Elevate Your E-Commerce Store with Managed Magento Hosting

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Have you ever gone to a store and you see everything managed? The first thought that comes to your mind will be “Wow, how do they keep everything running so smoothly?”. Right? Same feeling goes for your customers when they visit your best ecommerce website hosting store. They also want things managed like they saw them in the store.

However, we all know that a store cannot be managed by a single person right? There is always a very hard working team behind it. Same is true when we talk about best ecommerce website hosting stores. Although instead of a team, Magneto takes place. But what is the secret sauce here? The answer is Cloud Magento Hosting.

What is Magneto?

What is Magneto

Basically adobe owns Cloud Magento Hosting which is an online shop system. This system stands the number one because it is capable of handling a large number of products. It is going to help companies grow and add more items to their store easily.

We know that Cloud Magento Hosting is built by using open-source technology. It means that it is freely available for people who want to modify it. You have the option that  you can either use it on your own servers or with popular cloud services like:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud etc.

Whether you are starting an online store. Or you are switching from another system. Cloud Magento Hosting is going to help you no matter what.

Magento will offer you many features. It will make running an online store easier by offering tools for:

Why Magento?

You must have heard of Cloud Magneto Hosting. But you might wonder what it actually is and how it works. Right? Whenever we talk about Magneto we always say that it is like the swiss army knife of the w-commerce world. But why is that?

The reason is that it is the most powerful, customizable, and widely trusted by some of the largest online retailers. But do you think that having Magneto is enough? No, right. That is why knowing where it lives is actually what matters.

Why Is Magneto Popular?

We all know that Magneto is a well-reputed e-commerce platform. There are many reasons for Magneto being popular. But most of the common reasons are:

  • It will provide a user-friendly interface
  • It will  offer you simple third-party integration
  • It offers responsive web design
  • It will also offer many deployment options 
  • It will offer its customer a simple buying experience

These are some of the common reasons that have made Magneto popular in the digital world.

Why is hosting crucial for e-commerce?

this is the image text Why is hosting crucial for e-commerce

Imagine that you are building the most beautiful store on a shaky foundation.It will look great, right? It would be something that everyone would love to see. But one tremor and it can collapse.

This is your e-commerce store without any solid cloud magento hosting. You use Cloud Magento Hosting to ensure uptime, speed and security. It is basically the unsung hero of the world.

What is managed hosting?

Have you ever wished that you had an IT teacher always by your side? Well that is basically managed Cloud Magento Hosting in a nutshell. It makes sure that it is not just a space on the web.

Managed Cloud Magento Hosting is basically a team which is actively looking after your store’s online home. They will ensure that you always get the best.

What Are Some Of Magento’s Main Features?

What Are Some Of Magento's Main Features

Magento’s primary features include scalability suitable for businesses of all sizes, easy integrations with tools and payment systems, multi-site setups with diverse designs, rapid product search functionality through Magento Enterprise, incorporation of modern technologies like PHP 7, and personalized customer grouping to offer tailored deals.


Cloud Magento Hosting is an excellent choice for small or big businesses. The best part is that it will keep adding new features to help online sales. No matter how many products you are selling; 10,000 or 100,000 products. Magneto has room for everyone.


Store owners can easily connect with Cloud Magento Hosting. They can connect it with them with other tools or payment systems.


The best thing about using Magneto is that you can easily set up more than one website with different designs. It means that you can easily save money.

Quick Search

Are you also tired of finding products? We know that it can be hectic most of the time. Especially when you really need a product. However, by using Magento Enterprise – customers can find their products faster.

Modern Tech

If you want to keep yourself updated with the new technology. Even then cloud magento hosting can be your answer. Magento 2 uses up-to-date technology like PHP 7. It makes sites load quickly and easily. Which can cut down costs for you too.

Personal Touch

We know that sometimes it is very difficult to get what your audience wants. That is when Magento will let you group customers based on their habits. This way you can offer them special deals to boost sales.

How Many Extensions Does Magento Have?

How Many Extensions Does Magneto Have

Cloud Magento Hosting boasts a huge library of over 5,000 extensions and design layouts. They ensure that businesses have various options to adapt and stay ahead in the market. However, there is also something to keep in mind. If you want to customize your Cloud Magento Hosting platform more.

Then there is the higher possibility you might need to get a professional Magento developer for Cloud Magento Hosting Website on board. The reason is that intense customization usually involves creating new features or designs from the ground up.

Moreover, there are some ready-made design themes available in the market too. If you really want your Cloud Magento Hosting for a website to stand out and be the best among your competitors. Then It’s a good idea to hire a professional developer.

There are several experienced software companies just like ours. We specialize in creating custom online selling platforms that are just the right choice for you to go with.

What’s the Cost of Building a Magento Store?

The image suggest, "What’s the Cost of Building a Magento Store"

We all know that setting up an online store costs money. If you are not up for a straightforward DIY method – costs can range from $5,000 to $55,000 for a website that holds 100 to 1,000 products. The price range we are talking about contains designs, developments, or any custom changes that you want.

The price you end up paying is impacted by the additional features you want over the standard ones. And it also depends on how many systems you want to connect to your store. Such as product management (PIM) and customer management (CRM).

Cloud Magento Hosting will provide you with two main options:

  • A free one called the Community Edition 
  • A paid one named the Magento Enterprise Edition.

Cloud Magento Hosting Community Edition

It is the free option that is offered by Magneto. The Cloud Magento Hosting Community Edition will not cost anything to you to download. It also allows you to change its content and decide where you should host it. However, there are still many costs that you need to keep in mind. For instance; your store’s domain, hosting, design, and development can add up to around $15,000 or more into your costs.

What are the pros of getting Magento Hosting Community Edition?

Some of the benefits of using them are:

  • You don’t need to spend on licensing.
  • They are adaptable and customizable.
  • They are packed with many features essential for a good online store.

What are the cons of getting cloud magento hosting Community Edition?

With pros their always comes the cons and that is why some of them are:

  • They might require some tech know-how.
  • There are limited support options; while there’s a community to help, cloud magento hosting doesn’t offer direct support.
  • Some features and extras might need additional payment.

Cloud Magento Hosting Enterprise Edition

The main thing that you should remember whenever you are thinking of buying Magento Enterprise Edition is – that there is going to be an annual licensing fee. The fee will start at $22,000 for businesses earning less than $1 million yearly. The fees can rise up to $125,000 for those who are pulling in between $25-$50 million.

You might be thinking that what is the difference between both right? The main key difference between this and the free version is the “tech support” that you will get. With the Community Edition, you are pretty much on your own. We are talking regarding technical and security aspects. However with the Enterprise version – Magento is there to guide you at every step.

The best part about getting Magento Enterprise Edition is getting Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition, which starts at $40,000. It is going to provide you:

  • High-end services
  • Top-notch security
  • Better performance
  • Easy integration
  • The ability to handle a lot of web traffic.

If you ever go with the option of Magento Enterprise or Cloud Editions – considering all costs like web hosting and development. Then we think that you might end up spending between $30,000 to $50,000.

What are the pros of getting Cloud Magento Hosting Enterprise Edition?

We all know that getting an exclusive plan always pays us off. That is why we come with few of the benefits that you avail from them:

  • It contains all the benefits of the free version.
  • You can get direct support from Magento’s team.
  • It is the perfect choice for bigger businesses with a lot of online visitors.
  • You can get many payment methods. It includes easy integration with common payment systems.

What are the cons of getting Cloud Magento Hosting Enterprise Edition?

We know that nothing comes in perfect. That is why it is a good option to see the cons of the plan that you are choosing:

  • Their yearly licensing starts from $22,000.
  • You might need more technical knowledge. It means that it is not the best choice for those not tech-savvy.

Is Magneto Worth The Price?

Saving money, making your plans, and building user trust are some of the biggest reasons to go with a top online sales platform. Also, think how much you can save. You can save a lot by not having a physical store.

Remember, It is very important to pick what is right for your business. Smaller businesses with basic needs might like the option of Community Edition. Meanwhile, bigger companies with revenues of $5-$25 million should think about the Enterprise option.

At first, Magento might seem costly. But, if you look at the long run it turns out to be more affordable. As experts in this field, we will suggest to you that the cheapest isn’t always the best. So, stop looking for cheap options if you have bigger dreams.

The whole point here is basically- that if you are starting with a great platform like Magento Hosting then you’ll save:
And also the best part is that you can avoid future problems.

However, If you are worried about the initial costs, then you can start with small. You can add more features as your business grows. This way, you can enjoy what Magento Hosting offers without spending too much at the start.

Can I Set Up a Magento Shop by Myself?

this is the clouds magento hosting providers

Do you feel ready to handle all the roles? Such as design, management, and tech tasks to set up your site?

If not then we think that it is a good idea to get professionals to help. Now think about this – You wouldn’t want a low-quality physical store, so why settle for less online?

Setting up Magento needs a team familiar with programming languages like:

  • Java
  • Python
  • PHP etc.

In fact, we think that a Magento expert needs to be really good with PHP.

To be honest, if you are not a tech person, you might struggle with Magento. It could mean a lot of time spent learning and fixing problems.

But don’t worry, there’s an answer.

You should get a Digital Marketing Agency!


Thinking about whether Cloud Magento Hosting is a good fit for your business? Don’t worry. We are here to help. With a strong track record and a results-driven approach, many businesses trust Liquidweb to offer top-notch service.

The right Magento services can make or break your online success. Liquidweb is dedicated to making sure that your website attracts customers and works perfectly. Get in touch with Liquidweb and let’s discuss how Magento can work for you!

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Elevate Your E-Commerce Store with Managed Magento Hosting
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Elevate Your E-Commerce Store with Managed Magento Hosting
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Elevate Your E-Commerce Store with Managed Magento Hosting
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