How To Register An Anonymous Domain in 2023?

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How do I register an anonymous domain? If you’re having trouble with purchasing an anonymous website name then follow the given procedure to register a website name without exposing your personal information. 

You can protect your Personal Information and IP Address to prevent dangerous cyberattacks like ransomware; malware; and identity theft.

I’ll outline my top 5 strategies to register an anonymous domain name. Check out the following strategies to reduce the disclosure of your personal information.

Method 1: Select A Domain Privacy Service

Look below at the procedure for purchasing an anonymous website from a website name registrar:

  • You can start by creating an account in a reputable website name registrar like Namecheap or GoDaddy
  • Then you have to select a website name
  • Fill out the registration form
  • You have to find a WHOIS protection option because they can swap your personal information with WHOIS information

Method 2: Setup A Proxy Or Virtual Private Network

Setup A Proxy Or Virtual Private Network to register an anonymous domain

A VPN can be a good way to register an anonymous domain in 2023 without exposing your personal information and IP Address. Here are the steps you can follow to purchase a website name by using a VPN:


  • I suggest you Install NordVPN App on your smartphone or laptop to guarantee the privacy of your online activity
  • You can connect to the server of your choice
  • You can select any website name from Godaddy and Hostinger
  • I advise you to use a temporary email address or a fake phone number rather than submitting your genuine personal information
  • Now you can give your payment details and finish the transaction

Method 3: Use Cryptocurrencies

You can also use cryptocurrencies that are taking over the digital world due to their anonymous online transaction methods. How to register an anonymous domain? Here are the steps you can follow to register an anonymous domain:

  • You can easily find a website names registrar like Namecheap or Hostinger that takes Bitcoin payments
  • You have to use a trustworthy cryptocurrency trading platform such as Binance to pay the payment
  • You can select your favorite website name
  • I advise you to finish the transaction within the allotted time frame to avoid pricing changes
  • Now make sure you get a confirmation of the transaction in the form of a receipt

Method 4: Choose A Domain Name Marketplace

Choose A Domain Name Marketplace to register an anonymous domain

Sometimes people don’t want to start a website/blog/business from scratch so they look for website name marketplaces that sell old website names with proven traffic and conversions. Let’s check out the following tips to buy a website name anonymously:

  • When you register an anonymous domain, find well-known website names marketplaces like Sedo or Flippa since they provide privacy features or permit transactions through escrow services
  • You can use search filters to find the available website names on the marketplace to pick one that meets your needs
  • I suggest you search for names with “private” or “anonymous” labels to find the seller that keeps their personal information private
  • You can get in touch with the seller if you see a website name that interests you
  • You can also employ an escrow provider to increase security and safeguard both parties. As a dependable middleman, they hold the money until the website name transfer is finished
  • Finally, you can complete the purchase once you and the seller have reached an agreement on the conditions and pricing

Method 5: Participate In Domain Auctions

the text in the image shows Participate In Domain Auctions to register an anonymous domain

Have you ever happened to buy a website name from an auction? Most people who buy website names from auctions are those whose favorite website names have already been sold and they want to purchase that website name without compromising on money. And if you are one of those people follow the described steps to register an anonymous domain in auctions:


  • You can find website names auction sites like NameJet or GoDaddy Auctions to place a bid on website names that are about to expire
  • I advise you to don’t reveal your personal information like name or address
  • You can create an account on the website name auction websites
  • I suggest you pay close attention to the auction start timings, website name quality, and expiration dates
  • You can also strategically place your bids on your favorite website names
  • You will normally receive a notification from the auction platform if your bid is accepted and you win the auction. 
  • Now you can execute the transaction securely and anonymously by following the instructions
  • You can now start the website name transfer process to your selected registrar or hosting company


I know you want to buy an anonymous domain to protect your privacy. That’s why I suggested the above methods so you can buy your favorite website names without any difficulties.

I hope this post can assist you in purchasing a website name without exposing your personal information. Post your inquiries in the comments section if you still have questions regarding “how to register an anonymous domain.” 

I’ll try to respond to your inquiries as quickly as I can to help you in purchasing your favorite website name.