Your Data & Location are Exposed

Hackers can see your every move. Protect yourself today.

Your IP Address:

With an IP address an attacker can determine your location and other factors that can be used to target you specifically.

Your Device: Unknown unknown

Knowing what device you’re using can enable a hacker to use specific tools and exploits to inject harmful malware into your device.

So, Why Get A VPN?

With rampant cybercrime and massive hacks  — using the Internet without a VPN is like living in a dangerous neighborhood and NOT locking your front door. Your family might be alright for a few nights, but with enough time, you’re cooked! Either robbed or worse.

That’s Where “VPN” Comes In.
Your VPN uses Advanced Military Technology to encrypt or “dead bolt” your Internet experience on up to 10 devices. Go as fast as you want, a VPN secures your entire Internet with one easy click on your devices, across the world.


So, Where Should You Use Your VPN?
It is so simple, anywhere you want to be private and secure with your Internet Use: Home, Work, On the Go, Public Wifi, Airports, Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants…everywhere.

Using a VPN Is The Secret To Your Internet Security & Digital Health

2,564 people who get hacked or digitally broken into EVERY MINUTE. Using a VPN ensures your Internet security is locked up with the latest military grade Internet encryption.

Tired of living a life where you always feel unprotected? We can understand that. We know how it feels when you know that there are always eyes around you. But with the emergence of new technology, VPN, we can put a stop on that.

Many say VPN is the original Internet Security. VPN technology was invented around 1983 to protect and secure the Internet connections of the United States Military. After the Internet expanded, these VPN benefits became the one of the most used technologies designed to PROTECT people and organizations while they use the Internet.

VPN Use Grows from 300 Million People to 1.6 Billion Protected including Tens of Millions of Americans.


Today, VPN technology is used by an estimated 1.6 BILLION people each month.

Last question for you… Have you ever been online, especially over WiFi, without using a VPN? Your connection is unencrypted and exposed to hackers, attackers, and trackers — they know what they are doing — the moment you start using your VPN, the are stopped in their tracks!

And guess what? Your VPN can even automatically connect when you get online. Set it and forget it. We have taken the hard work out of Internet security.

Today, you have learned why you should use a VPN and what you have at RISK. It’s time to break up with the hackers! Don’t leave your front door unlocked, “dead bolt” it with your VPN. So, let’s get started, choose your VPN plan below. ↓

Secure and Hide Your Internet Use with VPN

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