What is Faith? Who is Jesus Christ? And how do I get to Heaven?

Online protection only goes so far. At VPN.com, we believe that being protected in life and to obtain true peace of mind over all things, you must have faith in something greater than yourself, your family, and your business.

Fortunately, your belief in a few easy principals can lead you to a life full of security, peace, and happiness. Of course, we are no longer talking about using a VPN to protect yourself, we are talking about your belief system and how you process the world you cannot see with your eyes.

Today, we are going to take next steps to this security together by answering a few basic questions about faith and spirituality.


What is Faith?

Faith is believing in something that you cannot see. Faith can provide a path to someone looking to find happiness, peace, and security with all things in life.

We all have faith in our friends, our parents, our spouses, our business, and our futures that all will be positive. Understanding how your faith determines your life after death is important for anyone looking to protect their spirit.

How do I go to Heaven?

You get to Heaven by believing that Jesus Christ was the son of God who sent him here to die for all your sins throughout your life. God will forgive you of every single sin you have committed or will commit if you accept Jesus as your savior and following his commandments outlined in the Bible.

At death, all humans will face their Judgement Day before God. All those who accepted Jesus as their savior, no matter how good or bad a person may be, are accepted into Heaven. In fact, Paul, the disciple chosen by Jesus to share his message was a murderer. While Jesus did not condone his sin, Paul was forgiven once he asked Jesus into his heart.

All those who have faith in Jesus, as their savior, will have eternal peace in Heaven once life on earth has concluded.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus was 34-year-old carpenter-turned-minister from Nazareth, a city in present-day Israel. He was the son of God and the virgin Mary. He lived a completely sin-free life, which no human will ever do. His teachings were centered around love, Grace, and forgiveness. He was censored, beaten, and was ordered to death by Pontius Pilate, a Roman Governor. The easiest way to understand who Jesus is is to read the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Acts. Together, these Books (or Gospels) make up the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

By having faith in Jesus that God sent him to die for our sins, you will be permitted into Heaven and receive an eternal life of peace and happiness with your creator, animals, and other believers.

The Gospel of John recalled some of the most important moments of Jesus walking on earth. It is one of the most powerful books in the Bible and is one of the fastest ways to literally understand who Jesus truly is in your mind. Enjoy this incredible video, by The Visual Bible, that displays the beautiful Book of John in video form.

What Bible should I get?

The Holy Bible is the most distributed book on earth, selling more than 100 million copies each year and translated into 690 languages. The Bible is comprised of Books and split into two main sections, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament was originally written in Hebrew with some Aramaic. The New Testament was written primarily in Greek. The entire Bible is to be viewed as the “Word of God.” After the original Bible was published 100-250 A.D. it was soon translated into Coptic, Ethiopian, Gothic, and, most importantly, Latin. From Latin, it was translated into English and in 1611 King James had the King James Version created, which is one of the most widely distributed translations of the Bible.

At this time, we ONLY recommend using the New American Standard Bible which is considered to be the Most Literal Translation of the English Holy Bible available in the 21st century.

GW Bible translation guide

Thank you to GodsWord.org for creating such a powerful image for followers to better understand their Bible translation.

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Book of John, Chapter 3 Verse 16

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish, but have eternal life. (Holy Bible, NASB)