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SiteGround vs WP Engine Hosting Comparison Review 2024

siteground vs wp engine

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We know it’s hard to choose the right hosting provider between Siteground vs WP Engine as they’re both doing great work for their customers & providing the utmost security & speed performance as you can see how famous they are. 

While most technical people already have know-how about which hosting they should go for, in case you have no idea where to start from, we have especially created this guide for you.

In this guide, we’ll carefully discuss all the things you especially need to focus on before you purchase your hosting provider, so don’t miss any detail and let’s focus on the following table to start the journey of Siteground vs WP Engine Comparison Review.

Hosting Management: Ease of Use

in this image txt shows here Hosting Management_ Ease of Use

Most people still don’t know that Siteground has changed their hosting management from cPanel to their own dashboard which is more user-friendly & easy to manage compared to the environment provided by the cPanel. 

Now Siteground users can easily manage their websites individually instead of a global account for all their web projects–plus this cleaner environment is the reason why most people are loving the site ground hosting.

On the other hand, WP Engine has been using its Dashboard from the beginning so they have been taking care of customer satisfaction from day one and are improving the user experience on a monthly basis in their updates.

Therefore, if you’re expecting the best user experience with the fastest loading speed, we recommend you check out the WP Engine Hosting plans.

WP Engine
Ease of Use
Starting from $20.00/mo
Starting from $2.99/mo
Free Domain
Payment Types
Credit Card
Credit Card

Siteground vs WP Engine: Hosting Features

Siteground vs WP Engine_ Hosting Features

In the comparison of Siteground vs WP Engine we recommend you to note the following features before making a solid decision as the following hosting features are a must for better speed & performance of a website.

Web Page Loading Speed

Getting people to visit your site and turn them into loyal customers can be challenging. Let’s say you’ve set aside some money for a Google Ad and you see more people coming to your site. But instead of staying, they leave quickly. One big reason could be how fast your website loads. Making sure your website loads quickly is super important to keep customers happy and give a good impression for your business.

Now comes to the main question of Siteground vs WP Engine: Whose webpage loading speed is better, The answer is simple–the average speed of WP Engine is 489 ms while Siteground provides 217 which is relatively low compared to other hosting providers.

Available Storage

The storage of your hosting account matters more than anything in case you don’t know how crucial it is for a website owner to post daily blogs with featured images & videos. If your hosting account doesn’t have at least 10 GB Storage then it’s most likely to become the case that you’re planning to increase the bounce rate of your website

Here is a general comparison of the hosting comparison of Siteground vs WP Engine which you should note or remember so you can make a better decision at the end:

WP Engine
Entry Level Plan
10GB(1 Site)
10GB(1 Site)
Middle Plan
20GB(Unlimited Sites)
20GB(10 Sites)
Higher Plan
40GB(Unlimited Sites)
50GB(50 Websites)

In addition, you can also get discount coupons for both hosting providers to get special discounts to get a better idea of which is more affordable depending on your usage.

Bandwidth or Website Traffic

Sadly WPEngine can’t compete with Siteground when it comes to the bandwidth of a website or how many visitors a website can handle. All the hosting plans of WP Engine from startup to Scale can handle 25,000 monthly visits, 100,000 monthly visits & 400,000 monthly visits, while Siteground can handle as much traffic as you want, you just have to select the plan you want. Therefore, in terms of website traffic and bandwidth, the comparison of Siteground vs WP Engine results in WP Engine as the winner.

Backups(Never Underestimate Data Loss)

Most people when purchasing hosting plans ignore the fact that daily backups of their websites are crucial too and only focus on cheap prices & the number of sites they get with the package.

If you’re comparing Siteground vs WP Engine in terms of better backups: WP Engine is your best partner when it comes to the daily & automated backups of your websites to prevent the loss of data especially when you’re hosting a big woocommerce store with hundreds or thousands of products.

Since you don’t have anything like this, you might think that your data is not important, but what about the customers who are subscribing to your email list, or to whom your daily emails are going forward? 

You have to understand that your data and the data of your clients or customers is very important and Siteground is holding this fact back.


Nowadays, every hosting provider is offering free SSL Certificates with HTTP/2 because this is the standard of the internet today as no one wants to visit a website whose URL is showing “NOT SECURE” when you open the site.

These types of websites are filled with hackers and cybercriminals who are waiting in line to track your IP Address & other crucial information which can help you track back to your original location for identity theft and other scams.

Therefore, in the comparison of Siteground vs WP Engine, both hosting providers are offering free SSL Certificates along with HTTP/2 as they’re outstanding hosting providers for managed WordPress & woo-commerce websites.

WP Engine
Hosting Types
Managed WordPress & WooCommerce Hosting
Shared WordPress/WooCommerce and Cloud Hosting
Control Panel
A Native Hosting Management Panel
Custom Control Panel Site Tools
Average Speed
Monitored Uptime
Uptime Guarantee
Server Locations
Asia(Taiwan), North America(The US and Canada), Australia, & Europe(Germany, Belgium, & The UK)
Singapore, Australia, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, The US & The UK

Siteground vs WP Engine: Performance

Siteground vs WP Engine_ Performance

After reading the features, we know most of you still want to know the performance of Siteground vs WP Engine so we have especially created this section of the article for you so can make a decision:

Uptime & Performance

When diving into the WP Engine vs Siteground Speed Comparison, one essential factor to consider is the uptime & performance of the servers. The more reliable the servers, the greater the speed & high performance. Siteground boasts an impressive 99.99% uptime, while WP Engine claims a perfect score with 100% uptime.

This aspect of the WP Engine vs Siteground Speed Comparison shows that there isn’t much to separate the two, but a 100% uptime can be a significant factor when choosing a hosting partner for your website or online business.

Website Speed

Determining the winner in a WP Engine vs Siteground Speed Comparison isn’t straightforward. Many tools available online claim to track website speed, but if you’re not technically inclined, it’s challenging to decide which one to trust.

However, among the myriad of online website speed tracking tools, GTMetrix Page Speed Test stands out as a reliable choice, especially for a WP Engine vs Siteground Speed Comparison.

We’ve put this to the test by checking two different niche websites: one hosted on Siteground and the other on WP Engine. This hands-on WP Engine vs Siteground Speed Comparison should give you a clearer picture of their respective performance levels.

Website Migration

Website Migration

Website Migration can truly become a pain in your whole body if you don’t do it right as there are many files, databases, emails, and much more than you can imagine. It’s not a job for you if you don’t have any technical knowledge or prior experience with the migration process.

But don’t worry, as the debate of “wp engine vs siteground” often highlights, both are working on their user experience to simplify the process for users. So, considering “wp engine vs siteground“, you won’t have to do much. Just follow the steps their customer center will tell you to follow, and boom, your website will be migrated.

Now let’s move to the main point. Do you know that, in the “wp engine vs siteground” comparison, Siteground charges you $30 per site if you migrate your website into another hosting server, while WP Engine offers free migration in all of their plans so you don’t have to pay extra money when migrating?

Website Security

Website Security is very important when it comes to the comparison of Siteground vs WP Engine as both are Top Notch Hosting providers and try their very best to offer the ultimate security & privacy to their customers so no hacker or cybercriminal could attack or hack their websites to ransom money.

You might be thinking who would want to hack my plants blog but forget the fact that a malicious mind could get access to your blog, they will delete all your blogs or plagiarize your blogs so they can’t even rank or get the approval of the Ads Network.

Let’s take a look at some of the notable features of SiteGround Hosting:

  • Real Time Monitoring To Check The Servers After Every 0.5 Seconds
  • Custom Web Application FireWalls To Protect Websites From Unauthorized Sources
  • AI Anti Bot System or Self Learning Systems Blocks Malicious Activity On Your Website

Now, let’s move to the top notch security features of WP Engine:

  • FireWalls & Server Monitoring To Spot Threats & Block Unwanted Traffic
  • Plugin Management For Careful Auditing To Check Which Plugins Are Causing Issues & Block Them
WP Engine
Hosting Features
Almost All Features
Very Good
Server Location
Site Migration
Included in All Plans
Extra Cost
Very Good
Free SSL, Daily Automated Backups, Threat Detection & Server Monitoring
Daily/Weekly Backups, 2 Factor Authentication, Free SSL Certificates, DDoS protection & A Security Plugin
24/7 Live Chat, Phone & Ticket
24/7 Live Chat, Phone & Email
Too High
Medium High
WP Engine is a Top-Notch Hosting Provider known for its premium & custom hosting plans and high-performance features & services.
Siteground’s Hosting is outstanding and affordable, making it famous and useful among all hosting providers.

Customer Support

Customer Support

In the comparison of Siteground vs WP Engine, customer support is one of the many factors where they’re both equally beneficial for their customers & how to get them the most, no matter which plan they choose.

Since both are working on the customer experience and user-friendly environment, you can expect as much as you can to get the most out of nothing. They both offer 24/7 live chat & phone support along with emails so you can contact them as soon as possible in case you’re facing a serious problem with your hosting services.

You can totally depend on them, and they’ll try their best to solve your problems & issues if you’re facing any because they have the ability to go beyond their ways to provide you with the ultimate satisfaction.

They answer your questions, solve your problems, and chat with you day & night just for the sole purpose of satisfying you & if you still don’t get what they want to convey, then you ask them to come on a live call to get the answers you’re looking for.

Pricing Comparisons

We think that Pricing is the most crucial factor when choosing a hosting partner. That’s why we decided to move this section to the last because the comparison of Siteground vs WP Engine couldn’t be finished without it.

Siteground vs WP Engine has different types of hosting and each one has a different pricing range we’re going to discuss all of them, but before that, take a look at the given table.

Hosting Type
WP Engine
Wordpress Hosting
Shared Hosting
Woocommerce Hosting
Reseller Hosting

Siteground vs WP Engine : Which One Should I Choose?

Siteground vs WP Engine_ Which One Should I Choose

Well, well, well, now at this point you might have an idea of which hosting provider is better and which one should you use, but in case you’re still confused and don’t know what to do, then we’ll help you in deciding the best one.

If you’re on a budget, and want to get the best hosting services around the world with maximum bandwidth and page loading speed, SiteGround is the way to go. And on the other hand, if you have a big budget and want to compete with your competitors in the best way i.e. ultimate page loading speed and uptime, WP Engine is the way to go.


At last, this Siteground vs WP Engine comparison journey is at the end, and we hope that now at this point, you can easily distinguish both Siteground vs WP Engine and decide for yourself which one is better and which you should choose.

Let us know if you need any help when choosing the best hosting partner for your website & blog or if you’re considering a WooCommerce store to start from.

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