FAQ – Torrenting VPN

The Basics

What VPN should I use for torrenting?

Your best bet for torrenting is TorGuard. TorGuard has been operating since 2008 and is a very reputable, well-known company who stands up to government pressure and actively fights for online freedom. One of the things that puts TorGuard apart from other VPN services is their Unlimited bandwidth package– there are no bandwidth limits on this account type, so you can torrent at full speeds without worrying about file size.

Is downloading torrents without a VPN safe?

It is not safe to download torrents without a VPN. Your IP address, what you’re viewing and downloading, logging information, geo-location data and general browsing activity are all available publicly online for anyone to see at any time. The only way to be 100% confident in your privacy when downloading torrents is by using a VPN service like TorGuard. VPN services encrypt your traffic so that none of these pieces of information leaves the secure tunnel created by the VPN service provider. This will keep your IP address anonymous while streaming and downloading through BitTorrent sites like uTorrent.

Does a VPN stop your ISP from seeing that you're torrenting?

Yes. A VPN service will typically encrypt all of your internet traffic including any information related to torrenting. This makes it impossible for an ISP to see what you’re torrenting, even if they are monitoring your Internet activity.

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