How To Recover Gmail Account? Step By Step Guide

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Have you ever forgotten your email address or password? Well, you’re not alone because millions of people try to recover Gmail accounts by providing their credentials. 

Do you want to recover Gmail account? If yes, I recommend you follow this article till the end to recover Gmail account whether it’s hacked or deleted. Let’s start the journey of recovering your Gmail without wasting a single second.

How To Recover Gmail Account If You Forget Your Email Address Or Username?

We know it’s hard for some people to admit that they forget their email address and username very often. But We want you to understand one thing “We’re here to help you out” so don’t worry and follow the following procedure to recover Gmail account without any problem or difficulty:

  • We suggest you Visit:
  • Go to Gmail and click on Forgot email under the sign-in page
  • Enter your Phone Number or the recovery email address to recover your Gmail
  • Follow the instructions to confirm it’s your Gmail
  • You’ll find a list of usernames that match your Gmail

How To Recover Gmail Account If Forgot Your Password?

the text in the image shows How To Recover Gmail Account If Forgot Your Password

We want you to know that if you forget your Gmail password there’s no need to panic because I have got your back. Let’s dive into the procedure to recover Gmail account by forgetting the password:

  • Visit Gmail’s, Login  Page
  • Click on “Forget My Password”
  • Now Google will ask you some questions
  • Follow the step-by-step procedure
  • Try to answer all the questions so Google can confirm it’s you
  • A new window will appear on your screen which will ask you to reset your password
  • We recommend you choose a strong password that only you could know
  • Don’t try to use the same password everywhere because it can lead to a very dangerous cybercrime

How To Recover Gmail Account If Your Account Is Hacked?

Why can’t you log in to your account when you’re entering the correct username and password? Did someone hack your Gmail? If so, you might be searching “How to recover Gmail account?” Don’t panic because we’ll try to help you recover your hacked Gmail:

  • You can either Click on “Forget Password” or “Need Help” Button
  • Visit the Gmail recovery page by clicking on this link:
  • Now a series of questions will start
  • You have to answer each and every question correctly so Google can confirm that it’s your account
  • After accessing your Gmail, we want you to use Google’s Security Checkup to review which devices can access your Gmail

    How To Recover Gmail Account If You Accidentally Delete Your Account?

    the text in the image shows How To Recover Gmail Account If You Accidentally Delete Your Account

    Have you ever accidentally or intentionally deleted your Gmail and regret it after that? Let us guess you might have forgotten an important email or a crucial document for your business or job. Well, here’s a solution for those who want to recover Gmail account:

    • Visit The Account Recovery Page
    • Click on “”
    • Enter Your Email and Password
    • Follow the instructions so that Google can confirm that it’s your Gmail
    • Boom! Now your account is recovered

    Before you try out this method, we want you to know that you can only recover Gmail if your account has not been gone for more than 2 months. You can’t recover gmail that you deleted years ago.

    Why Can’t I Still Recover My Gmail Account?

    All the methods that we have mentioned above are proven and work well with all devices. But If you still can’t recover your Gmail account, check out the account recovery tips that Google is offering.

    Google Account Recovery Tips

    Here are some of the most common and useful Google Account Recovery Tips to recover Gmail account:

    • Answer as many questions as possible
    • Use a familiar device & location
    • You can use an old password if you can’t remember your last password
    • Enter an email connected to your account
    • Check your spam folder for Google Support Inquiry

    How To Protect Your Gmail Account?

    the text in the image shows How To protect gmail account

    I know it’s difficult to protect your Gmail Account from cybercrime activities. If you follow the given tips and advice then you can protect your gmail account. Here are some tips you should consider:

    Keep Your Browser And Operating System Update

    According to a cybersecurity statistics report of “Those who keep their operating system and browsers up to date with the latest versions are less likely to be attacked by cybercriminals.” Cybercriminals mostly attack those systems that don’t update their systems and browsers up to date.

    Set Up Two Factor Authentication

    Two Factor Authentication can save you from the biggest cyberattack in the history of cybercrimes via Identity theft. No one can log in to your phone or computer without entering the pin which Google sends to your Gmail account.

    Use Strong Passwords

    A Strong Password is not just a password with random words and numbers but one which you can remember and no one can guess what your password is. We want you to understand that you should use a unique password for every account and the password is something that no one other than you could guess or remember. 

    Be Wary Of Phishing Emails

    A Cybersecurity Statistics Report states that “Most phishing attacks happen due to the non-serious behavior of employees or miseducation of cybersecurity.” You can’t open every email you receive until you know each and every person who sent you an email. 

    We advise you don’t open unknown or spam emails because they might have malware, ransomware, or deadly phishing attacks which can destroy you and your data.

    Remove Apps & Extensions You Don’t Need/Use

    Only install registered apps and extensions because they are legitimate and trustworthy. If you install pirated games & software on your PC then be ready to get attacked by cybercriminals. Nothing is for free and free is not always a good thing that happens to you. Consider this advice and always register the software.


    We have explained how to recover Gmail account even if the user has lost their login details or deleted their profile. After reading this article, We’re sure that you can deal with specific recovery problems such as forgetting your passwords and email address. You can also recover an account that was hacked or deleted by following the tips mentioned above for improving online security.

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