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Stealth Acquisitions

Don’t let the size of your brand affect the price of domains.

At the end of the day, the value of a domain is the highest price someone is willing to pay for it. And right or wrong, domain owners assume that large brands are willing to pay more.

As a result, large brands commonly pay 10% to 20% more for domains.

We believe that the value of your company shouldn’t affect the price you pay. That’s why we offer stealth acquisition services that never reveal any of your details to domain owners.

Talk to one of our brokers today to get true market value every time you purchase a domain.

VPN.com Is The Best Choice For Stealth Acquisitions


We have a proven track record with successful stealth acquisitions for Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, politicians, and non-profit organizations. We’ve never reported the details of a stealth acquisition. And we never will.


Our brokers have been leaders of the domain industry since its inception. We know the owners of the best domains and excel at finding price points that get you great value.


We’re a leading premium domain broker for a reason – we have an amazing team. Our brokers are involved with the largest domain transactions every year. You’ll be hard pressed to find a team that’s more dedicated to their clients.


Our brokers have completed thousands of successful transactions. In a young industry, they’ve been among its leaders since the beginning. They know domains and have the contacts to move quickly on high value deals.


If a domain doesn’t add value to your brand, we aren’t interested in it. We understand that brands are often judged solely on their name and promise to only direct you to the highest quality domains.


All of our fees are 100% transparent and all of your funds are protected by escrow. There will never be any upfront costs and we don’t bill until there’s a successful transaction.

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