Are you in need of a proficient domain name for your business but concerned about “Is it worth buying”? is here to clear up your confusion. But before agonizing over buying a domain, you should know the key principles of a premium domain.

We have piled up this information to enhance your knowledge regarding premium domains and to answer your question “How Do Premium Domain Names Get Their Value?” fairly. So, if you are among those who worry about how people value my domain, let help you get your domain valued.

What is a Premium Domain?

Though there are a lot of domain names exhibiting in the digital world, you may wonder which factor ranks a domain name as premium. Let’s get straight into this discussion!

The actual question is what makes a domain name premium? The right collection of phrases. Yes! A domain name is a collection of high-value dictionary words and phrases.

It’s normally precise in length, which makes it easily understandable. For instance, we can easily remember rather than

Since they are discernible, premium domains are easy to sell which bestows your brand with a plus point over competitors. So, you can take it as a smart investment pick as the chances of its sale are high in the future.

How Does a Premium Domain Work?

How Does a Premium Domain Work

Trustable registries like work as domain retailers and sell providers’ in-effect premium domain names. The prime deviation lies only between their retail prices and purchase strategy.

  • The prior host usually asks for a one-time purchase fee for selling its pre-existing domain and their retention fee doesn’t vary much from the normal price of other domains working with the same extension. While purchasing a renowned domain, arranges a meeting with the current host and supplies the best-suited domain to your website with no extra action required by your side. 
  • Do you have any idea why we call such domains registry premium domains? These domains are entitled “premium” by because of their feasibility for high value and prestige. Registry premiums own special rates for purchase and also for their renewal and transfer. Keep in view that in a single order, a premium domain name can only be revived for only 1 year. 

The difference between such premium domains often remains unclear as their existing owners can effortlessly put their registry premiums for sale. You can also be one of them if you choose as your domain value provider

What Happens After Purchasing a Premium Domain? 

After purchasing the premium domain with let’s suppose the name value my domain, the first thing to do is get this desired domain registered or transferred to your site. 

  • Premium domains purchased by will easily be supplied straight to your account.

  • Let us clear that domains traded by existing owners may require some time to be transferred because generally a referee is involved. But here VPN stands out from the crowd by providing the fastest 3-minute setup equipped with premium features that run quite smoothly. 

Unused Domain Names are Cost-Effective

in this image text shows here Unused Domain Names are Cost-Effective

To register a website online, we have to purchase both a domain name and a website hosting. But this business information needs to be private. is working to run your website over safe and secure networks that can help you get your domain valued privately.

You can generally buy an unused domain for not more than $15, but premium Domain Names Get Their Value in unique ways.

Some enterprises, including the well-known, even gift a free domain name with the procurement of web hosting, highlighting how premium Domain Names Get Their Value.

But, with the emergence of 2 billion websites, it is somehow difficult to locate or create a related, high-value domain that is not previously used or doesn’t merge with another website’s URL.

Likewise, variation occurs in domain cost regarding the domain extension, your domain auditor, and how premium Domain Names Get Their Value. Your domain renewal and the local fees contracted also play a role.

So, for the sake of your ease and understanding of how premium Domain Names Get Their Value, we have gathered all the top-rated premium domain names in a single spot,

Extra Domain Cost

Domain Renewal Price

A lot of web hosting and domain name retailers provide a special package for the first year as a stimulus to purchase their domain. Its domain names revive according to market trends and their prices normally increase after the first year.

The standard renewal price for a .com domain is somewhere between $8.27 and $29.99 per annum. If you want to seal a price on your domain name, you have to pay for a multiple-year contract at once.

As our priority is to build up your professional reputation, Premium Domain Names Get Their Value from our trusted VPN retailers.

For not more than $3.49 per month, you can get such a domain for up to 2 years. Truly, Premium Domain Names Get Their Value from such exceptional offers.


A business email that works with the same extension as your website is necessary if you want to leave a professional impact on the audience. Premium Domain Names Get Their Value from enhancing this professional image.

Though a lot of web hosting companies provide a business email to procure, if multiple employees work for you, you might need to buy an email package like the one from VPN. Remember, Premium Domain Names Get Their Value from such cohesive branding strategies.


Have you ever heard of WHOIS before? It’s a database registry that provides public information about the association of a domain name or IP address with its respective holder. Such information is used for a charitable business ICANN.

By the way, do you know what a VPN is? It’s also something related to privacy. A Virtual Private Network is a system established to provide a secure connection between a device and a network by using a public network.

Its major application is the safe transfer of sensitive data. It protects important information from the access of unauthorized people and helps users to manage tasks remotely.

Anyhow, let’s get back to premium domain discourse. If your domain is listed publicly, it will open up the paths of future opportunities and alliances for you. But there is always the dark side of the picture too.

If your contact info is easily available, you might also have to cope with unwanted spam messages and emails. Domain privacy is mostly given as an additional feature that protects your private data. works as a retailer to provide this facility but the package will differ depending on your respective supplier.

Premium Domain Names Are of High Value

Premium Domain Names Are of High Value

Premium domains are concise, easily identifiable, and mostly linked with a particular product or company. A premium domain can be worth any value from a few thousand dollars to tens of millions.

Do you want to know the reason? Premium domains are the marketing resources of a brand. They not only highlight the value of a website but also build the customer’s trust.

When a particular domain name can help recognize the website as a dominion in a particular region, it lessens the marketing expenses and also ranks the website higher in the search engine.

There is no magic spell to know the “exact price” for a premium domain name but some resources work to give the current market value of a specific domain name.

Domain Market and present-year domain sales demonstrations are a great fit to begin your research. They can be considered as a treasure of knowledge about current market trends and rates of premium domains.

Buying a premium domain can be a tricky process. So, instead of spending millions on premium domains, we suggest you use a domain name broker to run the process smoothly.

Brokers are well-maintained to evaluate the market value of a premium domain and know how to bargain with providers to help you get the most reasonable price without any trouble. is one of those generous retailers.

GoDaddy Domain Values

GoDaddy domain values are renowned for their increased public demand as well as proficiency. GoDaddy has provided a domain-worth calculator to help people know their domain authority.

It has set an aim to provide its users with high-value domains and for this purpose, it has launched its simple but helpful 4-step formula. They say that now it’s up to you how you can utilize your domain value by keeping their suggestions in view. as Your Premium Domain Value Analyzer

in this image text shows here as Your Premium Domain Value Analyzer

Through coverage of up to 5000+ servers, VPN has now become the most trusted platform to evaluate premium domain value. So, just follow the mentioned steps to get your domain valued.

Look for a Domain

VPN domain value demands its evaluation even if you have not purchased the domain yet. So if you have decided to purchase a premium domain from the VPN, we appeal to you to check its worth first through our well-categorized timeline and then use our domain broker to contact the dealer and make a bid. 

Renew Your Domain

Take your domain as a beneficial investment and stick to it to check whether its authority and values are getting higher or not. But don’t forget to select a reasonable domain renewal price to keep your budget safe. 

Guard Your Domain

Once a domain name is purchased, protecting its value is the next step to take. So, don’t take any risk of losing your worthwhile domain. With the domain protection feature, you can prevent your domain from loss caused by expired credit cards and can also keep it out of the sight of hackers. 

Sell Your Domain

Maybe you purchased a domain but no longer need it. If you are well aware of its worth, it’s time to put it on the auction site and make others bid on it. You can simply sell your pre-existing domain name to generate some revenue and VPN is here to help you achieve that.

Services Provided By

in this image text shows here Services Provided By

Nobody is unaware of the leading domain registrar VPN. So, here is a brief of some notorious services provided by this top-notch brand.

VPN Domain Appraisal

Your premium domain purchased by VPN can be the next popular business or trademark. But how do you come to know of its worth? VPN Domain Appraisals are here to provide you with the most cautious estimates available. Their sole algorithm has paired up machine learning with real-estate market trade information collected over years of experience.

VPN claims to manage domains over 5,000+ servers, and Premium Domain Names Get Their Value from such extensive management, making it the most trusted domain provider. It’s also a prominent post-market name retailer.

So, with enough experience in selling domain names, is known worldwide, further demonstrating how Premium Domain Names Get Their Value from renowned platforms.

With our Domain Appraisal Service, you will get samples of equivalent domains so that you may better know what to do next. All this process is free and cost-effective. So, you just have to put the domain name in our premium domain value calculator and VPN will provide you with the most accurate search results.

VPN Domain Auctions

As the name shows, provides a platform for its customers to sell their previously existing domains. It displays the unused or expired domain names on the timeline and then customers bid on those names.

One who bids the most appropriate amount gets the respective domain name. Premium Domain Names Get Their Value from such bidding processes.

So, it works as a third-party retailer to provide the audience with high-value content. Truly, Premium Domain Names Get Their Value from connecting audiences with premium assets.

VPN has presented the names of domains, domain values, traffic, price, and time left to end the auction. All these features help the customer select the best-suited domain name for his website.

Domain Broker Service

From VPN’s Domain Broker Service, get the best domain for your business even if it doesn’t exist yet. They can better understand which type of domain really suits your business. Premium Domain Names Get Their Value from such expertise. But it’s not the end.

The domain brokers of bargain with providers on your behalf to provide you with the highest-value domain name at the lowest possible rate. Truly, Premium Domain Names Get Their Value from such strategic negotiations.

The main aim of is to take care of your privacy and hide your identity to protect you from overpayment and keep your plans secret. Once the deal is locked, they secretly supply the domain to your website. So, in short, VPN premium domain values are worth purchasing.

VPN Domain Backorders

Purchasing your ideal domain is not a dream anymore with But do you know what domain backorder actually is? It’s somehow like the little numeric tickets received at the supermarket. It means that if an owner wants to sell his previously owned domain, VPN will consider you to get that.

It will only charge registration costs and ICANN fees, and while Premium Domain Names Get Their Value, it will monitor your domain free of cost on a daily basis. Its return policy is valid until the domain meets your expectations.

Premium Domain Names Get Their Value from such assurances. In case you don’t receive the domain, you can just allocate it to an altered domain.

Lapsed Domains

Scanning expired domains can be a better option to get a branded domain without spending a single penny to buy a premium domain name. Expired domain dealers and companies underline domains that are either extinct or will lapse soon.

A lot of domain dealers sell expired domains at the price of new ones but there will also be a registration and ICANN fee.


How Do Premium Domain Names Get Their Value?

Premium Domain Names Get Their Value from their uniqueness, branding potential, memorability, and keyword relevance, often leading to increased website traffic and credibility in the marketplace.

How do I find out how much my domain is worth? 

You can use the VPN Premium Domain Value and Appraisal tools to check your domain authority. As is the most trusted domain retailer worldwide, you can trust our services. 

Is GoDaddy domain appraisal accurate? 

GoDaddy Appraisal will provide you with the most accurate results according to current market trends. Their vast algorithm has paired up machine learning with real-estate sales information gathered as a fruit of 20 years of experience of their employees. So, this online retailer will evaluate the most accurate values for you.

How much did a domain sell for? 

VPN’s Value and Appraisal tool can tell you the actual worth of your domain. You can also explore the market and scan the present domain sales charts to know the market value of your domain.

What is GoDaddy’s domain valuation tool? 

GoDaddy’s domain valuation tool is a domain value calculator that implements machine learning to evaluate the value of domain names. It’s a model that uses a huge amount of data to find domain value.

Do domain names increase in value?

Just like a competitive real estate site, solid domain names rank with time. Almost every attractive domain will be grabbed by a leading business or brand and the more alluring a specific domain name becomes over time, the more worth it will collect.


We hope that now you better understand how premium domain names get their value. At dusk, the value of a domain is impelled by the upcoming market trends of e-commerce.

The ultra-premium domain names are concise and branded. So, they are sold at a higher rate and also require assistance from a professional domain broker. is a preferred one.

You should decide yourself which domain name is best for your website. Not only according to current market trends but also considering how “Premium Domain Names Get Their Value” in response to future innovations. We suggest you trust domain values to know the accurate worth of your domain name.

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