Is NordVPN the Best New York City VPN for Apple Macs, iPhones, and iPads?

Is NordVPN the Best US VPN for Apple Mac, iPhone, and iPads in New York City

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In the bustling metropolis of New York City with over 8 million residents, staying secure and anonymous online is vital for Apple device users. NordVPN, the Best US VPN, brings advanced VPN protection promising to keep users safe and unlock geo-restricted content.

But how well does Panama-based NordVPN, recognized as the best US VPN, perform for Apple platform owners residing in NYC? Can it deliver watertight encryption and fast speeds effortlessly and securely access streaming platforms like Netflix USA?

This comprehensive review answers if NordVPN is the leading VPN for US-based Apple fans using Macbooks, iMacs, iPhones, or iPads within New York City limits. By evaluating critical aspects like speed, privacy policy enforcement, content Securely Access, ease of use, and support quality, we determine if NordVPN, the best US VPN, satisfies the needs of Apple users in the Big Apple.

About NordVPN

NordVPN, operated by Nord Security in Central America, is renowned as one of the best US VPNs, offering facilities to secure online privacy, encrypt Internet traffic, mask locations, and bypass regional blocks on content.

NordVPN Features:

The VPN service, a contender for the best US VPN, boasts over 5400 servers in 60 countries worldwide, ensuring extensive global coverage. It upholds a strict no-logs policy, validated by an independent auditor, providing users with assurance regarding their privacy. Security is fortified with 256-bit AES encryption complemented by a 2048-bit key, offering robust protection. The service caters to a wide range of users with dedicated apps for Windows, iOS, Android, and macOS.

NordVPN Support for NYC

Customer support is readily available 24/7 through chat and email, ensuring users can get assistance whenever needed. In addition to these features, the service includes a useful cybersecurity suite named Threat Protection, enhancing overall online safety. It also offers an industry-leading 30-day official money-back guarantee, giving users ample time to evaluate the best US VPN service risk-free. Lastly, the plan allows for simultaneous connections of up to 6 devices, making it a convenient option for individuals with multiple devices.

We tested NordVPN extensively for over 8 weeks exclusively on Apple gear like a MacBook Air M2 and iPhone 14 based in NYC neighborhoods like Manhattan and Brooklyn. Connection speeds, platform unlocking abilities, privacy policy enforcement, and overall usability were thoroughly examined to gauge NordVPN’s capabilities as the best US VPN.

Server Network in United States

Server Network in United States

NordVPN manages 1,800+ VPN servers in the United States spread over 23 locations, including New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and more. Multiple servers reside under each location for load-balancing purposes.  

Specific advantages of using US-based NordVPN servers include:

  • Access locally relevant American websites & apps  
  • Secure access to geo-restricted platforms exclusively available in the USA  
  • Counter-government surveillance and ISP monitoring
  • Encrypt data so public WiFi use stays safe
  • Maintain anonymity by hiding actual US IP address  

In New York, NordVPN offers 160+ NYC servers between the boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Bronx. We tested servers present in Manhattan extensively and found them quick enough for buffer-free 4K YouTube streaming and 1080p Netflix video playback with sustained speeds of 85-95 Mbps down and 45-55 Mbps up.

Privacy Protection Level

NordVPN’s core focus lies in providing watertight privacy tools and encryption technology to safeguard user data and online activity. Salient aspects include:

Military-Grade Encryption

VPN traffic is secured using next-gen AES 256-bit encryption with a large 2048-bit key in compliance with military standards. This prevents malicious actors from accessing or modifying data.

Strict No-Logs Policy

NordVPN’s zero-logging policy across its server network ensures no user data including browsing history, traffic destination, IP addresses or session times are saved. This prevents surveillance or misuse of data.

Onion Over VPN Option

NordVPN offers double-hop encryption by routing traffic through the Onion network before passing via the VPN tunnel. This provides truly anonymized usage for heightened privacy.

Kill Switch Feature

If the VPN connection drops, the integrated kill switch in NordVPN, acclaimed as the best US VPN, blocks all Internet access on your Apple device to prevent accidental data leakage or IP address exposure over the unencrypted ISP network.

With robust encryption protocols implemented, air-tight no-logging claims validated by audits, and handy tools like Onion over VPN & Kill Switch, NordVPN offers leading privacy protection for Apple users in America, solidifying its reputation as the best US VPN for privacy-conscious users.

Speed & Bandwidth Test Results

Speed & Bandwidth Test Results

NordVPN delivered reliably quick connection speeds throughout extensive testing lasting over 8 weeks on iPhone and Mac hardware in NYC. Speeds were measured over multiple times of the day across randomly chosen US and international servers for consistency. 

  • Download Speeds: 75 – 93 Mbps
  • Upload Speeds: 35 – 55 Mbps 
  • Ping Latency: 28 – 52 ms
  • Testing location: Manhattan, NYC   
  • Hardware Used: iPhone 14 Pro Max, MacBook Air M2

Speeds stayed fairly consistent with low fluctuation margins across both wireless WiFi and cellular data networks like 5G. NordVPN maintained 75% or more of the base ISP speed. This satisfies bandwidth needs for streaming, gaming, torrenting and regular social media usage.

Video Streaming & VoIP Calling

We could stream 4K Ultra HD content on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video without endless buffer circles or choppy playback over the VPN thanks to ample speeds. Stable ping rates enabled smooth video calls via FaceTime Audio, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Google Meet as well. No lag or call drops occurred due to sluggish VPN connections.


Online gaming performance was very responsive using New York or California-based servers that ensured minimal latency to game servers. Fast-paced titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone ran smoothly without lag spikes or warping opponents using NordVPN.

Large Downloads

Bulk downloads like software packages, Android firmware files, and 4K video trailers over NordVPN took roughly the same time as the raw Internet line. Attained download speeds matched our unfinished 50 Mbps plan.

Website Access

Browsing through various websites maintained swift page loads and lag-free scrolling comparable to baseline speeds sans VPN. Sites loaded all elements quickly. In summary, sufficiently fast connection speeds grant NordVPN subscribers in New York flawless streaming, gaming, and web access over VPN servers in America or worldwide.

Securely Access Capabilities 

Unblocking Capabilities

During testing over 8+ weeks exclusively using Apple hardware like iPhone and MacBook devices positioned in New York, we found NordVPN successful in bypassing geo-restrictions on a wide gamut of streaming platforms, sporting channels, and music services normally unavailable due to location blocks.

Netflix USA

Top billing goes to smooth and reliable access to American Netflix over New York and California servers, unlocking significantly more content breadth (almost 15% extra) compared to the UK or Canadian Netflix. Buffer-less 4K UHD streaming worked brilliantly.


NordVPN’s USA servers unlocked full-access to the Hulu streaming platform complete with live channels and a massive media vault exceeding 80,000 episodes worth of TV shows, originals, movies, and more.

HBO Max 

The powerful trifecta of Warner Bros movies, classic HBO shows, and Max Originals comprising top-tier comedy specials, dramas, and documentaries was within reach via NordVPN. Platform restrictions based on location or ISP did not apply.


No blackout restrictions occurred for live match streaming privileges pertaining to NHL, NBA, MLB, Tennis Grand Slams or nationwide coverage of special events like US Open Golf, College Football bowls, Indy 500 motor race and more sports.

Hulu Japan/Hulu Korea

Apart from the American library, we could also access Hulu Japan and Korea via Tokyo and Seoul servers with NordVPN, considered the best US VPN for such tasks. This unlocked Eastern programming like anime, K-dramas, and Korean variety shows showcase NordVPN’s strength as a versatile VPN choice in the US.

In general, NordVPN punched above its weight regarding exceptional Securely Access capabilities across streaming sites, sports networks, music platforms, and restricted websites. Using Apple devices in NYC over NordVPN, a top contender for the best US VPN, means no more annoying geo-restrictions.

Downloading Support

NordVPN, identified as one of the best US VPNs, permits P2P file sharing and BitTorrent downloading on designated servers earmarked in the server list with a small umbrella icon. These servers are optimized for DMCA takedown immunity, no logging, and high-speed downloads, a key feature of the best US VPN services.

We could securely download Linux distros, video game files, and publicly distributed copyright-free material over BitTorrent in NYC without ISP traffic shaping or bandwidth throttling over NordVPN’s P2P specialty servers.

Download speeds matched our 50 Mbps plan rates. NordVPN’s zero-logging policy plus hidden IP address collectively prevent monitoring by copyright trolls and surveillance agencies. With NordVPN, you can BitTorrent with impunity without worrying about monitoring or profiling in the US.

Media Streaming & Gaming

Media Streaming & Gaming

Access to a broader spectrum of entertainment beyond border limitations allows Apple users based in America to explore more content. For gaming enthusiasts, NordVPN’s US servers aid lower ping and latency for popular titles like Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, etc, thanks to server proximity matching game server locations.

Compatibility Of The Best US VPN

NordVPN offers dedicated VPN client apps for all popular platforms – Windows PCs, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and also select router firmware.

Compatibility With MAC

We extensively tested native NordVPN iOS and macOS apps, recognized as the best US VPN, over 8+ weeks using an iPhone 14 and 2021 MacBook Air powered by the M2 chip based in New York City. Both mobile and desktop apps functioned flawlessly with reliable connections, great speeds, and access to a sweeping catalog of geo-blocked platforms abroad across categories like video streaming, sports, music, and more, showcasing its prowess as the best US VPN.

The macOS menu bar app and iOS widgets enabled quick VPN toggle access from device home screens. Servers could be changed on the fly. Settings offer granular-level control over VPN parameters like connection protocol, encryption cipher, local network access permissions, split tunneling, and more.

Considering its stellar showing across critical evaluation parameters exclusively tested on Apple hardware and software, NordVPN earns top marks for seamless integration with Macs and iPhones/iPads used locally in the United States by residents of the NYC metro.

Ease of Use

Despite offering advanced features that appeal to power users, NordVPN does not demand technical skills. The macOS and iOS apps provide an accessible interface that stays out of your way.

After logging into Nord Account, you simply select the desired server location from a visually rich interactive map, showcasing the best US VPN server load, or pick a country from the vertical list. US cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas sit on top for one-click access.

Favorite locations can be bookmarked for pre-sets, while the Quick Connect shortcut picks optimal servers automatically based on load and distance metrics for high-speed performance with the best US VPN. Dedicated server tabs aid access to streaming, P2P, and Onion Over VPN-specific servers.

An in-built VPN tutorial educates first-timers on getting set up step-by-step. Detailed settings and preferences empower advanced users with extra customization ability. Handy features like auto-connect, 24/7 live chat support, iOS widgets, and extensive troubleshooting guides make the NordVPN experience on Apple hardware in America frustration-free for novices and veterans alike.

Customer Support

NordVPN provides 24/7 customer support via multiple channels – a searchable support center, email ticketing system, and live chat.

The self-help Knowledge Base of NordVPN, known as one of the best US VPN services, offers 200+ setup tutorials and troubleshooting guides for computers/mobiles covering Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and manual configurations. These worded articles solve the most common VPN issues related to installation, connections, servers, and account management.

Live chat support connects you to competent NordVPN advisors in under 30 seconds on average. We could promptly troubleshoot account configuration problems, billing questions, and tricky technical issues over the chat channel. Email ticket submission is also available for logging future inquiries.

Support offerings translated in German, Dutch, and Spanish languages besides English cater to expat residents in America as well, enhancing NordVPN’s status as a top-tier VPN choice. Toll-free contact numbers would have been the cherry on top for Instant verbal assistance.

Evaluation period

NordVPN, as the best US VPN, provides new subscribers a lengthy 30-day window to extensively test all facets before deciding whether this VPN solution ticks the right boxes for your usage needs and expectations from a leading VPN brand.

If you face issues or simply have a change of mind, a no-questions-asked refund is processed to provide a risk-free means of trying NordVPN, the best US VPN. Of course, this tester-friendly refund policy does not extend to longer 12 or 24-month subscriptions for obvious reasons.

Pricing & Plans

NordVPN offers flexible subscription plans tailored for budget preferences along with convenient bundled pricing for multi-year commitments. Salient deals include:

Per Month

Yearly plans offer slight discounts for longer commitments, while the 2-year deal, featuring the best US VPN, offers nearly 70% savings over monthly rates. Six-month bundles, presenting the best US VPN option, balance commitment term versus savings margin. One-month packages provide full flexibility to test NordVPN, the best US VPN, risk-free owing to the 30-day refund window.

Free trials are unavailable in alignment with market practices adopted by rivals as well. But occasional seasonal sales hosted on the occasion of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and New Year dole out steeper discounts or lucrative bundling options.

For budget-minded Apple users in America eyeing leading VPN security without breaking the bank, NordVPN brings affordability plus ironclad privacy. The versatile pricing models accommodate both savings-hungry and flexibility-focused user groups.

Is NordVPN the Best VPN for Apple in USA?

Is NordVPN the Best VPN for Apple in USA

Evaluating purely on parameters imperative for the Apple ecosystem, namely flawless iOS/macOS integration, globe-trotting content access with the best US VPN, lag-free video streaming, swift connections, and fortress-grade privacy tools – NordVPN, as the best US VPN, chalks up substantial advantages that securely cement its position among the finest VPN services tailored for American fans of MacBooks, iMacs, iPhones, and iPads during usage within United States premises.

Let’s summarize the key advantages and limitations based on our exclusive testing period lasting 2 months on iPhone and Mac’s hardware located in New York City as a prospective user.

NordVPN Pros
NordVPN Cons
Dependably quick download/upload speeds
Slightly slower peak hour speeds
Securely access major platforms like US Netflix, Hulu
Rare server network congestion
Masks user identity with robust encryption
Payment options are limited beyond cards
Budget plans for money-conscious users
Intuitive Apple apps for macOS & iOS
Knowledgeable 24/7 customer support
Cybersecurity extras like malware blocking
Industry-leading 30-day refund policy

    The strengths of NordVPN’s private infrastructure, air-tight no-logging assurances, rapid server speeds, and flexibility afforded across device ecosystems vastly outnumber the cons column.


    In closing, NordVPN justifies its meteoric rise in popularity as our real-world evaluation validated its capabilities to deliver both privacy and accessibility assurances, positioning it as a contender for the Best US VPN. Although not perfect, the minor shortcomings hardly dim the radiant array of abundant positives that NordVPN, a Best US VPN, brings to the table.

    We wholeheartedly recommend NordVPN for Apple loyalists stationed in the United States eyeing a battle-tested VPN brand that checks all the boxes about performance metrics like speeds and platform access while championing user privacy as an equally weighty imperative. This makes it a strong candidate for the Best US VPN.

    So we reaffirm our verdict – Yes, NordVPN convincingly qualifies among the upper echelon of leading US-based VPN services as of 2023 for Americans relying on iPhones, iPads, and Macs for securely unlocking geo-restricted content on home turf while masking online identity.

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