VPN Market & Infographic for 2020

Michael Gargiulo - CEO, VPN.com

By: Michael Gargiulo, CEO at VPN.com

Updated: 7:45 AM ET Fri, January 22nd 2021

The future of the VPN market is very bright and we are happy to provide this graphic that reflects it. We spent nearly 12 months compiling all of our VPN research, which can be accessed at the bottom of our home page.

More than 916 VPN providers exist and we have already seen many new ones released since this image was finalized. We look forward to updating this infographic regularly as the VPN market expands.

Throughout this VPN research, we collected more than 188,000 pieces of information across these VPN providers. Our goal is to make buying a VPN easy for our visitors and simple illustrations like the one above help anyone understand the amount of options they have when thinking about which VPN to sign up for.

To compile this image we collected information on every VPN website we could find. In addition to this we scoured the various Apple, Google, Windows, Amazon, and Firefox app stores to collect information about the VPN apps that make up those parts of the market as of August, 2019.

This graphic is free to use under Creative Commons by 3.0 US. Basically, as long as you provide attribution to VPN.com and link back to this page, you are free to use the image however you would like.


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