5 Best Ways To Securely Share Your Business Big Files In 2023

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Imagine taking hours to put together some interesting piece of work in terms of videos and some PowerPoint slides for a presentation to one of your clients, you prepare to send to your superiors for their opinion and discover you are unable to send across because the file is too large. Now, with most people working from home, this could be very frustrating as an option of using a flash drive to take out your work and giving it physically to your supervisor would mean doing a long journey. Let us see some ways through which you can share your business big files without any data leak.

picture is telling us 5 best ways to securely share your big files of business

Ways To Share Your Business Big Files

Ways To Share Your Business Big Files<br />

Use Browser-based Specialized Services

There is a new set of browser-based services which are specifically built with proprietary technology to aid and accelerate the transfer of big files. Examples are Masv, Aspera and Signiant. These browser-based services aid the transfer of files up to 20GB via the cloud. They are not free as they are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis with about a quarter of a US Dollar per GB of the file transferred.

Paying $1 for every 4GB of a large file is not a bad idea and would make things easier for you. There are no subscription fees contracts or support fees. There is no user limit or limits on file size and bandwidth. This is one of the ways to share your business big files easily.


This is one of the simplest services to use for sharing large files in 2021. The website will automatically send files for you with a few clicks on the mouse. These files will also be available to download for as long as seven days. It is very user-friendly with a step-by-step guide to help you through the uploading process. WeTransfer can help you to share your business big files.

There is a free account that allows file transfer up to 2GB. To transfer larger sizes, you can subscribe for $12 a month or a reduced $120 per annum. This will give you an upgrade to WeTransfer plus, allowing you to do file transfers as large as 200GB at a time and availing you 1TB of storage. You can set passwords to download files and customize your backgrounds and emails if you like. There are also some we transfer alternatives like Massive, Terashare, Smash, and Hightail. This is one of the simplest ways to share your business big files easily.

File Compression

In 2021 compressing data using file-compression software is a simple answer to the hassle of transferring huge files. If you need to compress numerous files into one the cross-platform software 7-Zip is an excellent choice. That is because it is possible to simply dump everything into a single folder and compress it there. Large corporate files can be easily shared with the use of file compression.

Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux 7-Zip compresses data using the standard ZIP format as well as its own, more efficient 7-Zip format. Most modern operating systems will have the necessary tools to extract the zip files. To ensure the security of your files while they are being shared you can choose to add a password. This is one option for disseminating large files within an organization.

Use A Virtual Private Network

Use A Virtual Private Network to Share Your Business Big Files

A virtual private network, or VPN, encrypts your data and hides your online activity by redirecting your traffic through a remote server. Broadband traffic management is used by some ISPs to control the amount of data their customers can upload. If this describes your ISP, a virtual private network (VPN) can be used to conceal the fact that you’re downloading particularly sizable files. In this way, even your largest files can be delivered. It does work for huge file transfers, however the transfer process will slow down your VPN connection. One of the ways in which large files can be conveniently shared inside a company setting is using this method.

If you’re not sure which VPN service is right for you, it can be helpful to look through a comparison of the finest VPN services available.


Dropbox is a great and handy tool for keeping your important files, documents, images and videos safe. With Dropbox, you can access your stored files from any device at any time. Dropbox ensures all data is encrypted and stored securely as well, so your materials are always in safe hands.

Dropbox looks after the safety of all its users’ data and information; it uses two-factor authentication to protect user accounts from being hacked or compromised. Dropbox operates with stringent standards for service – making sure users don’t experience any outages during their storage process.

It also works on various platforms and devices such as Windows, Macs, iOS, Android, etc., providing a simple solution for all users’ storage needs across multiple devices. Dropbox allows collaboration between different team members too – whether they are in offices or remote locations! Dropbox really is the go-to file sharing solution for anyone needing secure storage and easy access to their important files.

Wrapping Up

When a file is too big to send by email, there are other options for sharing. Since that most working-class individuals now work remotely due to the coronavirus, they are very helpful. This is so because physically delivering the file to the recipient is not required. The convenience of sending files up to 20GB in size without leaving home has not been compromised. If you are thinking which one to use you may choose one from the options above and you will find your choice extremely beneficial. Don’t be shy about passing out those massive corporate files.