National Weather Alert Widget

MULTI DEVICE: National Weather Alert Widget

Copy & paste our National Weather Alert Widget:

<script src=""></script>


How To Embed Our National Weather Alert Widget

To embed a widget you must first include this line of code one time in your web page:

  <script src=""></script>

To place an embeddable widget in your web page create a div with class=”vpn-widget” and type=”[widget name]”


Optional Attributes

  • class – You may assign any additional css classes to the containing div as you’d like.
  • style – Because the widget is embedded in a <div> element you may specify your own styling for the contents of that div.
  • width – To size the widget specify the width attribute. The height will be calculated based on the width specified.
  • lang – Translate the widget to a specific language e.g. en, it, es.


By default the browser language will be used to translate each widget. You may override this with the `lang` optional attribute.

National Weather Alert Widget Styling

Widgets contain their own individual styling but you can use CSS to extend and override those styles. Widgets are wrapped in their own div which will be placed inside the div on your web page.

For instance, to change the widget title to red do so in a style and assign the class to your containing div:

    .red-header header {
        color: red;

  <div class="vpn-widget red-header" type="weather/national-alerts">Loading...</div>

Use the !important css directive to do a hard override of any css style.

The text in the image says, National Weather Alert Widget and have a background of different types of weather forecast
The background of weather forecast


What is a National Weather Alert Widget?

A widget that detects and displays national weather alerts in the user’s current location. 

Who needs a National Weather Alert Widget?

Anyone who wants to allow visitors of their website to view their national weather alerts.

Why should I use a Weather Alert Widget?

Weather widgets are among the most useful types of widgets in existence. Visitors will appreciate the ability to quickly gather information about weather alerts in their area. These type of widgets are always useful and help you in many ways.

How do I use a National Weather Alert Widget?

You use the widget by embedding it wherever you would like it to appear on your website or blog. Once embedded, the widget will begin working as intended without any further maintenance from you.

Does this Weather Alert Widget cost anything?

No! All widgets on our website are 100% free for you to use.

Can I embed a National Weather Alert Widget?

Yes! Follow the instructions above to embed our widget to your website or blog.

How do I embed this Weather Alert Widget?

Follow the instructions above to embed our widget to your website or blog. It’s as simple as copy and pasting the code we’ve provided.

Is it safe to embed a National Weather Alert Widget?

Yes! It is perfectly safe to embed all of the widgets from

How long does it take to embed a Weather Alert Widget?

It takes less than five minutes to install this widget. It only takes as long as it takes you to copy and paste the code to your website or blog.

Do I need a developer to embed this National Weather Alert Widget?

No, you don’t need a developer to embed this widget. We’ve provided everything you need to embed the widget on this page. Also check out Zip Code widget for location access to any place.

Can I embed a Weather Alert Widget in WordPress?

Yes! Our widgets are compatible with all WordPress websites.

Can I embed a Weather Alert Widget in HTML?

Yes, you can embed all of our widgets in HTML. We’ve provided the necessary HTML code along with instructions above.