Best Managed Bare Metal Cloud Providers

Best Managed Bare Metal Cloud Providers

By allowing you to control cloud services directly through your own servers, the top bare metal hosting services make it straightforward and easy to handle cloud services.

The term bare metal hosting refers to a physical server that is solely dedicated to a single tenant or customer. On its own, each server that is available for rental is a separate piece of hardware that may perform the functions of a server.

Despite the fact that bare metal servers have been increasingly popular in recent years, the category of servers that fall into this category is not new in fact, they have been available for commercial use since the early 2010s. A number of major companies now include bare metal server offerings as part of their portfolio, in addition to cloud storage or content delivery network (CDN) services.

The overhead hypervisor that permits virtualization with cloud computing services is removed from bare metal servers, which means that there is nothing that prevents applications from experiencing the highest possible level of performance.

The bare metal server offers of certain vendors, on the other hand, highlight both the high performance advantages of a physical server and the multi-tenancy advantages that come with hypervisors.

The terms bare metal server and dedicated server mean different kinds of servers, despite the fact that they are sometimes used interchangeably. As a result, it is important to question yourself: What is the superior hosting option between bare-metal servers and dedicated servers? before moving forward with a choice.

What are Bare Metal Cloud Servers

What are Bare Metal Cloud Servers

For businesses who are looking for an extraordinary amount of server power, bare metal cloud servers which are also known as managed dedicated servers or single-tenant physical servers, are a high performance solution.

The difference between bare metal cloud servers and virtualized servers is that each bare metal Cloud server is a computer system that is dedicated to a single client.

When utilizing Bare Metal Solutions, businesses have the ability to lease hardware from providers and utilize it in any manner they like, frequently without as many constraints as they would have with traditional servers.

The Best Bare Metal Cloud Providers

Taking all of this into consideration, the following is a list of the top providers of bare metal hosting services currently available on the market.

Oracle Bare Metal Instance

Oracle’s Bare Metal Instances, a significant offering from this bare metal cloud provider, can be the right choice for you if you require a highly customized bare metal server configuration that is targeted to certain applications.

Furthermore, there is a Standard instance setup that may be utilized for standard-purpose workloads. This configuration by Oracle, as a bare metal cloud provider, optimizes the utilization of CPU cores, memory, and network resources to accommodate a wide variety of applications and use cases.

HighIO is a solution that provides local NVMe-based solid-state drives (SSDs) that deliver high IOPs and rapid random I/O for database applications that are performance-intensive and have high IOPS requirements, showcasing Oracle’s capabilities as a bare metal cloud provider.

DenseIO is Oracle’s most powerful configuration meant for massively parallel high-performance computing (HPC) applications, and ‘HPC Instance’ is Oracle’s configuration that is geared for large data workloads, further emphasizing Oracle’s strength as a bare metal cloud provider.

These bare metal servers from Oracle, a renowned bare metal cloud provider, provide support for applications that have intense requirements and can grow up to an astounding 192 cores which is the highest number of cores that we have ever seen anywhere, 2.3 terabytes of random access memory (RAM), and 1 terabyte of block storage. You can also choose the processor that you wish to use, which could be an Ampere, AMD, or Intel processor.

Options common to all
The automation that is present in other suppliers is absent
Instantaneous randomness I/O
High Performance Computing
Provides users with full access to system resources

Amazon EC2 C5 Instances

In the absence of the one of the technologies that enable you to create and manage computing resources in the cloud is Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud also known as EC2.

Amazon currently provides a wide variety of bare metal alternatives, even though EC2 instances are typically virtual servers. Things that need to avoid being slowed down by virtualization or that require direct access to physical resources and low-level hardware characteristics are examples of workloads that are typically better suited for these. Examples of demanding workloads include video encoding, scientific modeling, deep learning inference, and multiplayer gaming.

Your Amazon instance can take full advantage of Elastic Load Balancing, Auto Scaling, Amazon CloudWatch, and any other AWS features that you might require at any given time. However, avoiding virtualization does not mean that you have to disregard other AWS services.

The Amazon Free Tier allows users to make use of an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instance for a generous 750 hours per month for one year. Even though this is a virtual configuration rather than a physical one, it is still valuable because it allows you to test out Amazon’s management capabilities and experience how the service operates.

On the other hand, if you are prepared to join right away, Amazon is a very cost-effective alternative for a variety of common jobs due to its low computing costs and hourly pricing and the customization observed on other service providers.

A diverse selection of available services
Workload is a factor that determines cost effectiveness
Elite level of performance
Analytics that are distributed
Prices that are reasonable

Alibaba Cloud ECS Bare Metal Instance

Alibaba Cloud ECS Bare Metal Instance

Alibaba’s ECS Bare Metal Instance, a prominent offering from this bare metal cloud provider, is based on the company’s next-generation virtualization technology, providing users with the efficiency benefits of physical servers in addition to the elasticity benefits that virtualization provides.

Supporting CPU configurations ranging from eight to 96 cores, ECS Bare Metal Instance is compatible with all Alibaba Cloud products, reflecting the provider’s commitment to versatile and scalable cloud solutions. Moreover, it allows for the expansion of instance memory from 32GB to 768 GB.

Virtual server images or cloud disks are used as the starting point for storage setups which also allow for the mounting of many cloud disks to improve storage. As a key feature of Alibaba’s bare metal cloud provider service, you will not need to be concerned about the safety of your data because it is all safeguarded by the high security requirements offered by Alibaba.

For users, the rapid deployment of this bare metal cloud solution by Alibaba, a renowned bare metal cloud provider, is tempting, despite the fact that the support can be slow to reply at times. In addition, you will have fast access to hundreds of add-ons like VPN, Gateway, DNS, and ECS amongst further options, showcasing the extensive range of services provided by this bare metal cloud provider.

A maximum of 96 cores
Slow support
It is possible to configure storage with up to 768 GB of RAM
Supports various configurations of the CPU

Fasthosts Bare Metal Servers

Use Fasthosts Bare Metal Servers, a key service from this bare metal cloud provider, to run projects on single-tenant servers with dedicated resources. These servers can be purchased by the hour or the month with pay-as-you-go invoicing and they are ideal for businesses that want access to data centers and support situated in the United Kingdom, highlighting Fasthosts’ position as a leading bare metal cloud provider.

When it comes to storage, you have the option of selecting a hard disk for great capacity, a solid-state drive (SSD) for rapid storage, or a network video memory (NVMe) for both swift and capacious storage. As part of their bare metal cloud provider services, you have the option of selecting either AMD or Intel CPUs as well as up to 18 core processors and 192 GB of random access memory (RAM).

Integrated load balancing allows for the distribution of resources throughout the server infrastructure to maximize performance and servers may be set up in a matter of minutes, demonstrating the efficiency of Fasthosts as a bare metal cloud provider.

Based on the location of your visitors, you can select where to host your server and provide an optimized experience (the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Germany, and Spain). An extensive selection of famous or popular operating systems including Windows and Linux is also available for your selection, further underscoring the flexibility offered by Fasthosts as a bare metal cloud provider.

Invoicing based on a monthly fee
Limited locations
The available hard drives
Improve overall performance
Wherever you choose to host your server is up to you

Scaleway Elements Bare Metal Cloud Servers

Scaleway Elements Bare Metal Cloud Servers

In addition to providing hardware options that are based on Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC central processing units, Scaleway Elements Bare Metal Cloud Servers, a notable bare metal cloud provider, also provides Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and others.

High CPU (boosted with CPU for large data applications), High Memory (boosted with memory for virtualization or RAM-demanding applications), and General Purpose (balancing CPU, RAM, and Disks for production environments) are the configurations that can be deployed in a flash as well as High Memory configurations, showcasing Scaleway’s capabilities as a bare metal cloud provider.

The ability to remotely boot from an ISO file is one of the many capabilities that they provide as part of their bare metal cloud provider services. Additionally, they offer the capability to manage servers through the Scaleway Console or an application programming interface (API) in order to automate the process of creating, installing, rebooting or deleting services.

In addition to being hosted in France, the hardware that Scaleway offers, as a part of its bare metal cloud provider offerings, has been meticulously built and tested in climatic rooms that are subjected to harsh temperatures. The hosting service also provides technical support around the clock and users will have the opportunity to take advantage of the full integration with Scaleway’s cloud ecosystem.

Linux with a variety of choices
Configuring is not the most straightforward process
Rapid implementation
Additional characteristics
Capable of scaling

IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

In a variety of cloud computing applications, IBM, a leading bare metal cloud provider, markets its Cloud Bare Metal Servers offering as an alternative to Amazon Web Services (AWS) that is affordably priced.

During the year 2013, the firm, recognized as a significant bare metal cloud provider, acquired SoftLayer, which included the capabilities of bare-metal servers. Presently, the company operates more than sixty IBM Cloud data centers in 19 different countries as part of its bare metal cloud provider services.

Over eleven million different configurations are available, and they can be paid for on an hourly, monthly, or reserved capacity basis. Its bare-metal servers, an essential component of IBM’s bare metal cloud provider offerings, can be modified to match the requirements of the workload.

To process large workloads, IBM employs the most recent graphics processing units (GPUs) from Nvidia in addition to Intel central processing units (CPUs) with one, two, or four cores. Not only is the network quick but the setup process is simple, and there is excellent technical help.

Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA are the central processing unit (CPU) technologies that users can select from. Either 36 hard disk drives with a capacity of 12 terabytes (332 terabytes) or 24 solid-state drives with a capacity of 7.6 terabytes (182 terabytes) can be used to extend the storage capacity.

Services at reasonable prices
It is a lengthy process to reload the operating system
Across the world, data centers
Personalized features
The storage capacity can be significantly increased

Redstation Gaming bare metal cloud server

Redstation Gaming bare metal cloud server

Because they are located on the opposite side of the world from their teammates, Redstation’s bare metal servers, a key offering from this bare metal cloud provider, can provide the lowest possible pings because they are configured to take advantage of numerous tier 1 transit and peering partnerships.

It is possible to host apps that are required to monitor and optimize performance, monetize moments, and distribute advertising while using the company’s fiber network, which provides unlimited bandwidth.

Your gaming consumers won’t have to worry about being subjected to a distributed denial of service attack in the middle of their session because Redstation’s servers, as part of their bare metal cloud provider services, operate in an environment that is free of DDoS attacks.

Redstation servers, representing this bare metal cloud provider’s commitment to quality, come with a pre-built library of operating systems, which makes them simple to operate thanks to their intuitive interface. The servers are customizable, and there is a guarantee that both the power and the network will be 100%.

However, there is no live chat assistance or knowledge base available. It is important to note that the uptime guarantee does not take into account planned maintenance or service upgrades.

To cater specifically to gamers
Lack of support for live chat
Securing against DDoS attacks
The bandwidth is unrestricted
Completely up to the user

HEFICED bare metal servers

In addition to offering a great level of customization, the bare-metal servers offered by HEFICED, a prominent bare metal cloud provider, guarantee high performance and sturdy security.

Located in Tier 3 data centers that are ISO-certified and have power and cooling redundancy to provide maximum uptime and enterprise-grade infrastructure for mission-critical applications, the company’s servers are used by companies such as IBM, Avast, and PureVPN. These facilities are part of the company’s offering as a bare metal cloud provider.

HEFICED, as a bare metal cloud provider, maintains data centers in a number of places across the world, including Johannesburg and Sao Paulo as well as numerous other European and North American sites.

You will also have access to in-house technical assistance that is quick to respond and can resolve infrastructure-related issues onsite without delay. Additionally, they come pre-installed with an Intelligence Platform Management Interface (IPMI), which makes remote access and monitoring simple.

It is recommended for developers with intermediate and advanced skills, and HEFICED, as a reliable bare metal cloud provider, does not come with an easy-to-use installer. However, it provides you with an amazing amount of control over your server.

The most cutting-edge facilities available
Setup is not simple or easy
Administration that is intelligent
Robust safety measures
Excellent command and management on your server


The purpose of this article was to present a comprehensive overview of the top ten crucial bare metal cloud provider service providers in the market today as well as to discuss the factors that set them apart from their rivals.

If you take into account the specific requirements of your business, you will be able to choose a bare metal cloud provider that will provide you with the greatest opportunity for achievement. Finding the correct service provider is now simpler than it has ever been before thanks to the advice and insights provided by our experts.

We recommend that you book a demonstration with our specialists if you are interested in learning more about the benefits that bare metal may provide to your company. Should you have any inquiries regarding the operation of mission-critical workloads on bare metal servers, we would be more than pleased to provide us with answers.

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