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What is VPN Verified? - VPN Verified ensures the information your company offers is correct and verified through the independent, 3rd-party of If approved, you will be provided a VPN Verified badge to show visitors on your website. This will indicate your brand has taken the extra step to confirm the information your company provides about your products, applications, support, servers, company background and more. Cover Photo

What are the benefits of VPN Verified? - More transparency means potential customers feel safer and more comfortable choosing your brand as their VPN.

Your benefits include:

  1. VPN Verified Provider Page with Badge on
  2. VPN Verified 250-Point Research PDF
  3. VPN Verified Badge for Your Site
  4. Instant Reputation Improvement
  5. High Conversion Rates
  6. Extensive Testing and Research of Your VPN
  7. Articles Detailing Your Results and Verification

How does VPN Verified Work? - Simply sign up with the subscription link below and a team member will quickly follow up to start the VPN Verified process. Once we complete our verification, you can use the VPN Verified badge throughout your site, marketing materials and it will also be placed on your dedicated page.

​Become VPN Verified Today