations, try waiting to see if the demand for your domain rises in the near future.

How long does it take to buy a premium domain name?

That depends. Before you even consider buying a premium domain name, make sure you can verify that you have contacted the owner of the domain. Until that happens, you won’t be able to purchase the domain. In most cases, buying a premium domain involves the same processes as buying a standard domain.

How do I find a domain broker?

Experienced domain brokers can be found by doing a Google search. Look for domain brokers who specialize in buying or selling domain names similar to names you want to acquire. Never hire a domain broker without investigating the broker’s history and reputation.

How much commission should I expect to pay a domain broker?

Most professional domain brokers charge between 15% and 25% for selling or buying domain names. Be aware, however, that domain brokers are primarily interested in procuring/selling domain names worth at least $10,000.

Should I use a domain broker to sell my domain?

Relying on an experienced domain broker means you are being represented by someone who has access to the biggest purchasers of domain names. Domain brokers also utilize dependable mailing lists, know current market rates, and will negotiate for the best price possible.

How much does it cost to buy a premium domain name?

Premium domain names can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on their history, traffic statistics, keywords, and other factors. Also, premium domain names containing phrases or words that pay-per-click advertisers compete for or words that can be incorporated into brand names will cost much more than non-premium domain names.

How long does it take to sell a premium domain name?

Trends and fads often dictate how fast you can sell a premium domain name. Also, having a domain broker sell your premium domain may give you a quicker turnaround time since brokers have immediate access to interested domain buyers.

How do I sell a premium domain name?

First, determine how much your domain is worth. There are professionals who can provide domain name values by assessing a variety of factors. You could put a “for sale” sign on your domain and include contact information. You could also park a premium domain name by registering it on a domain parking service. Finally, domain selling services let you list your domain name on their site but will charge a fee when you sell your domain.

How do I buy a domain through a broker?

Simply contact a reputable domain broker company or individual domain broker and inform them you wish to purchase a domain. They will then ask you what kind of domain name you need and provide estimates for the cost of buying a specific domain name.

How do I sell a domain through a broker?

Simply contact a reputable domain broker to start the process of selling your domain. They will then ask you what kind of domain name you own and provide estimates for the value of your domain name.

When should I use a domain broker?

Domain brokers save you time, money, and aggravation by procuring the exact kind of domain name you want. They can also get you the best price for a domain name you are selling. If you have a domain name you want to sell that you know is worth $10,000 or more, you should use a domain broker.

How do I buy a premium domain name?

Searching domain selling services or hiring a domain broker are the two best ways to purchase a premium domain. Making “cold call” inquiries to domain owners is another way but can be time-consuming and expensive.

How are premium domain names valued?

Short domains (one or two words), domains consisting of easily spelled/understandable words, domains containing meaningful keywords, and domains with a positive and reputable history will increase the value of a domain name. For example, the domain “” won’t sell for as much as a domain called “”.

What is the difference between a premium domain and a normal domain?

The primary difference is their worth. Standard domains may not have much of a history, attract minimal traffic, or contain problematic words. Premium domains are just the opposite – valuable, search engine optimized, and reputable.

Is it cheaper to buy a domain through a broker?

In some cases, it may be. How much you pay for a domain depends on its value and the commission rate charged by a domain broker. However, beware of domain broker scammers who claim to charge less than 15% commission on domains worth under $10,000.

Will I make more money if I sell my domain through a broker?

When you hire a professional domain broker, you are hiring someone who knows how to market a domain to get the best possible deal. Unless you have the expertise and time to sell your domain, it’s likely you will receive less for the domain than you would using a broker.

Can I become a domain broker?

Yes, anyone can become a domain broker. Consider taking free online courses about working as a domain broker before establishing your own website or seeking employment with a domain broker company. Keep in mind that the learning curve leading towards becoming a successful domain broker is steep and takes time.

How do I buy an expired premium domain name?

Expired premium domain names are routinely auctioned off on domain name registrar websites. When nobody bids on domain names being auctioned, these names can then be purchased by whoever wants to buy them. In most cases, expired premium domain names are bought during an auction.

How do I find the best deal for a premium domain name?

Taking time to research the type of premium domain names you want to buy is one way to get the best deal available. An easier, less time-consuming method is to simply hire a premium domain broker who has immediate access to thousands of domain names and to the individuals or entities who own them.

Can I buy a .org premium domain name?

Premium domain names ending in .org typically belong to recognized or non-profit global organizations such as (the United Nations website) or Most .org websites belong to cultural, religious, educational, charity, and medical websites that are long-established and highly trusted. However, anyone can buy a .org premium domain name that has expired or is for sale. You do not have to be affiliated with an organization.

Can I buy a .edu premium domain name?

Domain names ending in .edu are always associated with an educational institution, whether it is a college, university, community college, public school, or vocational school. To obtain an .edu premium domain, you must prove your educational institution has been accredited by a legitimate accrediting agency. Registries containing .edu premium domain names will not accept your purchase unless you have fulfilled specific requirements.

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