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Marty Puranik and Jose Sanchez had a dream which was to access the internet during their days at the University of Florida in the mid-1990s. During a time when getting online was still a big achievement. “It might sound odd now,” Marty reflected, “but remember web browsers were a fresh concept and the internet wasn’t everywhere.” Yet they decided, “Let’s just set it up ourselves with the help of the feedback we received from Customer Testimonials.”

From his dorm room, Marty’s side business of fixing computers covered the costs for their first internet venture. Soon, their effort, supported by positive feedback like the Customer Testimonials, was known at first as ‘Internet Connect Company Computers’ or ICC Computers and found a home not too far from the university grounds.

“At the start, we sold computers because that’s what we could afford to do,” Marty shared, inspired by words from Customer Testimonials. They got these words out using posters around campus. Amazingly, within just a year – the team grew to eight people, and with the trust reflected in the Customer Testimonials, they had over 2,000 clients.

Today, Atlantic.Net stands number one with data centers in cities like New York, London, Toronto, San Francisco, Dallas, and Orlando. They are recognized for their top-notch hosting and cloud services. They ensure that the clients get the best in terms of service, safety, and reliability – all with a promise of no downtime.

However, if you still are worried if is a good option for you or not, then don’t worry. We have got you here Customer Testimonials of their customers which will tell you how it is the best among others. But first, let’s see what Customer Testimonials has to offer us. Keep reading to get a deeper insight.

What Features Are Offered By

What Features Are Offered By

Go with a company that knows what they are doing. How can we know that? By its experience and by checking out Atlantic net reviews. has experience of 28 years. They know what they are doing. Which is why they stand on top in cloud hosting solutions companies.

Before making a decision, it’s always a good idea to see Atlantic net reviews to understand the experiences of other customers. They offer you features that you are looking for with cost-effectiveness. Let’s know what they have to offer us.

ACP Control Dashboard

ACP’s control dashboard is designed for clarity and ease. When everything is centralized, locating and handling virtual cloud servers becomes an easy task.

Cloud Hosting Excellence

Atlantic.Net stands out in cloud hosting, and many Atlantic Net reviews highlight this strength. It provides impressive SSD storage that powers up lightning-fast loading times. Even with their basic G3.4GB plan, they generously offer 80GB SSD space at an all-inclusive monthly rate. By looking at Atlantic net reviews, you can see that many competitors on the other hand tend to increase prices for similar speed standards.

Snapshot Capability

ACP doesn’t just stop at offering sufficient storage; they have also incorporated a user-friendly Snapshot feature. This means businesses have the flexibility to revert back to any saved environment state, share a snapshot copy, or start a new server using a previous snapshot.

Moreover, ACP’s generous 10TB data transfer limit is worth noting. Unlike many providers who slap on significant costs for such high transfer volumes, ACP ensures it is all part of their premier G3.64GB package deal.

In terms of speed and functionality, features like ACP’s Snapshot operate faster than what many big names, including AWS and Microsoft Azure, bring to the table.

Dedicated Hosting

The Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform (ACP) offers companies the benefit of dedicated hosting. According to numerous Atlantic net reviews, this means the resources and features given to one company won’t be used by anyone else. It’s a significant advantage highlighted by many who leave Atlantic net reviews, ensuring optimal performance for businesses.

What Are Benefits Of Using Cloud Platform?

What Are Benefits Of Using Cloud Platform

We tell everyone that you should look for benefits before choosing a cloud hosting service. So, let’s have a look at how we can benefit from services.

Cost-Effective Solutions

ACP’s cloud hosting prices are notably very competitive. They start at just $27 monthly for Windows and $17 for Linux. The foundational G3.4GB package which is energized by 2 vCPU processors will grant users 4GB RAM, an 80GB SSD storage reservoir, and a transfer allowance of 5TB.

Such potent offerings at these prices present a valuable cost-efficiency for emerging ventures and compact enterprises eyeing not just current performance but future expansion potential.

User-Friendly Interface

ACP’s easiest control dashboard, as praised in Customer Testimonials, eliminates the necessity for a dedicated webmaster. It is crafted in such a way as to simplify the management of virtual cloud servers. It gives the businesses unhindered dominion over their hosting solutions.

This user-centric design, highlighted in Customer Testimonials, will help enterprises from relying heavily on specialized IT personnel. They also can avoid onboarding an exclusive staff member for server oversight.

Efficient Operations with Room to Grow

Atlantic.Net’s hosting solutions, as confirmed by Customer Testimonials, are specifically created for peak industry performance. With ACP’s name spreading rapidly, companies can refine their online processes and enhance their growth.

This strategic fine-tuning will boost a website’s responsiveness which will move forward to heightened digital visibility and increased user interactions.

Effective Storage  Options Without Hidden Costs

While ample storage is essential, many clouds will charge you additional fees for extra space. In contrast, ACP, as attested by Customer Testimonials, provides organizations with a shockingly 1280 GB SSD storage under its transparent pricing model.

Such expansive storage, as endorsed in Customer Testimonials, will empower companies to effortlessly maintain backups. It will guarantee seamless website functionality and speed up data operations.

What Are Customer Testimonials?

What Are Customer Testimonials About

We think that before using a cloud hosting service it is important to see what its customers say about them. So let’s have a look at customer testimonials about


What do you like best about Inc?

“Simple use and the ability to edit DNS records for the server including (DNS). Easy to seamlessly scale up a VPS server. Servers are easy to move, backup, or restore. Great value for the price.”

What do you dislike best about Inc?

When I do something at my end that down a server, it would be nice to have a way of expediting a support ticket about that. Otherwise, I get immediate help by phoning Customer Testimonials support.

Tariq Q.

What do you like best about Inc?

“Used the Atlantic cloud for many clients. I love their services and pricing.”

What do you dislike about Inc?

“Sometimes support is a little bit slow”

Chukwudi I.

What do you like best about Inc?

“It’s truly secure, convenient to use, and simple to set up. While there are obviously some differences from other big cloud platforms, holds its own and is favorably comparable to platforms like DigitalOcean and Vultr. It also has a great location selection”

What do you dislike about Inc?

“It is more expensive than any other general-purpose hosting platform but is understandable given the added expense of HIPAA compliance for the servers. This is fairly understandable.”

Wen S.

What do you like best about Inc?

“As a start-up entrepreneur and a Web designer, I’ve found that can be the perfect choice to satisfy my needs in business. Flexible prices and customized servers are a great convenience for my business since we are not a big company.

Besides that, I have learned that they provide 100% SLA for every consumer and it is very impressive. Most leading cloud platforms can not guarantee a 100% SLA; however, can do that. So if I say, I don’t doubt to say that I will constantly use as my primary cloud platform to support my business.”

What do you dislike about Inc?

“One thing that they really need to improve is that their controller lacks multinational language support. If they can add more language support. They can expand their service coverage a lot more.”

Jose O.

What do you like best about Inc?

“I have been using since 2014. I never had any problem with attacks on their network and the main one. Their uptime is 99.99999 for real. My server manually restarted only 4 times this whole time. I only had to request support 2 times in these years and they answered real quick. I am a MADE in Brazil customer. I will recommend Atlantic.Net”

What do you dislike about Inc?

“It does not support in the native language Portuguese”

What Are The Success Stories Of Atlantic.Net?

What Are The Success Stories Of Atlantic.Net

There are many huge companies that say is the best option to go with. Let’s see what they have to say about

– Ben Dappen, CIO, Cerbo

“With Atlantic.Net, (their support team) knows what the issue is, it is always dealt with, and they know what is happening. The support has been great. You all seem to take a lot of responsibility for the service that you are offering.

We appreciate it. The other key thing with is that the uptime has been fantastic. I don’t think we have had an outage that Atlantic.Net was responsible for the whole time we have been with you. That has been super good” 

– John Beck, Share Safe Solutions

“There were two DDoS attacks last year where, on both occasions, our services were restored within five minutes at Atlantic.Net. With another vendor, we were down for up to four hours. For the other cloud companies, I’ll call and get a technician who just makes a support ticket. I have to wait for my support ticket to be seen in the support queue and acted upon. They just don’t seem to have the same sense of urgency.”

– Mellanox Technologies

“Atlantic.Net provides its cloud customers with a competitive service offering at a significantly lower total cost of ownership compared to cloud services that utilize traditional Ethernet and/or Fibre Channel-based interconnect solutions.”


In the expansive world of cloud services, Atlantic.Net Cloud Platform (ACP) shines brightly. It is prized for its rich offerings including generous storage, the protective Secure Block Storage (SBS), and top-tier transfer speeds. When browsing through “ Customer Testimonials”, one can see just how much clients appreciate these features.

When it comes to value, choosing ACP can lead to substantial savings. For Windows users, the savings might be as high as $800, and for Linux enthusiasts around $500. “ Customer Testimonials” often highlight these cost advantages.

Compared to big companies like AWS and Microsoft Azure, ACP frequently offers a deal that’s almost half the price. This fact is also echoed in numerous “ Customer Testimonials”, making it a strong contender in the cloud race.


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