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Michael Gargiulo
CEO of VPN.com


Michael has bought and sold more than 600 domains. His acquisition of VPN.com as the 7th largest transaction in 2019 speaks for itself, along with several other 6-7 figure domains. He can help you acquire or sell your name with many existing contacts. Moving quickly on large 7-8 figure deals is where he excels. One of his favorite transactions was CoolMathGames.com, which he contracted for $1.8 million.

See Michael Gargiulo and VPN.com at NamesCon Europe 2019

Sharjil Saleem

Sharjil Saleem
VP of Domain Brokerage

Sharjil has a resume well known in the premium, exact-match domain industry. Sharjil excels at sourcing great buy and sell targets and has brokered countless 6-8 figure domain transactions. He brokered six of the world's largest 100 domain deals in 2019 and three of the largest 100 deals in 2019. One of his favorite transactions was ETH.com which he sold for $2 million.

Our Premium Domains For Sale by VPN.com

Domain Name Exact-Match Domain
Apology.com Checked
Ashame.com Checked
Baptize.com Checked
Biker.com Checked
Bino.com Checked
Bribe.com Checked
BTM.com Checked
Buscar.com Checked
Cremations.com Checked
Demanding.com Checked
D.me Checked
DomainProfile.com Checked
DVT.com Checked
Encrypt.com Checked
Explorar.com Checked
F.to Checked
FFF.com Checked
FirstDown.com Checked
Fisherman.com Checked
Flow.com Checked
Formals.com Checked
FrenchRiviera.com Checked
Frif.com Checked
FuneralHomes.com Checked
Foes.com Checked
G.io Checked
Gaws.com Checked
GunRange.com Checked
HHH.com Checked
ia.com Checked
iz.com Checked
iRepair.com Checked
Mam.com Checked
Manufacture.com Checked
MedSpas.com Checked
Nachos.com Checked
Ninja.com Checked
PremiumPoker.com Checked
Q.fm Checked
Quantity.com Checked
San.com Checked
SkinTag.com Checked
SkyDiver.com Checked
Taxing.com Checked
Ter.com Checked
Tsunami.com Checked
VPS.org Checked
X.fm Checked

Some of Our Successful Transactions

(Governor of the State of Georgia)

Your Premium Domain Brokerage Overview

We only charge 15% upon a successful deal

For Domain Buyers
So you need help acquiring a premium name?
At VPN.com, our brokers have acquired more than 1,000 domains. Our team moves fast and delivers high-quality acquisitions at an unmatched pace. Benefits are below.

1. Absolutely no upfront costs
2. 100% anonymity for you and your company
3. Escrow.com transaction, transfer and payment protection
4. Expert acquisition negotiators for premium exact-match domains

For Domain Sellers

So you want to sell your premium domain name?
Great! At VPN.com we can help connect you with our network of high-profile companies and individuals who make great targets for your domain.

Our goal is to maximize your return and our commission is directly aligned with this. With over $15 million in domain name transactions between our brokers, you can trust your domain will be sold for the absolute best price the market can offer.

1. Absolutely no upfront costs
2. Only 3-month exclusive with your name, we move fast!
3. Expert brokers for premium exact-match domains sales
4. Escrow.com transaction, transfer and payment protection

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