How To Buy A Domain Name Forever? Tips And Tricks

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Many people ask us about “how to buy a domain name forever” so I decided to put all the information in one article to explain the process to you. If you don’t have enough money to buy a domain name that you have to renew every year then this article is for you. Let’s begin the journey to find a way to buy a domain name forever.

What Is A Domain Name?

Before explaining the definition of a domain name I want you to acknowledge a simple concept that can help you understand the relationship between a DNS and hosting. Suppose you rent a house in New York for a year. The house you rent for a year is like hosting a website and the location or address of the house is called the domain. 

A domain name is used to define how people can find or visit your website on the internet. Just like a house your domain name can have numbers and alphabets like or 

You can find many websites on the Internet that use both numbers and letters in their DNS name. These names are important to distinguish websites because if we don’t have a DNS name we have to use IP addresses which are constantly changing so no one on the internet will be able to find your website. How to buy a domain name forever?

Why Should I Buy Domain Name?

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To start a business, blog, or a simple website: It’s crucial to have a DNS name. We will suggest you purchase a DNS name if you want to showcase your skills/talents, products/services, brands/businesses, or much more.

Domain names help your website to be found on the Internet and it is also a beneficial factor for search engine optimization so that people from all over the world know your brand, products, and services.

Whatever the case you have to buy a domain name whether you want to start a business or blog otherwise you can’t be successful on the internet.

How To Buy Domain Name Forever?

How to buy a domain name forever? I think this is one of the most asked questions ever. It’s unbelievable to me that people actually want to buy a domain name permanently in 2023. 

We are not saying it’s impossible or that this method is outdated and won’t work for you. It’s just that you can’t buy a domain permanently because every DNS registrar charges for each year’s DNS subscription and you can’t pay for all the years to come. 

“Just think about a common man’s lifetime. It’s about 70-90 years utmost. Or maybe you could live up to 100 years. But do you think you would even be able to work for a few years of your lifetime?”

Why Do You Want To Buy Domain Forever? 

To answer the above question, I would like to suggest a solution. Most DNS registrars allow you to purchase a DNS name for a minimum of one year and a maximum of ten years.

You can also enable the auto-renew feature to renew the DNS by automatically deducting the appropriate amount from your payment method.

You cannot buy a domain name permanently but you can buy a domain for at least 10 years which is enough to make your business or blog successful.

Where Can I Find Best Domain Names?

You’re looking disappointed after knowing that you can’t buy a domain name forever but I can assure you after visiting the DNS registrars mentioned below you’ll be glowing from inside. Here are the five best DNS parking services from which you buy any kind of DNS by saving a handsome amount of money:


  • GoDaddy
  • Name Cheap
  • Hostinger
  • Blue Host
  • Flippa


How to buy a domain name forever? GoDaddy is one of the most affordable DNS & hosting registrars which offers several website solutions and marketing tools like Microsoft 365 and SSL Certificate to ensure the security and privacy of your website. 

You can even get a free DNS if you purchase the Economy website hosting plan of GoDaddy. I want you to visit their website and see how much they cost for the .com  .net  .ai  etc.

GoDaddy offers DNS for as low as $0.99 however the .com and .net DNS have higher renewal prices after the first year. The .com domain name is $0.01 for the first year and $18.99 for the second year when you buy for two years. The .net DNS name is $14.99 for the first year and $19.99 for the subsequent years. They provide the highest quality DNS at the cheapest rates all over the world.

Name Cheap

Just like the name suggests, Name Cheap provides the finest DNS names at the cheapest rates in the world. They’re known for their cheap prices and the solutions they provide to their customers. They offer DNS registration services with a website hosting plan to maximize the security of your website with SSL Certificates PremiumDNS and VPN servers. How to buy a domain name forever?

You can purchase their DNS for as low as $0.99 and have a variety of hosting options like shared VPS and Managed WordPress to ensure the performance of your website. I like their DNS registration company because they have a wide collection of DNS names with multiple DNS extensions to fulfill the needs of bloggers organizations companies/corporations and AI tools.


Hostinger is my favorite website hosting service which provides free DNS with all their plans to suit the needs of businesses/brands and marketing agencies. They provide shared VPS with WordPress and cloud hosting with 24/7 customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

You can also purchase your preferred DNS with your selected DNS extensions without purchasing a hosting plan on Hostinger. Their DNS prices start at $1.99 per month which will depend on the specific plan you choose and the features you need.

Blue Host

Can Bluehost help you in purchasing a DNS name forever? Bluehost is a company that provides DNS registration and web hosting services with several hosting plans like WordPress hosting and online store hosting. 

You can also get free DNS with website design services and search engine optimization (SEO)  and website migration services by purchasing their starter plan at $2.95 per month. 

WordPress also recommends buying the DNS and hosting plans of Bluehost due to their fast page loading speed servers which give a boost to your life.


Are you looking for an established website or online business with organic traffic and adsense approval? Look no further because I assure you Flippa is one of the most trusted online marketplaces that facilitates the buying and selling of digital assets and businesses including websites and DNS names. 

Before purchasing a website on Flippa I want you to examine the available listings on their marketplace using the tools and data which provide a deal room for conversations or call scheduling or legal services financing and integrated payment services are all included in each listing.

Who Provides The Highest Quality Domain Names And The Cheapest Price?

How to buy a domain name forever? If you want to purchase the most affordable DNS name for your business or blog then GoDaddy is the way to go. Their prices are low compared to other DNS registrars which charge you double the fee and don’t offer the services which GoDaddy provides for free. 

We want you to compare the prices of all DNS registrars and you’ll be amazed to see how much less the price of GoDaddy Domains is compared to the so-called best DNS registrars. If you don’t, believe me, I suggest you visit all the websites which I mentioned above to see the difference.

Can I Get A Domain Name For Free?

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Yes, you can get a DNS name for free if you purchase a hosting plan from Hostinger or Bluehost. Hostinger is my favorite Hosting Plan because I also use it for my personal websites to give a boost to my page loading speed and overall website performance.

You can also use Bluehost, Namecheap, and GoDaddy for getting a free DNS because they’re all the best in their own unique ways.

Final Thoughts

Let’s fold this article about “How to buy a domain name forever?” So people who want to buy a domain name permanently can get some knowledge about how the online world works. We want you to try the DNS registrars we mentioned above for your online business or blog because they’re the finest in the market. And we can guarantee you that you will never be able to find high-class service providers like them. 

Comment down your thoughts about how you feel about “How to buy a domain name forever” and If you have questions or doubts in your mind then feel free to ask in the emails or comments. we’ll help you out in every way I can so you can start your journey.