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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a way for people to connect their personal devices to each other and the Internet in a secure manner. Through encryption, it keeps your information safe from hackers and eavesdroppers while having the added benefit of hiding your IP address and allowing you to browse anonymously.

Why do I need a VPN?

A VPN enables you to avoid geo-blocks, surf anonymously, securely transfer files, and bypass Internet censorship. Perhaps most importantly, it adds a much greater level of security to your device. Even top of the line antivirus software is only about 75% effective and should be coupled with a VPN for complete protection online.

What is the number one reason why people use a VPN?

Security still matters as does freedom of navigation, but the most commonly cited reason for wanting a VPN is privacy. ISPs can collect and sell your information. Government agencies can access your records. Digital snoopers can peak over your electronic shoulder at the coffee house. Need we say more?

How secure is a VPN?

The security of a VPN depends on the hosting service and where they are located in the world. If they use quality encryption software, secure servers, and don’t log your activities, they are 100% secure and anonymous.

What devices should I protect with a VPN?

Virtually any device that can access the Internet should be used in conjunction with a VPN, including smart TVs and Internet-enabled toys. All of the top computer and cell phone operating systems are supported and even gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox are compatible, though not all VPNs will work with all systems. Check with your provider. Protection Status