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Why use a VPN?

How you look without a VPN...

You will ALWAYS be 100% exposed at home, work, and on the go

Here's how you look with & without a VPN

Your VPN works everywhere you go!


Without a VPN, your private information is ready to be stolen

What's the worst that can happen?!

Say goodbye to your financial, social, and email accounts...

  1. They hack into your internet
  2. Login to your accounts
  3. Change your passwords
  4. Take over your life in 24 hours
  5. Resell your information


Did you know?

Did you know that Senator Hillary Clinton could have protected herself and her emails with a VPN?

Hillary Clinton is not in any way associated with Hillary Clinton

Identity Theft by the Numbers

Losing your identity online is costly

Average amount lost by identity theft
Amount lost every year to cyber crime
Number of people with identities stolen in 2014
Protect your identity with a VPN

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  • No Logs of Your Website Visits
  • 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Servers in 25+ countries

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What our customers say:

These are just a few of the testimonials and customer service reviews we get on a regular basis and we are proud to support them all.

Testimonial Alyssa


"I work from coffee shops and hotels. Without my VPN, all of my sensitive client emails and docs would be at risk."

Austin, USA

Testimonial Colton


"I am constantly traveling for my job. My VPN allows me to never have to worry about the security of my WiFi."

Seoul, SK

Testimonial Joe


"Thanks for keeping my family safe. We use it every day on every computer we have."

Atlanta, USA

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is your VPN Free?

7 day free trials are standard with every single subscription. Always try it before you buy it!

How Many Devices Can I use at Once?

3 devices at once

What Operating Systems are supported with

Windows and Mac - iOS, Android and others are coming very soon.

Do I need a VPN for my business?

If your business doesn't use a VPN, you should really look into getting one for all the reasons above and more. Reach out to us here with how many devices you need to protect and we will be more than happy to help.

What languages is your VPN in?

At the moment, we only offer our services in English. More languages are on the way!

What do you need to use your VPN?

All you need to use your VPN is a device (computer, phone or other device), power, an internet connection, and the thirst for a secure connection.

Where can I use my VPN?

You can use your VPN at more than 500M public and private hotspots across the world and all wired connections as well.

What VPN locations can I pick from?

We offer 25 locations you can pick from Click here to view locations we support

What about browsers, routers, TVs, and gaming consoles?

Firefox, Chrome and native and manual VPN setups are coming as well!