Thinking of buying a domain name already owned by someone else? Then get a domain broker or explore a domain broker alternative. Getting a domain name can be frustrating a lot of times. It is a long process and most of the time we don’t even know where to look.

For instance; you take several days to find the right domain name just to find out it has been taken by someone else. It is going to leave you with only 2 choices:

  • Negotiating a domain deal yourself.
  • Get an experienced domain buyer service to handle the whole process by yourself.

But before you try to answer this question, you should try considering:

  • Is going after a domain owner to get your desired domain the best use of your time?
  • Can you deal with the roller coaster of emotions while negotiating a deal?

If you cannot deal with all this then getting an overpriced domain or falling in the wrong hands of fraud people can cost you a lot more. So, if you are looking for a fair price of a domain then this might not be the best route to take.

We would suggest you get yourself a domain broker that will work within your budget. They will handle all your hard work from research to handover. We came to know that has been a good domain broker for years but now it has lost its charm. This is why everyone is looking to get the best domain broker alternative. And to solve this problem we have come up with the best alternative.

What Is A Domain Broker And How Do They Work?

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Domain Brokers are basically professionals who will help you buy a domain that someone already acquired. A domain buyer broker is someone who has expertise in all the brokerage processes such as:

  • Identifying who is the current owner of the domain.
  • Negotiating a good market value for a domain name or website entity.
  • Dealing with all paperwork, transfer, and escrow of the domain name. They do this on behalf of the buyer, often acting as a domain broker alternative.

When you step into the domain world remember there are two types of domain broker services. The services are:


Domain Buyer Broker

They are the brokers who represent you as a buyer, sometimes serving as a domain broker alternative. They work on behalf of a client, which can be a company or entrepreneur. The main goal of them is to identify what is a good domain name.

Domain buyer brokers will negotiate with the domain name owner and handle all your paperwork. They usually get their job done within the timeframe and budget that you give them. Buyer Brokers are usually compensated by the buyer of the domain.

Domain Seller Brokers

Domain Brokers who represent you as a seller are called Domain Broker Sellers. Their goal is to sell your domain for the highest price. A seller broker will find the right buyer and negotiate the best deal on your behalf. Their cost? They will work commission based. A domain buyer broker takes a commission from the sale of the domain.

What Are Services Offered By Domain Brokers?

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When people hire a domain broker to buy a domain, they often ask, “What are the services offered by domain brokers?” This question provides them with a rough insight into the maximum benefits they can reap from a domain broker.

If you, too, are one of those who have no idea what services are provided by domain brokers, then don’t stress out. We are here to help you through it. Let’s discuss briefly the services that domain brokers, including options like a domain broker alternative, provide to us.

Domain Valuation and Appraisal

Do you know what the first step in buying a domain name is? It is determining the true worth of a domain. Domain valuation services will help domain buyers and domain sellers to know the worth of their domain. Domain Brokers, including domain broker alternative, are experts who have good knowledge about the ups and downs of the domain market, keyword relevance, and business aspects that will tell you the worth of the domain.

They mostly help their clients to get accurate evaluations of the worth of their domain. They do it all by conducting a detailed analysis of a specific name. Domain brokers ensure they have fair transactions and good negotiation.


Domain Acquisition

We know it is never easy to locate a domain name by yourself, which is why we recommend you get a domain broker or consider exploring a Domain Broker Alternative. They are professionals in this field who know how and where to locate and secure domain names for you.

These brokers will use their network and negotiation abilities to get in touch with the current owner. Domain brokers do it when the domain that is needed is acquired by someone else. As easy as it seems written, it is not.

They will work day and night to create a deal. Then they will attempt to get or sell the domain at the best price. domain broker alternative will do this by convincing dialogues and negotiation. It saves a lot of time and effort for the client.

Domain Selling and Marketing

If you are a seller then you might know that it is never easy to sell a domain name without proper marketing. This is where domain brokers jump in. They will provide you with all the essential marketing that you need, and even a Domain Broker Alternative might offer similar services. They will do all this by:

  • Writing attractive listing descriptions, gives you a proper insight into buyers.
  • Finding you the probable buyers in the domain market.
  • They use their experience, networking, and marketing tactics to get you the best deal.

Domain broker use these tactics to increase the domain’s visibility, aiming to attract potential buyers and to increase the success of sales at an ideal price point. So if you want to sell your domain for a perfect dollar, then you might need help. And we all know that the best help here is a domain broker, or considering a Domain Broker Alternative.

What Is A Domain Broker Cost?

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If you are getting a domain broker, then the most wise choice is to conduct proper research on them. And in the research, the first thing that comes up is how much they are going to cost you. Most of the domain brokers, including potential options like a domain broker alternative, work with commissions. They will ask for a percentage of the total sale.

What most of the brokers do is put a cap on the total potential of commission. But the smart ones will use a fixed commission percentage, so the dealing can go smoothly. Domain brokers’ commissions are usually set at ten to twenty percent of the sale price. However, we think that the actual commission should be worked out at the time of dealing.

Most of the domain brokerage services will ask for a timespan in which they will get you the best domain name deal. It is the best way to prevent the domain owner from selling the domain name when the domain broker is working on the negotiation of the deal at the same time.

What most of the domain brokers do is require the domain owner to pay a commission if a deal is closed, similar to practices observed with alternatives such as a domain broker alternative. Even if the agreement is directly between the domain owner and the prospect, it doesn’t matter. The commission will be paid as per the contract, as the domain broker was the one who initiated the contract.

We would suggest that you write down an agreement with your domain broker alternative to avoid any issues in the future. This way you both will work stress-free.

Why Should We Get A Domain Broker?

There are various reasons that you should get a domain broker, or explore a domain broker alternative, instead of doing the deal all by yourself. Want to know the main reason? Domain brokers, or even a domain broker alternative, are professionals who have access to an array of tools and information that another person might not have.

So if you want to know why a domain broker, or a domain broker alternative, is the right choice for you, then here are some of the common reasons that we have concluded for you.

  • The domain that you are looking for is owned by someone else but you can’t get their information because it is not public.
  • When it comes to reaching people, your skills are very poor.
  • You are bad at negotiating deals with people.
  • It usually happens with people who are emotional.
  • If you are not professional then you can face serious problems.
  • If you have a high budget then you need to get a team of professionals that will advocate on your behalf.
  • If you want to stay anonymous then getting a domain broker is the best choice.

These are some of the benefits that you can get by getting a domain brokerage service or considering a domain broker alternative, to get the domain of your dreams.

Pro tip: Domain broker services are never guaranteed. If there is a domain owner who doesn’t want to sell a domain then you can never force them to sell it. So, you should keep every perspective in your mind before getting a domain broker.

What Is The Best Domain Broker Alternative?

image text show What Is The Best Domain Broker Alternative

If you are looking for a domain broker then you might have come across the name of They have gained a quite good reputation in the previous years. But when we researched them we got many bad reviews. Which is why we looked for the best alternative for it.

When we were looking for the best domain broker alternative we got a name and that is “”. 

If you are also one of those people who want to stay anonymous throughout the deal then there is no better option than They will help you broker the sale or acquisition of a domain.

Want to know their background? They are working on behalf of 500 companies right now. The best part is that they specialize in strategic stealth acquisitions. They are also working with various founders, big-named individuals, and many businesses.

Want to know the bitter truth? People with good money are always forced to spend useless money on their domain names. We are not saying that domain owners are playing bad. But to our knowledge, there are some of the domain owners who turned the screws on potential buyers. They did it because they knew that they could do it.

To save you from all this is to the rescue. They are known as the masters of discretion. When it comes to their potential buyers we have come to hear a lot about athletes, politicians, celebrities and many other businessmen who are not comfortable with sharing their identity. 

Think for yourself. As soon as the domain owner hears that Oprah wants their domain, how much they are going to charge for it.

It takes skill and tact to handle these hidden purchases correctly. Asking questions about a specific domain name reveals a lot of information., a notable domain broker alternative, is skilled at managing every correspondence that hides your identity until the ink dries. provides a variety of internet services, positioning itself as a domain broker alternative. In contrast to many other leading domain brokers, the company, as one might expect, deals with virtual private networks (VPNs). There are no issues with secure communications. can assist those who have to go through the formalities of a hidden acquisition in order to protect their investment. The business, presenting itself as a domain broker alternative, employs its own legal counsel. You will be able to register and will know what to do in the event that someone is violating your domain.

Although usually deals with buyers and sellers of domains valued at more than $5,000, there are never any up-front fees.

Though we wanted to bring it up, we are sure that those interested in hidden purchases will agree. A 15% commission is due in the case that your sale is successful. is a domain broker you can use if you need the highest level of secrecy. Additionally, you can get a free evaluation from right now if you want to sell a premium domain but are unsure of its value.


So, if you are getting a professional domain broker for your selling and buying of a domain then you will be a lot stress free. You have to understand that buying or selling has a lot of upfront work. But once you put all your efforts into good research such as what is the domain that you are looking for and make sure that it is already registered or not.

Then the next step is to look at which domain broker will fit your needs. However, we have suggested to you the best domain broker alternative. If you still have any queries about a domain broker alternative, then feel free to ask us.

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