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The Top Hosting Providers In Africa: A Brief Guide

The Top Hosting Providers In Africa

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We all know how hosting providers in Africa are becoming surprisingly efficient and more reliable as compared to other parts of the world. We think it is essential to first understand what hosting providers in Africa can offer us. The right decision can be made only when you have the right knowledge.

Some of the most important factors that should be considered while getting a hosting provider in Africa might include; speed, reliability, and quality of the support. Many hosting providers in Africa can offer you these; Host Africa, Bluehost, and Hostimual Boast. Can you believe they have an excellent uptime record with ratings above 99%?

However, we think you should first understand why the right hosting provider is so essential and why you need one. So, let’s get a deep insight into the top hosting providers in Africa. 

What Is Web Hosting?

What Is Web Hosting

What is the best option rather than hosting your application on your computer or server? Deploying it to another server. Yes, we are talking about the server which is owned by a company who are expert in this field and knows how things work. We call it a Web Hosting Provider.

If you are also one of those people who don’t like to go out and buy various servers and then hook them up; then you are at the right place. Because we think that it is easier if you would rent a server from a professional who will do all this hard work on your behalf. 

A Web Hosting Provider is a different kind of business that will provide Web Developers all the services they need, so they can run their applications on the internet. So if someone wants to drop by your website then all they have to do is enter the domain name. The web hosting provider that you hired will serve it to them on your behalf. Isn’t it simple?

There are some companies out there that might require you to have your domain to host your website. However, others might provide you with a sub-domain that they might own. So, if you want a domain then many web hosting providers can help you get one. 

The most important part? Choosing the right type of web hosting for the project. Basically, if you are creating an app that contains a front & back end and a database then you might require a different kind of web hosting than you would need for a static website.

Why is it important to allocate the right amount of sources to the application? So that it won’t ditch you when the traffic hits it. However, if you are creating an application for the time pass then you don’t have to worry a lot. But if your app is doing good and many visitors are visiting it then you should plan to get more resources, so you utilize them when needed.

What Are Types Of Web Hosting?

What Are Types Of Web Hosting in Africa

There are different types of web hosting; it all depends on the situation you are in. For instance if you want it for yourself or your business then the needs will differ. However, here are the types of Web Hosting:

Shared Hosting

If you want the most basic option for website hosting then we think shared hosting is the best option. If you use this hosting then the server that you will get will be shared with other websites and the resources them will be the same too. It means the hardware components that are used will be identical and won’t be easily configured. 

We would suggest that website owners who don’t get a lot of traffic should try Shared Hosting. Why? Because it is the most affordable option. They are also very susceptible to slowdowns because of the shared resources. 

Virtual Private Server Hosting

If you are a website owner who is looking for a more customizable option than a shared option then we think you will like using Virtual Private Server Hosting. 

Well in technical terms it is still shared. But VPS is the more advanced version of a dedicated server that is going to offer you more personalization and a better experience for websites that have higher traffic. 

Dedicated Server Hosting 

If you are looking for many options in customization because the website owner is controlling all the hardware then we think a dedicated server is the most suitable option for you.

However, there might be a con that you might need experts to operate and maintain it. Also if you need to scale it to the websites needed then you should experience growth in both traffic and hosted content.

Cloud Hosting 

Do you want the most flexible option to run a website? Then try using cloud hosting. We know that there are many similarities of shared hosting in the multiple-site share server. But you should know the fact that it can offer magnitudes more power.

The reason is that rather than sharing a single server with various websites; many servers are pooled together in a cloud system and from there the websites run on these shared resources.

What does it include? Processing power, storage, and memory; all are derived from the same pool which uses various servers in a data center that is controlled by the provider.

Managed Hosting

Ever wondered why managed hosting is different from others? Because their needs are taken care of by a provider. Doesn’t matter if it is the vendor or the managed service provider.

When you take plans from them, then the person who is managing a hosting plan will be the main contact. They will also run the administration by ensuring their website is properly resourced and used.

How To Choose The Top Hosting Provider For Africa?

How To Choose The Top Hosting Provider For Africa

With the website growing, your needs will grow too. You might need additional storage, bandwidth, or other types of resources. If that is becoming the case then you should quickly think of migrating to more enhanced hosting solutions such as VPS or cloud hosting.

This is the reason we say to everyone, make sure to find the best web hosting provider that is going to offer you a variety of services; upgrade your level any moment. However, we think there are some factors that you should consider when it comes to deciding between different types of servers.

Control Panel

Tired of logging in again and again on the web server? Then you should ensure to have a control panel because this is how you will be able to manage the hosting account.

So we think the best option is to go with a web host that is going to provide you with an easily manageable user interface. People with all kinds of skill levels will be able to work with it.

You can try Hostinger hPanel because they will help you manage your files, create a full backup, and install the necessary applications to the website. They can do all this work very quickly and efficiently.

Web Hosting Uptime 

We know that unexpected and frequent downtime can have a serious impact on your business and customers’ trust. Do you know the reason behind it? Poorly managed or unstable web servers. This is why it is very important to ensure that the host you are selecting is meeting your uptime requirements. 

Why is it necessary? Because a good uptime and fair terms of services will reflect the commitment of hosting companies. They do it to keep their systems up and running.

Technical Specifications

We know that enough disk space, processing power, and bandwidth are a necessity but there are also many features that you shouldn’t overlook. Because these features might help your website run smoothly.

There are many companies whose servers operate on CloudLinux and adopt the LiteSpeed technology to speed up the process.

Online Reviews

If you want to choose the right hosting provider then look for its online reviews. These reviews are going to provide you in-depth information about everything. What do reviews mostly contain?

This contains the information about uptime and speed of the hosting provider. This way you will be able to see how reliable a hosting provider is and if you should get services from them or not.


Because getting a hosting provider don’t forget to look for the fact that your hosting provider is offering advanced security or not. Make sure they are taking all the necessary measures to protect your website from DDoS attacks and Malware.

Some of the features offered by the hosting provider can be; access management, automated backups, updates, and malware detection.

24/7 Customer Support

We know that websites might encounter unexpected lags, security breaches, or even crashes, which is why you must need technical support from professionals. You should always check if the host is providing support resources such as knowledge or tutorials. This knowledge or tutorials will always come in handy. 

Additional Services 

The best hosting plan is the one that is planning to offer you great value for the money. The plans will contain free add-ons and some features like business email account, SSL certificate or content delivery network. 

What Are The Top Hosting Providers In Africa?

What Are The Top Hosting Providers In Africa

We know that finding the right hosting provider in Africa might not be an easy task. Which is why we are here to help you with the research. Here are some of the top hosting providers that you can find in Africa:


No doubt we know that FastComet is the top hosting provider in Africa. Our tests done right top hosting providers in Africa have always pointed to FastComet as the top choice. In several tests done locally, FastComet consistently beat the competition.

FastComet’s success comes down to a robust CDN (Content Delivery Network) and many data centers worldwide.

The CDN is a big help in making websites faster and more reliable. It stores a saved version of your website in many places worldwide, called PoPs (Points of Presence).

So, when someone opens your website, the CDN shows it from the closest PoP which will cut down delays and ensure your site loads fast. FastComet’s wide-reaching CDN is a big reason that it performs so well.

FastComet having data centers all over the world gives it another advantage. Data doesn’t have to travel far to get where it is going, lowering delays and making your website faster.

For people in Africa, even though FastComet’s main base is far away their websites can still load fast and work well. That is why even in South Africa, FastComet stands out as the best for giving quick and reliable service.


If you are running a small business in Africa then you might need a place where you can put your website and for this, we think HostPapa is a really good option. It is a Canadian Company that has different things to help small businesses create their name on the internet anywhere in the world.

Even though it is from Canada, our tests have shown that HostPapa works really well in Africa. It offers you a bunch of different features that you can use and small businesses can benefit from it alot.

What makes HostPapa unique? Besides being a Canadian company it works great specifically in Africa. It shows how it can handle things globally and adjust according to what African businesses need. This news is great for startups who are working to make sure that their website loads fast and works well even if the servers are far away.

With HostPapa you don’t just get a place for your website but also offers many tools that will help your online business grow. While using HostPapa services, you can build a website, do online selling, use email and do digital marketing among other things.

So if you have just started your online business and looking for top hosting providers in Africa then we think HostPapa might be the right option for you. It cares about working well around the world and makes sure its customers are happy with their services which we think is also important when it comes to African businesses.


Hostinger is one of our top picks when it comes to VPS hosting. All thanks go to its excellent performance and affordability. Hostinger will offer you VPS hosting and different shared hosting plans that work well in Africa.

However, if you are looking for something unique and specific, looking for other top hosting providers in Africa might be a great idea. The best thing about Hostinger is that their plans start at just $1.99 per month.

Not only does it match up well with local budget options but it also beats many local web hosts regarding performance. This makes Hostinger the best choice for top hosting providers in Africa for businesses.


When you are trying to select top hosting providers in Africa for your business then remember to keep in mind what your specific needs are. We have provided all the information you might need here. From what web hosting is to top hosting providers in Africa, we have covered every aspect you might want.

We think web hosting is not something to compromise on as your business depends on. However, there are many ways to identify the top hosting providers in Africa. So utilize them and grow your business. Now is the right time! If you still have any queries then feel free to ask us.

Customer Reviews for Liquid Web

JC Jonathan Cutler

The Top Hosting Providers In Africa: A Brief Guide
Amazing Customer Service
I own a small company and neither myself nor my employees are very tech savvy. We've been using Liquid Web for probably 10 years just because they always make it so easy. If there is every any issue, which is rare, I just email them and they not only respond promptly, but take care of it immediately. I wish the rest of the world offered such amazing service. It would be worth paying extra for honestly, but the good news is that their prices are excellent as well. Highly recommend.
Date of Experience:
April, 25 2023
JG John G

The Top Hosting Providers In Africa: A Brief Guide
Liquid Web Support is simply awesome
Liquid Web is simply awesome. Their support is unbelievably great and everytime I open a ticket or call the help desk I speak with someone immediately. Very professional and very knowledgable. You will not find better support anywhere else. I am an IT professional and have tried all of the top hosting companies and no one comes close to these folks. Great Support! If I could go above 5 stars I would.
Date of Experience:
April, 26 2023
WB Web Developer

The Top Hosting Providers In Africa: A Brief Guide
Support is everything
Ryan is the kind of support that makes me choose Liquid Web year after year. LW isn't the cheapest option, nor the most flexible one. But when things go astray, as they always do, I love knowing that I have competent, native-English-speaking support I can rely on. Having the option to call when I need immediate help (with very little wait time) is the reason I use LW and recommend it to my clients.
Date of Experience:
March, 3 2023
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