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Liquid Web Best Managed VPS Hosting for businesses

Finding a managed VPS hosting provider that offers both robust performance and easy infrastructure management can feel overwhelming. Businesses need capability, reliability, and security without the headaches of tackling specialized administration themselves. Liquid Web developed the managed VPS model over 25 years ago to fill precisely this gap.

Managed VPS plans simplify accessing dedicated server power adapted for your apps and workloads without the steep upfront investment. Liquid Web’s experts handle all infrastructure, uptime, optimizations, and security behind the scenes so you can focus on business goals. This article outlines the managed VPS difference with a spotlight on industry trailblazer Liquid Web. 

We will discuss what precisely managed VPS hosting entails, how Liquid Web delivers the most secure, high-performing managed VPS hosting solutions, the benefits gained, critical features offered, important considerations when selecting a provider, and how we accelerate ambitious ideas. Learn why thousands of businesses trust Liquid Web as the premier best managed vps hosting provider, enabling success and innovation.

What Is Managed Hosting Evolution?

What Is Managed Hosting Evolution

The journey from basic shared servers to robust yet affordable managed VPS hosting plans that offset technical workloads began with virtualization. It is an innovative concept spearheaded by Liquid Web.

Shared To Dedicated Servers

In the early days of the commercial internet, most hosting providers offered shared servers to customers. These servers hosted hundreds or even thousands of websites by allotting limited shared resources like memory and storage from a single physical server. Performance was unreliable in these oversubscribed managed VPS hosting environments.

Businesses with more complex apps, traffic volumes, security needs, or demands for control eventually graduated to expensive dedicated server hosting. But these put the burden of specialized administration and infrastructure reliability entirely on under-resourced internal IT teams. Dedicated gear also wastes resources sitting idle. There had to be a better way.

Virtualization Technology Enables The VPS Model

Virtual machine technology evolved, allowing the partitioning of physical servers into separate virtual containers. This made it possible to offer guaranteed dedicated resources and isolated security without breaking the bank on dedicated gear. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting was born.  

VPS plans could provide businesses with their slice of processing, storage, and memory resources from a bigger physical server to suit their needs and budget. Resources were allocated specifically per VPS without noisy neighbors interfering, unlike shared hosting.

Managing Infrastructure Is Hard

In managed VPS hosting, which helps with the problems shared plans have but costs less than dedicated setups, there are still big challenges with managing the complex infrastructure. It is really tough to make sure everything is running smoothly all the time across different systems, networks, and hardware.

Liquid Web Leads Managed VPS Innovation 

Liquid Web saw an opportunity to make virtual private servers more consumable by offloading infrastructure management, similar to how other bundled managed services were emerging. We pioneered the best managed VPS hosting provider in 1997 by coupling top-notch technology with specialized administration and reliable solutions tailored for businesses.  

The managed VPS model made it easier to use big business features without putting too much strain on your own team. Liquid Web has been working on managed VPS solutions for more than 25 years, while many other hosts still stick to unmanaged VPS or simple shared hosting plans.

What Is Inside Managed VPS Hosting?

What Is Inside Managed VPS Hosting

The best managed VPS hosting liquid web allocates guaranteed dedicated server-like resources by virtually partitioning physical servers into segmented containers, with service providers handling the specialized administration.

Resources Are Virtually Partitioned

Liquid Web uses advanced virtualization to split up physical servers, like Dell PowerEdge racks, into separate VPS sections. These servers have top-notch components such as processors and all-flash storage to ensure speedy performance for each VPS.

Guaranteed Dedicated Resources

Best Managed VPS hosting plans come with firm resource allotments for memory (RAM), storage capacity, processing cores, network capacity, and IPs. Resources are guaranteed to isolate VPS performance without competition from other accounts on the same infrastructure.

Specialized Administration Offloaded

Liquid Web handles all the specialized operating systems, software, database, network, and hardware administration across the infrastructure backing each VPS. Their experts fine-tune the technology stack for optimal security, reliability, and speed using decades of experience hosting millions of sites.  

Affordable Compared To A Dedicated Gear

Since the physical server hardware is split up across customer VPS plans, significantly more affordable pricing is possible compared to buying racks of dedicated gear. Liquid Web passes on savings from economies of scale while still providing high levels of control, security, and reliability tailored to each business.

Liquid Web Best Managed VPS Hosting – The Pioneers

Liquid Web Best Managed VPS Hosting - The Pioneers

Liquid Web recognized best managed VPS hosting provider potential early, becoming first to market in 1997, leveraging decades of specialization to perfect secure, high-performing solutions the competition still catches up to.

First To Offer Managed VPS In 1997   

Liquid Web saw the advantages of virtualization for hosting customers right from the start. By efficiently dividing resources from powerful servers and taking care of infrastructure management, they provide top-notch dedicated-grade features with specialized managed administration before anyone else did.

This innovative approach paved the way for the exceptional managed VPS hosting solutions they offer today.

Recognized Early Potential

Most hosts in the 1990s focused on basic shared hosting plans with limited resources and management. Liquid Web saw the future was delivering enterprise environments to SMBs via virtualization. They invested heavily in managed VPS hosting solutions long before others saw business hosting moving to the cloud with flexible capabilities.

Perfected Model Over Decades

Since 1997, Liquid Web has led the way in managed VPS hosting, giving them a head start of over 20 years in refining secure, high-performing solutions designed for businesses. This is compared to competitors who have only recently entered the field. Their unmatched expertise comes from managing thousands of environments.

Trusted By Thousands Of Businesses 

Liquid Web now serves tens of thousands of satisfied business customers with managed VPS hosting as our sole focus. Their specialization in higher tiers of infrastructure as a service offering instead of only reselling cheap, over-utilized shared servers gives businesses an easy pathway to scale capability securely.

What Is The Unrivaled Performance Of Liquid Web?

Liquid Web uses top of the line hardware and software, along with expertly configured setups from experienced professionals with decades of optimization know-how. This allows them to offer managed VPS solutions that are lightning-fast and unmatched in capability.

Top-tier Enterprise Hardware 

They equip their managed VPS infrastructure using today’s leading server models from Dell, Cisco, Intel, and Samsung, which are equipped with the latest generation multi-core processors, NVMe solid-state disks, and heaps of memory. This provides blazing-fast speed and bandwidth critical for modern apps.

Memory, Storage, Networks Scaled 

Resources, like guaranteed RAM allocations, super-fast SSD storage, and dedicated processing cores are right-sized and can be adjusted based on each business’s workload. They ensure VPS plans have room to breathe even during traffic spikes by avoiding overcommitting resources across accounts. 

Maximize Software

Their team carefully sets up operating systems like Linux, software stacks like LAMP, databases such as MySQL, and caching technologies using our decades of experience. This helps them optimize how infrastructure resources are used, resulting in maximum data throughput and minimal latency.

Millisecond Latency Optimization

They carefully examine every part of request handling, from socket processing and thread usage to connection pooling and request queuing, across all layers of architecture. This allows them to prioritize real-time interactive performance. The overall effect reduces latency by valuable milliseconds, resulting in more responsive apps.

What Is Fort Knox Grade Security Of Liquid Web?

Fort Knox Grade Security Of Liquid Web

Liquid Web protects managed VPS plans with perimeter defenses, automated policies, real-time vigilance, and multilayered security measures running seamlessly in the background without customers having to become cybersecurity maestros.

Threat Prevention, Not Just Reaction

Their managed VPS infrastructure is safeguarded by advanced tools that stop exploits, intrusions, viruses, ransom demands, and harmful traffic from affecting systems. Instead of merely reacting to attacks, we adopt a cautious approach, anticipating breach attempts and implementing layers to prevent most attacks from spreading deeply.

Filtering Before Traffic Reaches VPS

Liquid Web deploys perimeter security defenses like Web Application Firewalls and Distributed Denial of Service scrubbing to catch and filter out dangerous traffic before it enters VPS instances. This avoids overtaxing resources on the VPS itself, stopping threats earlier in their tracks.

Automated Policies And Hardening

Hands-free, always-on security enforcement allows customers to focus on business goals rather than micromanaging technical infrastructure. Solutions like firewalls, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, antivirus, application security settings, and operating system user permissions happen automatically behind the scenes.  

Security As A Manageable Service

Liquid Web has gotten good at blending security tools and methods seamlessly into their managed services instead of just adding on other companies’ products. They make it easy to provide multiple layers of protection so customers get all the fancy features without things getting too complicated.

How Does LiquidWeb Provide Nonstop Reliability?

LiquidWeb Provide Nonstop Reliability

Liquid Web makes sure that every part has a backup plan so there’s no one weak spot. Their skilled teams quickly find and fix problems, so you hardly ever experience downtime, with over 99.9% uptime across loads of managed VPS plans.

Rigorous Failure Prevention

They design our infrastructure, networks, and code with the idea that hardware might break when you least expect it. By having backups for everything, we stop all types of outages by ensuring there’s no one thing that can go wrong, whether it’s with disk storage, power, network connections, or anything else. Plus, they spread out our traffic across different zones to keep things running even if one area has issues.

Redundancy Eliminates Single Points

They ensure that if one part fails, our systems keep running smoothly. Liquid Web has duplicate storage ready to go if the main one stops working, extra capacity waiting to take over, layers of applications working together, backup equipment ready to step in automatically, and more, all making sure our infrastructure stays strong. They also spread out our locations to lower the chances of problems affecting everything at once.

Instant Real-Time Issue Detection

Their team keeps an eye on security all day and night using smart algorithms that learn normal patterns and quickly spot anything unusual that might be a threat or a problem with reliability. With engineers keeping watch too, they catch most issues early before they become big problems.

Expert Team Keeps Everything Smooth

Liquid Web staff with decades of experience managing hosting infrastructure at scale monitor physical hardware, virtual systems, networks, and code around the clock. Their technicians proactively address warnings, troubleshoot issues, patch systems, and ensure maximum uptime through any hiccups across the fleet of thousands of VPS instances under management.

Why Are They Best Support Bar None?

Why Are They Best Support Bar None

Liquid Web delivers exceptional customized assistance and guidance from senior infrastructure experts with decades of real-world experience available around the clock to optimize managed VPS security, performance, and configurations.

Rapid Assistance From Technicians

Liquid Web delivers exceptional 24/7 managed support from real senior technicians, not outsourced overseas script readers working through checklists. Customers experience individualized assistance rapidly resolving infrastructure issues, security alerts, resource utilization warnings, configuration guidance, and more from experts.  

Senior Engineers, Not Script Readers

Their managed services team and support technicians hold advanced IT certifications across operating systems like Red Hat & Microsoft, networking vendors like Cisco & Fortinet, and security methodologies. Tenured veterans apply hard-won experience managing millions of sites toward solving customer issues thoroughly yet efficiently. Support speed and competence are unmatched across the hosting industry.

Customized Configurations

Assistance goes well beyond just troubleshooting problems. Support experts offer advice tailored to each customer’s apps, databases, languages, frameworks, and other stacks to save time. They provide proven reference configurations, security hardening checks, infrastructure sizing estimates, and performance optimization guidance customized for every deployment.  

Proactive Optimization And Guidance

Support teams periodically examine system health, resource utilization, and configurations to uncover improvement opportunities before bottlenecks risk impacting customers. Recommendations might include adding caching mechanisms, instituting replica database servers, isolating noisy tasks to separate processing cores or other enhancements personalized per workload. They make optimizing hosting infrastructure for customers our business.

What Is Liquid Web Special Sauce? 

What Is Liquid Web Special Sauce

What makes Liquid Web special is how much their teams love learning all about the complicated parts of the infrastructure so their customers don’t have to worry about it. They also create customized solutions beyond just managed VPS, letting their clients concentrate on what they do best.

Passion Drives Excellence

Liquid Web’s managed solutions stand out because of their dedicated employees who genuinely care about making customers happy. Their support technicians find real joy in fixing tough problems, while their engineers come up with great ways to make managing infrastructure easier. Their leadership focuses on building solid relationships, so our support team is always ready to go above and beyond when necessary.

Customers Focus On Goals

Their managed VPS expertise excels across every technical discipline, so customers redirect their focus from hosting the hustle toward powering innovation. Clients rely on them to handle the “undifferentiated heavy lifting,” as renowned business strategist Michael Porter calls it – commoditized infrastructure blocking companies from nurturing what makes them special. We lift those burdens.

We Handle “Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting”

Liquid Web proudly shoulders the behind the scenes grunt work enabling customer aspirations. They monitor sleepy Linux kernels, juggle firewall rules so you don’t have to, and geek out new ways to squeeze performance from storage drivers. Their passion is mastering the mundane infrastructure chores most businesses prefer avoiding anyway. Leave the hosting to us!

Flexible Options Beyond Managed VPS

Although their fully managed VPS plans are the main focus, they also tailor our services to cover a wide range of virtual private servers, private cloud setups, dedicated physical servers, high availability database setups, data storage servers, and hybrid models combining different platforms. Liquid Web designs complete solutions that perfectly fit your requirements by matching the right features to your needs.

How LiquidWeb Accelerates The Ambitious?

How LiquidWeb Accelerates the Ambitious

Liquid Web furnishes the managed infrastructure innovation demands at just $59/month, handling migration, security, scaling, maintenance, and everything in between to accelerate ideas into reality sans technical obstacles.

Experienced Managing VPS from $59/month

Liquid Web makes securing fully featured, fully managed VPS hosting more accessible than ever before. Managed VPS plans start at just $59/month, including a choice of Linux like CentOS or Debian and Windows Server operating systems. All infrastructure, administration, updates, and security are handled, so you focus on goals, not hosting.

Migrate Easily, Launch Confidently

Their amazing support teams have migrated thousands of sites and apps from other solutions without headaches or downtime. They adeptly import current configurations and then refine them further. Launch assistance configures security, databases, languages, frameworks, storage, and more for a solid foundation optimized for performance, reliability, and compliance.

Scale Computing Dynamically On Demand

The best managed VPS hosting provider gives the perfect onramp toward scaling infrastructure dynamically in alignment with company growth when needed. Start lean, then dial up dedicated resources like memory, processing cores, and storage independently as traffic volumes expand while keeping management simplified. Quickly pivot capabilities.   

Let Us Worry About Infrastructure!

Best managed VPS  hosting liquid Web commemorated our 25th anniversary of simplifying infrastructure so bold customers can fearlessly build the future. They celebrate lifting customers to soar higher by engineering away hosting hassles from behind the curtain. What is their team’s global mission? Be invisible superheroes enabling customers’ unstoppable ideas to take flight!

How Is LiquidWeb Committed To Technology?

How Is LiquidWeb Committed Beyond Technology

Liquid Web is committed to providing caring support, promoting sustainability, giving back to communities, and fostering an ethical, family-centered culture that prioritizes happiness for everyone, from our employees to our customers.

Their best managed VPS hosting provider reflects this commitment, offering reliable and environmentally friendly services while ensuring customer satisfaction.

Fanatical Compassionate Support

Liquid Web culture attracts team members who live and breathe, making customers’ lives easier. Support stands ready with genuine empathy, patience, and understanding, assisting customers anytime, especially during stressful incidents, no matter how long resolving takes. They make things right, period. Everyone deserves peace of mind.

Dedicated Family-Focused Culture

Leadership maintains a caring, employee focused culture enabling work-life balance, competitive pay, management opportunities, paid parental leave, and stability for their Midwest teams. Happy, well-supported employees deliver amazing experiences customers appreciate. They talk about self-care and nurturing personal lives, allowing us to bring our best selves to work.

Gives Back To The Community

Liquid Web is dedicated to making a positive social impact through community service, ethically sustainable practices, and philanthropic giving focused on families overcoming homelessness, rehabilitating foster teens, and advancing cancer cures for children. Every employee receives paid volunteer hours to support causes making a difference locally.  

Sustainable Efficient Operations

They create data centers that use very little energy and water, choosing locations with renewable electricity options. Their advanced cooling systems, like hot and cold aisle containment and outside air cooling, along with using waste heat to heat their facilities and implementing solar power, greatly reduce resource waste.

Liquid Web is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly managed VPS hosting infrastructure that’s fast and reliable.

The Bottom Line

For over 25 years, Liquid Web has led in managed VPS hosting solutions tailored for business. They handle all infrastructure, support, updates, and security so you can focus entirely on innovation. Their plans now provide more accessible, faster, and more secure solutions for companies to trust us with their hosting. 

Get guaranteed resources, root access, expert assistance, and 99.9% uptime on infrastructure catered to your goals. Start flawless implementations and enhancements supported 24/7 by compassionate experts. Kickstart ideas on reliable hosting from just $59/month.

Visit Liquid Web today to experience the best managed VPS hosting solutions that free your energy and empower groundbreaking progress. Their U.S. experts eagerly await earning your trust and taking infrastructure burdens off your shoulders entirely – allowing your creativity to flourish.

Customer Reviews for Liquid Web

JC Jonathan Cutler

Best Managed VPS Hosting For Your Business - Features And Performance
Amazing Customer Service
I own a small company and neither myself nor my employees are very tech savvy. We've been using Liquid Web for probably 10 years just because they always make it so easy. If there is every any issue, which is rare, I just email them and they not only respond promptly, but take care of it immediately. I wish the rest of the world offered such amazing service. It would be worth paying extra for honestly, but the good news is that their prices are excellent as well. Highly recommend.
Date of Experience:
April, 25 2023
JG John G

Best Managed VPS Hosting For Your Business - Features And Performance
Liquid Web Support is simply awesome
Liquid Web is simply awesome. Their support is unbelievably great and everytime I open a ticket or call the help desk I speak with someone immediately. Very professional and very knowledgable. You will not find better support anywhere else. I am an IT professional and have tried all of the top hosting companies and no one comes close to these folks. Great Support! If I could go above 5 stars I would.
Date of Experience:
April, 26 2023
WB Web Developer

Best Managed VPS Hosting For Your Business - Features And Performance
Support is everything
Ryan is the kind of support that makes me choose Liquid Web year after year. LW isn't the cheapest option, nor the most flexible one. But when things go astray, as they always do, I love knowing that I have competent, native-English-speaking support I can rely on. Having the option to call when I need immediate help (with very little wait time) is the reason I use LW and recommend it to my clients.
Date of Experience:
March, 3 2023
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