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Pricing & Payment Information

12 Month Price $190.00

6 Month Price $105.00

3 Month Price $55.00

1 Month Price $20.00

Lifetime Price n/a

Free Version:

Free Trial: No

Free Trial Days:

Refund Period Days: 0

Payment Methods:


Accepts Cryptocurrency:


    Service Overview

    # of Countries:

    # of Servers:-

    # of Protocols:

    # of Connections:-

    Unlimited Bandwidth:No

    Business VPN:No


    Easy to Find Owners:No




      14 Eyes Jurisdiction:No

      Enemy of the Internet Jurisdiction:

      Kill Switch:

      Private DNS:

      DNS Leak Protection:

      IPv6 Leak Protection:

      WebRTC Leak Protection:

      SMTP Allowed:

      Double Encryption:

      Ad Tracking Block:

      Claims "100% No Logs":No

      Claims to Work in China:Yes

      Claims to Work on Netflix:Yes

      Logs Kept:

      • Bandwidth Used
      • Connection Timestamps
      • IP Address
      • Traffic Activity


      Languages & Support

      # of Setup Docs: -

      # of Troubleshooting Docs: -

      # of Languages Supported:

      Types of Support Offered:


        Languages Supported:n/a

        Device & OS Support

        Windows Versions:n/a

        Mac OS Versions:n/a

        Linux Versions:n/a

        Android Versions:n/a

        iOS Versions:n/a

        Routers Supported:n/a

        Browser Extensions:n/a

        Gaming Devices:n/a

        TVs Supported:n/a

        Other Devices: