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Domain Name Management

Never lose control of your domains with our personalized management services.

Microsoft, FourSquare, and even FEMA have found their websites facing downtime due to poor domain management. The list of brands that have suffered embarrassment and financial loss after losing control of their domain name goes on and on.

Don’t let your website be next. Start treating your domain names like what they are — the core foundations of your online brand — and consider adding a domain management service today.

What We Do

Handcrafted Domain Strategies

Our experts will create a domain name strategy for your brand, product, and trademark protection. Every strategy is made custom to your needs and requests.

After thoroughly evaluating your current domain assets, we’ll provide you with a complete insight of competing domains, suggested acquisitions, potential sale opportunities, and more.

Comprehensive Domain Management

Our corporate management services ensure you are always in control of your domains. We manage names from every existing registrar, with a thorough understanding of each one.

Our professionals take care of billing, renewals, consolidation, transfers, and any other time-sensitive or organizational tasks. Never worry about downtime due to a domain issue again.

International Domain Registration

We’ve registered over 1,000 domain names, including top level domains (.com, .net, .org) and country codes (.uk, .de, .fr)

Our domain experts will advise you on the nuances of international domain registration and provide solutions to achieve your acquisition targets.

Domain Acquisition Services

Our brokerage team will advise you on potential acquisitions based on your brand, portfolio, and domain needs. When it comes time to buy, they’ll take care of the process for you. Escrow protection for every transaction.

Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Cybersquatting is a reality. It happens. Luckily, we’re prepared to deal with it.

Our in-house legal counsel, one of the leading authorities on international IP and domain name law, will advise you through the dispute resolution process.

Portfolio Tracking & Optimization

Rely on our professionals to monitor and update your domain name assets as necessary. Stay informed with specialized reports sent directly to your IT team.

Our team of expert brokers will also regularly analyze your portfolio and highlight any holes, potential acquisitions, or sale opportunities.

We’re The Domain Experts

Comprehensive domain management solutions.

Comprehensive Management Solutions

Pick and choose from our exhaustive list of management services. Domain name monitoring, domain name consolidation, registrar transfers, CCTLD’s, advanced DNS management, stealth acquisitions, private sales, and more.

Exclusive industry access.

Exclusive Industry Access

Our clients are able to benefit from exclusive access to our huge network of industry contacts. Enjoy networking with the connections our team has built from over 1,000 successful transactions.

Real value

Real Value

We pride ourselves in providing real, tangible value to our clients. At the end of the day, we believe we’re as much of an advisor for our clients as we are a service provider. We know that if your domain endeavors are successful, we will be, too.

Dedicated domain management.

Dedicated Account Management

Support when you need it. One of our domain experts will be assigned to your account and be available for anything you need, seven days a week. Any issues? You know exactly who to call.

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