With internet privacy and security threats on the rise, virtual private networks (VPNs) have become an essential tool for many to protect their online data and access restricted content.

NordVPN has emerged as one of the most popular VPN providers, offering robust encryption, a strict no-logs policy, and speeds fast enough for HD streaming. However, when your NordVPN subscription comes up for renewal, you may be searching for the best deal for your next term to renew NordVPN subscription.

Read on for an in-depth look at NordVPN pricing tiers, what to expect at renewal time, tips on finding discounts, and how to maximize savings on your ongoing VPN protection. So, if you don’t want to miss the interesting facts about NordVPN Renewal Prices and Discounts, then let’s get started.

What Are NordVPN’s Subscription Plans And Renewal Pricing?

NordVPN’s Subscription Plans and Renewal Pricing

NordVPN offers four core subscription plans for new users to choose from. Upon renew NordVPN subscription, you can expect to pay the same base pricing as your initial subscription. Here’s an overview of NordVPN subscription renewal price and plans:

Plan Length
Monthly Price
Total Billing (Per Term)
Billing Cycle
Every 1 month
1 Year
Every 12 months
2 Years
Every 24 months
3 Years
Every 36 months

Monthly Plan

Cost per renewal: $14.99/month

Billing cycle: Every 1 month

If you selected the monthly plan at sign-up, then your NordVPN service will continue month-to-month after your initial month runs out. You will be charged $14.99 around the same calendar day each month until you decide to upgrade to a longer plan or cancel.

The monthly plan gives you full flexibility to test NordVPN in the short term with no long-term commitment. Just keep in mind this tier carries the highest effective monthly cost for the use of NordVPN.

1 Year Plan

Cost per renewal: $6.99/month ($83.83 billed annually)

Billing cycle: Every 12 months

Deciding on the 1-year option when you first signed up for NordVPN saves you 40% compared to paying each month. When it is time to wenew NordVPN subscription after a year, you will pay the full $83.83 for another year of service.

Although it’s not the cheapest per month, the 1-year plan gives you a good balance of value and a shorter commitment if you are not ready to commit to 2-3 years upfront.

2 Year Plan

Cost per renewal: $5.99/month ($119.76 billed every 2 years)

Billing cycle: Every 24 months

Choosing NordVPN’s 2-year plan when you sign up gets you a really good deal at just $5.99 per month, billed as $143.76 for the full 2-year period. When it’s time to renew NordVPN subscription after 24 months, you’ll pay the same $143.76 for another 2 years.

With the 2-year plan, you save a big 58% compared to paying each month. This option gives you great savings for a longer but still reasonable commitment period.

3 Year Plan

Cost per renewal: $4.99/month ($179.64 billed every 3 years)

Billing cycle: Every 36 months

NordVPN’s 3-year subscription offers the lowest monthly VPN cost in the long run. When you sign up initially and renew every 3 years, you will pay the full $179.64 each time.

With a hefty 66% discount compared to the monthly rate, the 3-year plan is perfect for savvy shoppers ready to commit to bigger savings. That’s less than $4 per month for VPN service throughout the plan duration.

When deciding which renew NordVPN subscription cycle between 1, 2, or 3 years feels best for your needs, keep the tier comparison above in mind. In general, the longer the subscription plan you choose upfront, the more you stand to save per month in the long run.

What Are Introductory Pricing and First-Time Discounts?

Introductory Pricing and First-Time Discounts

While this guide’s main focus is the standard NordVPN renewal price to expect, it’s worth a quick mention of discounts you may have seen at sign-up:

Special Introductory Offers

Periodically, NordVPN will advertise special deals such as “2-year plan for $2.99/month” to attract new subscribers. These are limited-run offers typically lasting 1-2 weeks max. Once the sale period ends, the price jumps back up to the regular 2-year plan rate highlighted earlier.

Exclusive Discount Codes

Reputable blogs, YouTube channels, and review sites may provide NordVPN coupon codes for first purchases, taking 30%, 40%, or even more off. These partner promos help offset referral commissions. Such new-customer-only codes usually can’t be reused at renewal time.

The key takeaway here is that introduction deals and coupon codes are designed mostly to induce new sign-ups. Once subscribed, plan to pay the published NordVPN subscription renewal price unless you encounter a sitewide sale down the road.

What Payment Methods Does NordVPN Accept?

What Payment Methods Does NordVPN Accept

NordVPN provides a variety of secure payment options to subscribers when signing up for a new account or Renew NordVPN subscription. Convenient payment methods accepted by NordVPN include all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. You can also pay through mobile wallet services, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

For added payment flexibility, NordVPN recommends utilizing PayPal. Paying via PayPal allows you to seamlessly link a bank account, debit card or fund payments from an existing PayPal balance. This gives subscribers without credit cards an easy online payment avenue as well.

Additionally, NordVPN gives subscribers the option to pay anonymously NordVPN annual renewal fee or any fee using some of the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Crypto payments allow fast, discreet payments while avoiding credit card statements and traditional financial channels.

In summary, with diverse payment methods from credit cards to mobile to crypto, NordVPN makes the checkout and renewal payment process convenient for all customers by accepting most major debit/credit cards in addition to PayPal and leading cryptocurrency options.

Does NordVPN Offer Refunds?

NordVPN provides a generous 30-day money-back guarantee on all subscription plans. Effectively, this gives you one month to try out their VPN risk-free.

If you request a refund within the first 30 days of service, then you will receive your payment back in full – no questions asked. This allows new users peace of mind to test NordVPN’s capabilities at no lasting cost commitment.

One limitation is that NordVPN’s guarantee only applies when purchasing directly from NordVPN.com. So be cautious of resellers who are advertising NordVPN without clarity on the refund policy protections. Going straight to the source ensures that you will qualify for easy refunds during the first month as needed.

After the initial 30-day window, requesting a refund becomes more difficult but may still be possible, depending on the circumstances. Contact NordVPN support for cases where you want a later refund.

How To Get The Best Deal On NordVPN Renewals?

How To Get The Best Deal On NordVPN Renewals

Now, let’s get into tactics and tips for scoring discounts when Renew NordVPN subscription.

While NordVPN doesn’t offer loyalty coupons or automatic renewal discounts, they regularly run major sales events. It allows both new and existing users to capitalize on big savings – if you time your renewal right.

Below, we break down what to look for when seeking out the best Nordvpn renewal price deal:

Renew Close To Major Holidays

NordVPN tends to announce its best sales consistently around major holidays and shopping events. Key times to check NordVPN for discounts include:

  • New Year’s (January)
  • President’s Day (February)
  • Easter and Spring Sales (March / April )
  • Memorial Day (May)
  • Father’s Day (June)
  • Amazon Prime Day (July)
  • Back to School Sales (August / September)
  • Halloween (October)
  • Black Friday / Cyber Monday (November)
  • Boxing Week (December)

NordVPN usually offers discounts during major shopping holidays and seasonal events to attract new customers and renewals.

Although not every holiday results in a sale, watching for promotions during these busy shopping times can help you get a good deal when renewing your NordVPN subscription, which overcome the NordVPN subscription renewal price.

Watch For Sitewide Coupon Codes

NordVPN occasionally provides exclusive discount codes available for a limited period on their website that overcome the NordVPN renewal cost. These codes typically slash the price of any subscription plan purchase or renewal by 30% to more than 60%.

When NordVPN announces a new promo code, they spread the details through channels like:

  • NordVPN’s official Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages
  • Banner ads and pop-ups on NordVPN’s homepage
  • VPN review sites and tech blogs that partner with NordVPN

It is worth checking their website routinely. Follow NordVPN’s social accounts and keep tabs on VPN industry blogs to jump on time-limited coupon codes as they pop up. Partner sites will also often post the latest deals.

Act Fast Once a NordVPN Coupon Drops

Act Fast Once a NordVPN Coupon Drops

When you discover an active NordVPN promo code for 30%, 40%, or more off then it is in your best interest not to delay your renewal purchase.

Because of the big discounts, popular coupon codes tend to get used up quickly – sometimes within just a few hours to a day or two at most. If you miss the short window, then you will have to wait for the next deal opportunity.

So, make sure to keep an eye out when NordVPN announces coupon promotions and consider logging into your account to renew as soon as possible while the code is still valid. The last thing you want is for the perfect discount to expire before you get the chance to use it!

Consider Auto-Renewing At The Maximum Term Length

A smart method to renew your NordVPN subscription at the guaranteed lowest price is by signing up for automatic renewals at the longest available plan length, which is currently 3 years.

By opting into auto-renewal, NordVPN will securely and conveniently charge your saved payment method automatically around the expiration date, saving you the hassle of manually renewing each time.

The key perks of auto-renewing at full term lengths are:

  • Locks in the plan with the lowest effective monthly VPN cost
  • Sets you up with the longest possible renewal interval
  • Saves you from needing to proactively track down future coupon codes

As you learned earlier, the 3-year subscription sees the cheapest NordVPN pricing at just $3.99/month. Combined with auto-renewal convenience, this plan truly optimizes value over the long haul.

You retain the flexibility to switch auto-renewal off or change subscription lengths at any time through your account. But by initially activating recurring billing at maximum term, you can get the best renewal savings on autopilot with NordVPN for as long as you keep the service active.

Proven Ways to Reduce Your NordVPN Renewal Price

Ways to Reduce Your NordVPN Renewal Costs

Now that you know what to expect for NordVPN’s standard renewal pricing at each tier, let’s drill into tactics that can minimize how much you ultimately pay at checkout. It can also reduce your NordVPN renewal cost:

  • Upgrade to a longer subscription term – Lengthening duration lowers monthly rate substantially (up to the 3-year max).
  • Switch your renewal to coincide with major holidays – Big sales events like Black Friday often equate to big VPN deals.
  • Keep eyes peeled for rare sitewide coupon codes – 30 to 60+% off promos periodically offered directly through NordVPN’s channels. Act fast before use limits expire!
  • Consider prepaying the full 2 or 3 years upfront – One larger payment avoids all future billing/renewal uncertainty.
  • Enroll in auto-renewal to secure maximum plan length – Set and forget at the cheapest locked-in monthly price point.
  • Always buy directly from NordVPN.com – Third-party resellers sometimes inflate pricing or limit guarantee protections. Stick to the mothership!

Following the tips above sets you up for the lowest NordVPN renewal cost over the long run as a NordVPN subscriber.

What Happens If You Forget to Renew?

We all lead busy lives so it’s understandable NordVPN renewals may occasionally slip the mind. Fortunately, forgetting won’t lead to an immediate loss of service.

Here is NordVPN’s policy on what happens if you don’t manually renew at the expiration of your current plan:

  • You’ll receive on-screen renewal prompts and email payment reminders as your NordVPN expiration date approaches. So, keeping tabs on notices can prevent lapsing.
  • Once your existing VPN term runs out, NordVPN grants a 31-day grace period where you retain complete access as normal.
  • Within the 31-day grace window, simply log into your account anytime and renew as usual to reinstate uninterrupted service.
  • However, wait longer than 31 days post-expiration and NordVPN will fully suspend your account, restricting access until you renew again.

The bottom line is that forgetting won’t instantly cut off your VPN protection given the generous grace period. But renewing late risks NordVPN disabling the account eventually, so heed the renewal alerts!

What Are Expert Tips To Avoid Paying Full Price on NordVPN Renewals?

Expert Tips To Avoid Paying Full Price on NordVPN Renewals

Let’s finish off with some final expert advice from the thrifty VPN enthusiasts on how to avoid paying full price when it’s time to renew your NordVPN subscription:

  • Set calendar reminders – Don’t just rely on NordVPN’s warnings. Manually note expiration dates and set advance alerts on your device or paper calendar.
  • Layer on coupon codes – Check retailer email newsletters around key holidays as they’ll sometimes feature exclusive NordVPN promo codes atop sitewide sales.
  • Buy renewal gift cards on sale – Deal sites like Raise.com often sell discounted NordVPN digital codes you can redeem to account for renewal credit.
  • Use cashback and rewards portals – Adding sites like Rakuten on top means earning cash back bonuses towards future NordVPN renewals. Every bit counts!

And when all else fails, just contact NordVPN support to politely ask about any renewal deals for loyal, long-term customers. The worst they can say is no, while occasionally scoring you a courtesy discount for reaching out!

The Bottom Line

When you first sign up for NordVPN and when it’s time to renew, then getting the best savings requires a mix of planning ahead and seizing opportunities.

By following the advice in this guide, you will be ready to grab discounts when they pop up instead of just automatically paying more once your current VPN term ends.

Getting the best renewal price might need some extra effort beyond just accepting NordVPN’s regular rates. But with the right proactive approach, you can protect your privacy without breaking the bank every billing cycle.

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