Are you curious? Is NordVPN still hacked? Is NordVPN breached? NordVPN stands as a leading name that provides safe online pathways for us. VPNs work like a digital cloak. It will hide your online actions and make your data unreadable.

However, the worries rise about online threats, which is why it is becoming essential to keep the data protected. But the question is, is NordVPN still hacked or breached? and can NordVPN’s shield be trusted?

Your VPN will act as an invisibility cloak for your data. It will help you move unnoticed and will also keep your information safe from unwanted looks. If we dive deep in – then we will know that NordVPN offers us strong protection tools.

NordVPN also promises not to keep track of your actions and connects you to servers all over the world. So whether you are looking to keep your data secret or jump over the digital borders, NordVPN is always ready to help. Is NordVPN still hacked?

What Happened Back In 2019?

In 2019, NordVPN faced a big tech problem that might have put customer details at risk. The company’s own team found this issue and they quickly got an outside expert group to check things out. At the same time NordVPN made their system even stronger to stop any future problems.

When they checked everything then both the company and the expert group found some weak points. They quickly fixed these issues. How fast NordVPN acted shows how serious they are about keeping your information safe. However, this article will clear up any questions on whether NordVPN still has these issues or not.

How Did The Security Breach Happen?

How Did The Security Breach Happen

NordVPN had a security slip-up in 2019, which made many wonder about their customers’ safety. An outside tech expert spotted this issue when they found a weak spot in a NordVPN server.

While NordVPN was clear that their customers’ data wasn’t messed with but the risk of data exposure still was there. The news shook NordVPN’s image which was usually seen as a stronghold of data protection. This article aims to spotlight the question: Is NordVPN still hacked?

Despite these issues, NordVPN still has made its defenses strong and has reassured its users of its steadfast services. To win back full trust the firm must now step up its game in data safety and open communication.

What Was NordVPN’s Response To The Security Breach?

What Was NordVPn’s Response To The Security Breach

How a company handles a data hiccup is important when it comes to keeping users’ faith. Is NordVPN still hacked? Addressing their breach issue, NordVPN acted promptly. They hired an expert security team to dig deep and enhance defenses against future threats. Equally important was their communication.

By consistently updating users on their website and social media about their action plan, they showed their commitment to user safety. Is NordVPN still hacked?

Internal Investigation Findings

NordVPN’s own deep dive into the matter revealed some security oversights. Is NordVPN still hacked? Which they quickly addressed. They found out the problem started with a server service they had hired.

This service had left a gateway open, allowing an outsider access to a NordVPN server. Thankfully, no personal data was put at risk.

In reaction to this breach, with checks and protective steps, NordVPN showed its serious commitment to its users. Even though this event spotlighted some weak areas, their fast action showed it was a one-off, not a regular issue.

Third-Party Audits Result

The recent detailed check by VerSprite on NordVPN’s safety systems has been much discussed. Can NordVPN be hacked or breached because there were some doubts about the report’s trustworthiness?

However, a closer look at this report shows it highlighted several soft spots in NordVPN’s defenses. The question is, is NordVPN hacked or breached? No, because this deep dive covered everything from basic security weak spots to outdated safety tools that ensure it is difficult to hack. NordVPN also now posts regular security updates on their blog.

Some may still question this report’s accuracy, but its findings are a clear message. NordVPN and any tech company focused on safety must always be on their toes to ensure their users are safe.

Is NordVPN Still Hacked?

Is NordVPN still hacked? Reassuringly, NordVPN’s defenses remain strong and intact. As of now, there are no indications of any user’s private information being compromised during that event. Rest assured, their service is undeniably rock solid.

Reflecting on the past security breach. It is essential to remember a few things:

  • There is no sign that user details were at risk. It has been more than 5 years since they fixed everything and nothing new has popped up to say otherwise.
  • Right after finding the issue, they fixed it fast. They have changed how they do things to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  • They didn’t just stop there. They have done even more to boost their defenses. For instance, they started a program to find and fix any bugs. They are using special servers and they have got cool stuff in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share soon.

Is NordVPN Really Private?

Is NordVPN Really Private

After talking about the security issue, now let’s discuss NordVPN’s features. It doesn’t keep track of what you do online whether you are watching shows or downloading files. If you have any issues, then check their help guide for NordVPN problems.

NordVPN also offers special servers like the double VPN for extra safety. To take advantage of the double VPN extra security feature Get NordVPN now.

From our research, NordVPN seems pretty private. Plus, they are planning to make all their servers run on RAM. This means that these servers will depend on NordVPN’s main setup and won’t keep any long-term data; not even basic software.

Is NordVPN Trustworthy?

Even after the security issue NordVPN controversy follows strong safety standards. It protects from DNS leak and has different connection choices. It also provides a safety feature called a kill switch. Being one of the big names in VPN, NordVPN faced a lot of criticism after the NordVPN controversy issue. But now we believe NordVPN is safe.

We gave NordVPN high privacy scores in our review and found its security good, too (and yes, it works in China). Your data with them is safe. But if you want to try another VPN, then that is okay.

Maybe you want a faster one. If you have joined NordVPN controversy but don’t want it now. Then you can see our guide on how to stop using NordVPN controversy and get your money back.

We really like ExpressVPN and with its 30-day refund offer there is no harm in trying. If you are watching your budget then CyberGhost and Private Internet Access are great choices too.

Comparison Of NordVpn With Other VPN’s

Comparison Of NordVpn With Other VPN’s

When picking between VPNs, your decision might depend on your preferences and budget. Yet among the lot, NordVPN controversy seems to have an edge in security and discretion. When deciding on a VPN, you should always prioritize safety and confidentiality.

Three big names dominate the VPN scene: NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark. What distinguishes their protection and privacy features? NordVPN offers top-notch encryption and a strict no-tracking policy which will secure your digital footprints.

ExpressVPN enhances robust encryption and a confirmed no-tracking rule but tends to pinch the pocket more than NordVPN. On the other hand, Surfshark offers encryption and privacy features with the first two but at a friendly price.

After the NordVPN controversy and Surfshark’s relative reputation in the market,  some might hesitate to entrust it with digital secrets. In the end, it is your choice in VPNs that might boil down to your personal taste and spending power. But NordVPN stands out as possibly the most protected and private of the bunch.


In the world of digital privacy and protection; ExpressVPN shines bright. TrustedServer tech ensures that server data is wiped clean with each restart. It virtually eliminates any risks from unwanted data residues.

So how does ExpressVPN match up against NordVPN? Although NordVPN’s switch to RAM-only servers minimizes data retention risks. ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer tech seems a lot more fortified.

While NordVPN has its merits including an expansive server network and support for P2P sharing. So, if you are looking for extreme privacy and security then ExpressVPN should be your first port of call.


In the digital security landscape, Surfshark stands out at the top because of its special features that go beyond standard VPN capabilities. A notable tool of SurfShark is the CleanWeb function. It is an ad blocker and anti-malware feature which not only enhances user experience. But it will also act as a shield against malicious websites and deceptive traps.

Moreover, the MultiHop feature lets users channel their connection through several servers for enhanced anonymity. It will enhance your online defense. NordVPN also enhances a suite of advanced protective features.

Surfshark’s value proposition as it is its wallet-friendly tag. We think this is hard to overlook. To sum it up, we can say that both VPNs will help you in your online journey. Yet Surfshark might edge past its competitors.

What Are Some Other VPN Options?

What Are Some Other VPN Options

After the NORDVPN controversy, as you delve into your VPN research, don’t just skim the surface; instead, explore deeply into the security and privacy traits of potential providers. CyberGhost, Private Internet Access, and ProtonVPN are three notable VPNs deserving of your attention. CyberGhost excels with its encryption. It ensures a secure browsing escape, which is coupled with a no-tracking rule.

Private Internet Access is famous for unlocking Netflix content and its amazing features in getting rid of ads and malicious software.ProtonVPN, with its tight no-tracking regulation and the deployment of secure connection pathways, will make user privacy its major point.

Although each VPN contains distinct features but NordVPN’s dual encryption and specialized IP addresses make it shine a bit brighter.

The Bottom Line

NordVPN is a very well-known online privacy service and says it keeps its users safe and private on the internet. However, there were recent talks that NordVPN had a security problem in March 2018.

This issue was only on one of their servers, now it is fully stable and safe but it made people wonder about how safe NordVPN really is. So, some are asking if NordVPN is still having problems.

To fix this, make their system better, update NordVPN, and check regularly to make sure everything is safe. If you are worried about staying safe online, then it is good to use a trusted VPN service.

It is also smart to use things like password managers and extra security steps to keep your info even safer. We hope we have guided you well. But if you still have any questions about the NordVPN security breach or hack, then feel free to ask us.

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Is NordVPN Still Breached or Hacked Today? Discover The [month] Security Update
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Is NordVPN Still Breached or Hacked Today? Discover The [month] Security Update
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Is NordVPN Still Breached or Hacked Today? Discover The [month] Security Update
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