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#DeleteFacebook Press Assets

Delete Facebook Protests in Washington D.C.


Vpn Washington Capitol Deletefacebook 1

Delete Facebook Protests – All images are free to use under Creative Commons by 3.0 US – See original press release – See updated release


Vpn Washington Capitol Best Truck

Washington D.C. meets #DeleteFacebook truck


Vpn Washington Capitol Deletefacebook Both

Delete Facebook and Our Privacy Matters Trucks in Front of U.S. Capitol


Vpn Washington Deletefacebook Protest Fix Facebook 3

Delete Facebook” and “Fix Facebook” Join Forces for Mark Zuckerberg Testimony


Vpn Washington Deletefacebook Protest 4

Delete Facebook Protestors outside Facebook’s Congressional Hearing


Vpn Washington Deletefacebook Protest Our Privacy Matters

Our Privacy Will Always Matter


Vpn Washington Deletefacebook Protest Easter Bunny



Vpn Washington Deletefacebook Protest Insider Trading

Mark and Facebook Insiders knew about this breach 30 months ago…


Vpn Washington Deletefacebook Protest

Just Delete It


Vpn Washington Monument Deletefacebook 2

Delete Facebook Truck in Front of Washington Monument


Vpn Washington Capitol Back Deletefacebook 2

Take a Stand for Your Privacy


Vpickering Our Privacy Matters Demonstration By The Capitol

Copyright – @vpickering – #OurPrivacyMatters Delete Facebook B-Roll


Delete Facebook Protests in SF Bay Area, California


Vpn Palo Alto Deletefacebook Facebook Headquarters Mark Zuckerberg

Outside Facebook’s Headquarters in Menlo Park, California


Vpn Palo Alto Deletefacebook Edgewood Mark Zuckerberg House

On Edgewood Ave, where Mark Zuckerberg has bought four houses around his current house for more PRIVACY…in Palo Alto, California.


Delete Facebook Protests in Atlanta, Georgia


Vpn Atlanta Deletefacebook Georgia Capitol

#DeleteFacebook Truck outside Georgia Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia


Vpn Atlanta Deletefacebook Fox Theater Delete

Deleting Our Facebook at the Fox Theater in Atlanta, Georgia


Vpn Atlanta Deletefacebook Atlanta Tech Village

Delete Facebook awareness near Atlanta Tech Village in Buckhead, Georgia


Vpn Atlanta Our Privacy Matters Georgia Capitol

#OurPrivacyMatters Truck outside Georgia Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia


Vpn Atlanta Deletefacebook Peachtree

Delete Facebook Truck on Peachtree Street in Atlanta, Georgia


Delete Facebook Protests in Austin, Texas


Vpn Austin Deletefacebook Texas Capitol

Delete Facebook Truck outside Texas Capitol in Austin


Vpn Austin Deletefacebook 2

Waking up Austin – #DeleteFacebook


Vpn Austin Deletefacebook Ut Tower

#DeleteFacebook visiting University of Texas in Austin, Texas


Vpn Delete Facebook

#DeleteFacebook #OurPrivacyMatters – Privacy for the People Protection Status