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Your domain may be worth thousands more than you think.

The true value of your domain name is simply the highest price someone is willing to pay to purchase it. Unfortunately that price can’t be estimated accurately with an algorithm. It takes real people with years of experience identifying the end users that will find your domain the most valuable.

When we conduct a domain appraisal, our team of experts analyzes dozens of valuation factors and the current events of industries related to your domain. We utilize real-market data, an expansive sales network, and the knowledge gained from completing over 1,000 successful domain transactions to accurately identify the true value of your domain name.

How Does 6 To 7 Figures Sound?

In 2019, VPN.com brokers completed eight of the world’s top 100 deals, including the seventh largest transaction.

By comparison, the average sale price for domains sold at GoDaddy auctions in 2017 was $2,344.

We put in the effort to ensure that every domain we broker is appraised — and sold — at the best value possible.











What Makes A Domain Valuable?

Components of a domain name.

There are a lot of factors that make up a great domain name. When determining whether your domain is ready for sale, consider these questions: Is it short? Is it memorable? Does it contain a popular keyword?

If you didn’t like the results of your appraisal, with just a little research, you can take several steps to increase the value of your domain.

What To Do After Your Domain Appraisal

  • Sell your domain. Now that you know what it’s worth, sell it! Contact us and our expert brokers will start contacting potential buyers immediately.
  • Buy a domain. Get an appraisal done for a domain name you’re interested in? Our brokers can help you contact the owner and make an offer.
  • We can buy your domain. We’re always adding domains to our portfolio. If your domain name falls into one of the niches we’re currently investing in, contact us for an offer.
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