The 5 Best Business VPN To Secure Your Team In 2023

  • Easily manage teams of 5,000+ with one account
  • Content filtering blocks unproductive distractions
  • Private servers & endpoints available
  • Price per user decreases as team grows
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Available on:
  • Microsoft Windows logoWindows
  • Apple Mac logoMac
  • iOS logoiOS
  • Android logoAndroid
  • Linux logoLinux

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  • Easily manage teams of 5,000+ with one account
  • Content filtering blocks unproductive distractions
  • Private servers & endpoints available
  • Price per user decreases as team grows
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Manage accounts & oversee activity from the control panel
  • Full suite of next-gen security features
  • Dedicated account management
  • Flexible plans w/ monthly & annual billing options
  • 24/7 dedicated support
Perimeter 81
  • Simple, unified management portal
  • Private servers and static IPs come standard
  • Free demo available
  • Flexible plans w/ monthly & annual billing options
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Dedicated account management
  • Private servers & static IPs available
  • Chameleon protocol bypasses VPN blocking
  • Free trial available
  • 24/7 Tier 1 & 2 support
PureVPN for Business
  • Price per user decreases as team grows
  • Private servers & static IPs available
  • Free trial available
  • Flexible plans w/ monthly & annual billing options
  • 24/7 dedicated support

What Is A Business VPN?

The number of cyberattacks is rapidly growing, and many organizations are losing vital information. And no one is immune to digital threats, from small to huge conglomerates. That is why having a business VPN is imperative. It will protect your company’s database and cloud environment with total ease.

A virtual private network, normally abbreviated as VPN, is explicitly designed to provide privacy and security when connecting to the internet. For enterprises, it provides end-to-end encryption. The business VPN offers end-to-end encryption for the company devices’ internet connection.

5 Digital Security Threats for Business vpn

The employees’ information is protected from hackers, competitors, fake WiFi, and the government. A reliable business VPN will carry data in a private, secure tunnel across the chaotic public internet.

Without the Virtual Private Network, the data you send or receive is out in the open without any protection. This makes it easy for hackers to follow the trail of information and reach the IP address. Hackers will, therefore, compromise your devices or servers to launch cyberattacks. A leak or breach of your enterprise data could cost the company millions.

The best Virtual Private Network for enterprise secures your internet communications and ensures malware or hackers cannot read your information.

Is There A Difference Between Business VPNs And Personal VPNs?

Definitely, yes. Both personal and business VPNs have their functions. Business VPN service is used by firms or corporations, while individuals use personal VPN service. Therefore, ensure you choose a Virtual Private Network that suits your needs.

You’ll notice there are several differences between these two VPNs, including;


Business service is programmed for multiple users while the personal Virtual Private Network is for one user. Normally, the business VPN for enterprise comes with a global account to be used by several users- employees. The company that uses a Virtual Private Network assigns each employee a password and username for a private network connection.

This enables workers to access and connect to servers on their own time. The account manager is the sole person who has complete control of the account.

On the other side, a personal VPN gives the user full control of the account. Meaning you can connect to the server anywhere and at any time.

Management of Account

When it comes to enterprise services, the account manager is the only person who controls other employees on how they use Virtual Private Network connections. Employees are guided on how to use the service. The account manager may add or remove the users. They can also change the settings to suit the company’s needs or for security purposes.

For personal VPN, you’re solely responsible for your account. You control the devices that connect to the server.


Virtual Private Network providers usually have their servers, specifically meant for business users. It means the users will only connect to the server designed for business. They have better performance and are of good quality compared to regular or personal servers.

On the other hand, a personal Virtual Private Network will only connect to servers available for all users. This poses a risk since you share a server with several users. As a result, hackers get an easy time filtering your information.


A business VPN is used for data protection, online business transactions, enterprise security, and communication, among other business-related activities.

Personal Virtual Private Network usage is limited to personal purposes like streaming movies outside your region or country, accessing blocked sites, and subscribing to services from a different country. More so, it offers privacy and protection for people in online activities such as shopping and banking.


The VPN for business is specifically designed to offer protection and privacy for the entire company. The workers can keep their online privacy while handling enterprise operations. The enterprise will also protect its data and assets online.

The personal VPN protects individual privacy and keeps your anonymity while you carry out your online activities. It protects private and sensitive information to ensure a third party cannot monitor your undertakings.

Software Installation

For company use, the Virtual Private Network is customized to suit specific business needs. Software installation is done by experts who offer VPN services.

For the personal Virtual Private Network, the software used is the same for other users.

These are the key differences between the two VPNs. And since business service is more sophisticated, it requires the services of VPN experts for installation and maintenance.

How Your Business Can Benefit From A VPN

It is estimated that companies will spend more than $133.7 billion on cybersecurity by 2022. That is quite a huge investment. However not all security applications come with expensive price tags and Virtual Private Network is one of them.

A small business VPN will protect your company from security threats and gain cybersecurity benefits.

How Business vpn can benefits your Corporation

Enhanced Protection

Cyberattacks have become rampant both for small and large enterprises. Companies are losing vital information to hackers or competitors on a daily basis. Luckily you can shield your small business from such attacks with a Virtual Private Network.

The VPN encryption protects data that is shared online. It makes data unreadable to attackers. It means that even if hackers capture information in transit they would not manage to make sense of it.

Your enterprise data will remain safe with clients information intact. By using a business VPN your employees will be kept off public networks.

Improved Productivity

Undoubtedly, there is a myriad of internet vulnerabilities. This may limit employees from working from any place. Employees who understand the risks of public networks will avoid logging in. Unfortunately, this might reduce production.

But a good Virtual Private Network for your business will encourage your employees to work from various places. You can bet they find peace of mind even when working during long stretches on the road or flights.

Increased Anonymity Online

Approximately 67% of small businesses get attacked by hackers. This is part of the reason why you should enhance the security of your small enterprise. Anonymity can be an asset to any organization. When the IP address becomes known, the attackers get an easy time breaching your data. Hackers can abuse this knowledge in many ways that may damage business reputation, lose clients’ trust, destroy digital assets, and DDOS attacks.

With a reliable Virtual Private Network, you’ll keep your company’s IP address unknown to the public. Online entities will not be able to see the files employees download, the websites they visit, or their apps.


Companies use millions of dollars for data protection. Unfortunately, hackers still infiltrate through their data and end up losing crucial information. This is where a Virtual Private Network comes in handy. There are several Virtual Private Network service providers on the market, and they offer different packages at different costs. If you want a business VPN for a small enterprise, rummage through the website and choose a provider with the package that suits your needs.

There are reliable, yet affordable VPN service providers. Take advantage of the subscriptions. Virtual Private Network maintenance is also easy since the experts do it.

Remote Access

Your workers can now work from home or any other location they feel comfortable with thanks to a business VPN. Without worrying about hackers, you can give them tasks outside of the office. You might anticipate greater production and efficiency with this kind of structure.

Also, you can outsource some tasks to outsourcing businesses, which would save your business money. Traveling workers are likewise able to work without regard to their location.

No International Censorship

Several nations block the internet, which can impede the advancement of business executives and workers. You can choose from a list of locations provided by the virtual private network service providers to connect to your company network more quickly. Your internet connection will establish while you are in these places just as if you were at home.

Products like YouTube and Gmail are prohibited in various nations. However using a virtual private network will limit your access to such products.

Tips For Choosing The Best Business VPN

Choosing a business VPN requires in-depth research with lots of consideration in place. There is little point in investing in a service that won’t meet the company’s needs. There is no perfect service, but there is one for your work.

There are several providers to choose from. However, not all of them provide the ultimate protection that your enterprise might need. To ensure you pick the right Virtual Private Network for your business, here are features to consider.

Tips for choosing the best business vpn

Know Your Business Needs

If you want to buy an Apple laptop you just do not pick any product. You first consider your needs and select a device with the most reliable features. The same applies to Virtual Private Networks. If your company has more than 100 employees pick a business VPN that supports more than 100+ users.

If you are in the gaming industry it will be prudent to pick a Virtual Private Network with reliable connections, unlimited bandwidth and high speed. If the employees are working remotely you need to consider a service that will thwart geographical restrictions.

Once you know your needs list down the crucial features and look for a business VPN that will suit your needs.

Excellent Platform Support

Different enterprises use different devices. Therefore, select a Virtual Private Network that will protect your devices. Some providers offer protection for Androids, iOS, tablets, Windows computers, and smartphones. Others provide advanced support for routers, Linux devices, and Chromebooks.

A reliable Virtual Private Network provider will have a detailed list of supported devices. Others will cover unlimited devices at a subsidized cost. You already know the kind of device your company uses. You may also consider the future gadgets you might buy and check if the business VPN covers such products.

High Levels Of Security

Essentially, this is one of the most crucial features to consider when selecting a small business VPN. A Virtual Private Network should offer protection against malware and other viruses on the internet. A leaked IP address allows attackers to breach data protocol. This may involve sensitive bank details for clients and result in significant financial losses. Pick a Virtual Private Network that supports OpenVPN standard and 256-bit encryption.


The speed of your business VPN can boost or lower company productivity. If the connection is annoyingly slow, employees will lose morale, which, in return, affects efficacy and productivity. This will make working remotely almost impossible. The first step is to determine the most crucial speed metrics.

Upload and download speeds are vital in any organization. Workers need to send and receive files pretty fast for smooth and timely operations. It would help if you had a Virtual Private Network that will support the download or upload of large files within the shortest time possible.

You’d also want to subscribe to a Virtual Private Network that supports easy and faster connections outside your home country.


As you start your search for a reliable Virtual Private Network note the connections you need. The majority of  business VPN providers have limitations on their services. Some allow as few as two or three while some have no limit. If you’re planning to expand your enterprise in the near future choosing a business VPN service with unlimited connection usage should be your priority.

Ensure you double-check to avoid disappointments. You might find some restrictions on download and upload amounts. Others may reduce the speed at specific times of the day.

Technical Features

Do you have a preferred VPN protocol you want to use? It could be PPTP, OpenVPN, or L2TP, just to mention a few. If you have your specifications, does the provider offer such? Ask if the providers have what you need. They may also advise you on the best protocol to use.

And if you don’t have any preference, OpenVPN is an excellent choice. It’s secure and inexpensive.

Encryption is another technical feature to pay attention to. If you want an AES-256 cipher, ensure it’s supported. Beyond protocols and encryption, there are other essential features like double Virtual Private Network functionality. This functionality routes your data via two Virtual Private Network servers. It boosts security and prevents unauthorized surveillance.

Double Virtual Private Network ensures every data sent or received is encrypted twice. The IP address is modified twice for extra security and anonymity. Other advantages of double VPN include;

a. You get two layers of protection

b. Your ISP is kept in the dark to ensure the data has zero visibility

c. The company connection won’t experience geographical restrictions.

NordVPN is among the few providers that offer double VPN functionality.

Payment Plans

The payment method is another essential factor to consider when looking for your business VPN. Check if the providers have payment methods you’d feel comfortable with. Some services allow you to use gift cards to prevent you from using personal information.

However, there are free VPNs. They might be tempting, especially if you’re starting your business out, and you want to avoid extra costs. However, cheap may end up being expensive. With free VPNs, expect several ads, poor quality streaming, slow connection speed, and unreliable protection. If you’re working on a tight budget, consider providers who offer coupons and discounts.


Before you sign any particular deal ensure you understand what you are paying for. Can the prices change? Are there hidden charges? Does the price include maintenance? The price should also fit your budget.


Today businesses are operating 24/7 especially for companies that allow employees to work remotely. As you select your Virtual Private Network ensure it can offer prompt services via phone, email or online portal chat. And this should be provided at any time of the day.

At this juncture you already know how and why you should have a business VPN. But that is not enough. The best Virtual Private Network comes from a reliable provider. Today the market is saturated with Virtual Private Network providers. But not all are trustworthy or offer the best features.

Secure Your Business Today

Whether you are in a small, medium or large company securing your data is inevitable. That is why a business VPN is a must-have. A Virtual Private Network enhances efficiency and promotes flexible working practices. Break the geographical barriers and give your employees the freedom to work remotely.

At we help consumers and businesses find reliable virtual private networks to protect their data. Reach out today for more information and help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Get A Business VPN?

If you want a small business VPN you subscribe to a VPN service provider. Some providers like TorGuard offer free trials to help you determine if that is what you want for your company. The pricing differs due to several factors such as security features provided the number of connections, just to mention a few.

Are VPNs Secure?

To some extent yes. If you want to stream content from Hulu or Netflix a VPN is enough for your security. But if you want to avoid net censorship and state surveillance then a combination of TOR, Tor Browser and VPN is necessary to add a layer of security.

And as you choose a VPN provider check their background, privacy policies, jurisdiction and customer feedback.

Is It Necessary To Read The Privacy Policy?

Before you sign any deal, ensure you understand the entire content. You may ask providers a series of fundamental questions, but you still need to read the document. The lengthy privacy Policies may contain some shady content, and if you agree to the Terms of Service, you cannot blame VPN providers for lying.

In short, it’s your responsibility to read the entire fine print in-depth. A reliable company will operate on principles of transparency and honesty in logging practices.

What Is A Kill Switch?

Sometimes, a VPN connection might drop even from a reliable provider. When this happens, your IP address will leak. To prevent this occasional failure, most VPN providers implant a kill switch in the software. The Kill switch is designed to shut down your internet connection in case the VPN drops out.

Free Vs. Commercial VPNs

Free VPNs are enticing, but they might be a loophole for IP leaks and hacking. You might not pay in cash, but you may end up losing your data. More so, they offer limited data with endless ads. Free VPN providers may track and sell your data.

You’re better off with paid subscriptions. You’ll get unlimited bandwidth, no ads, and ultimate security for your data.