Welcome to VPN.com,

Thank you for visiting, my name is Michael Gargiulo. I am the 26-year old founder of VPN.com and over the next three minutes I am going to explain to you who we are, what we stand for and the future of commerce and research we are building.

Over the next 25 years, VPN.com will change how we use the Internet to learn, research and buy better products and services that protect our privacy and way of life.

We have recognized the gap in information that exists when consumers and businesses want details and the ability to quickly compare those details across all possible options of software they want to buy. This quality information and more importantly, quick access to it, is critical on anyone's path to purchase.

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While this issue is present in the VPN market, where more than 900 different VPN providers exist, it exists in just about every other industry you can imagine as well. From software services like antivirus, messaging apps and firewalls to physical goods like smartphones, alarm systems, and credit cards, consumers are always looking for more reviews and research to make the best decisions possible.

Valuable research is the backbone of the Internet. It is the reason why companies like Amazon, Wikipedia, Hotels.com and even Google exist. At VPN.com, we will start our journey by dominating the entire $100 billion VPN market before we quickly expand our efforts to dozens of similar industries where these large information gaps exist.

Our goal is to help 1 billion people make significantly more informed decisions when buying products and staying safe online by 2025. And when we reach this goal, the VPN.com brand will be assisting 90 million visitors per month in 35 different languages.

This journey started on February 22, 2017 when we launched VPN.com after relentlessly pursuing the previous owner of the domain name across the globe for more than four years. He just so happened to live in Cupertino, California, or the heart of Silicon Valley, about one mile from Apple's headquarters.

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After launching the brand, we tested several models including building VPN technology ourselves and potentially licensing the technology from some of the largest VPN providers in the world. These tests led us to our current, most cost-effective, and customer centric vision of connecting our visitors with unbiased information and research they need to select the best VPN.

Since November 2017, our team of VPN experts, who collectively have more than 56 years of experience in the VPN industry, have been compiling research spanning 188,000 data points across more than 900 VPN services. 

By providing information across all VPN service providers and across all VPN use cases, we realized our research could help any visitor find their ideal VPN from the most recognized name in the industry.

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In addition to our research, VPN.com is built on the idea of delivering more privacy to those looking for it. In many cases this means we stand up and fight for privacy rights and privileges as we have done with some of the world's largest companies like Netflix, Facebook and Equifax.

VPN.com is a brand respected for our privacy values and our thorough research in our pursuit of helping billions protect what is truly theirs.

The future of privacy and commerce online stands not with individual brands but with those connecting customers to those individual brands. VPN.com is one of the most instantly respected names online and this competitive advantage will be ours, forever. And with this name we will change how people view their privacy and make their purchases.

I hope you have enjoyed our story and progress thus far. We are just getting started. 

Michael Gargiulo 
CEO at VPN.com

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And thank you to God, my family and my team.