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A Domain Name Extension is also known as Top Level Domain which is the last part of domains like “” and the .com in this case is the domain extension.

These extensions play an important role in describing or defining the working, functionality, target audience, and geographical location of a website.

The .com represents that a domain is commercial, .org means that the domain belongs to a specific organization, and .store shows that the website is an online store.

While different extensions have distinct uses & purposes, the .com domain is the only domain extension that you can use for all purposes.

What Is A gTLD?

gTLD stands for Generic Top Level Domains which are specially used for specific purposes. These domain extensions aren’t restricted to countries or regions which means anyone can use them, no matter where they belong. 

Here is a list of some of the most popular domain name extensions with their uses to help you better understand the concept of gTLD:

.blog:- A .blog extension is perfect for a company or individual to showcase their blogs and articles.

.dev:- If you’re a developer or a software engineer, this domain extension is ideal to present your skills in your portfolio.

.shop:- This domain extension is the best for online store owners because it can increase their sales. Whenever a user searches for a specific product, this domain will get a higher chance to be on the first page due to the .shop extension.

.work:- If you’re a recruiter or want to start a job-boarding website, the .work domain extension will prove to be a good partner for you.

.club:- Are you a cafe or pub owner who is thinking of starting a website? If so, check out this amazing (.club) domain extension.

.lawyer:- This domain extension is specifically built for lawyers so that they can build authority whenever someone searches for their name.

.tech:- We all know how much this domain extension is worth to all the tech-savvy people or companies in the tech industry. People are paying thousands of dollars for this domain and if you want to buy it at reasonable rates, check out the premium domains of

.loan:- This domain extension is mostly used by banks and organizations which provide loans to people with different interest rates.

.tv:- Do you want to start a streaming platform where people can watch movies, games, and cartoons at the same time? Congratulations! .tv domain extension is the ideal companion for you.

Why Domain Extensions Exist?

the text in the image shows Why Domain Extensions Exist

The basic purpose of domain extensions, when they were created, was to identify the websites by their types. But as the internet grows and many websites came to life like lots of News Channels and Blogs, the meaning of domain extensions also change with time.

Do you remember the .fm extension? This extension was basically used for Micronesia but now almost every audio streaming platform or radio centers are using this domain name extension.

Types Of Domain Name Extensions

Types Of Domain Name Extensions<br />

We hope that now you can understand what domain extensions are, and how they can help you grow your business. There are three types of domain name extensions and see how much they differ from each other.

Top Level Domains

Top Level Domains (TLD) are a type of domain name extension that 90% of websites are using for almost 20 to 30 years. The value of this extension is not going down anytime sooner due to its practical use and functionality.

Most people don’t know the existence of other extensions that’s why they’re using this extension. Top Level Domains have the authority and trust of Google and the people who visit these domains. Here are some common TLDs which you usually see while browsing the internet:

  • .com
  • .net
  • .org

Country Code Top Level Domains

The Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLD) are used for a specific region where you want you to build your authority while providing services or selling a product.

This domain extension has the ability to rank your website on the first page and build authority in a specific country or region. The most famous Country Code Top Level Domains are .us, .uk, .in, .cn, .ca, and .ae.

Generic Top Level Domains

A Generic Top Level Domain is a type of Domain Extension where you can describe multiple use case scenarios of a domain. This domain is used for a specific purpose and very few people use this domain due to its unpopularity and contradiction. 

You can use this domain for your blog, online store, streaming platform, work, and much more. Check out the list of some of the most outstanding domain extensions:


  • .blog
  • .shop
  • .gov
  • .dev
  • .tech
  • .tv
  • .work

Restricted Vs Unrestricted Domain Name Extension

We hope after reading this article to this point, now you can understand the concept of domain name extensions very well. While hundreds of domain extensions are available on the internet, not each one is available for you.

Some domain extensions are restricted for normal people because they’re specially designed and created for some specific organizations. These restricted domain extensions include .gov, .mil, .edu, etc.

If you don’t own an educational institute then why are you trying to buy a .edu domain extension? The same goes for .gov and .mil because these domain extensions are built for government and military organizations.

How Can Domain Name Extensions Help In Business & Brand Marketing?

The Domain Name Extensions play an important role in the marketing and growth of your business. They help Google and customers to decide what your website is about. 

Google ranks websites with .tech extensions higher than those extensions since they clearly indicate that they are about tech. Whenever someone searches for a tech-related query, Google will give preference to .tech extensions over other domain extensions.

The same concept applies to .shop, .store, .blog, .tv, and other domain extensions. Every time when someone searches for a free movie download, the .tv extension will win the rankings. 

If someone tries to shop online then your .store or .shop extensions might come in handy. Every extension has its own purpose, use, and benefits so choose the one which suits your needs and requirements.

Can Geographic And Industry-Specific Domain Extensions Help In Customer Engagement?

The answer to your question is yes but first, you have to understand how geographic and industry-specific domain extensions work. This type of domain name extension can give you a boost in your country or region when someone searches for country/region-specific keywords.

If you live in the UK and running a corporate business then your domain extension might be This domain extension will give your company authority on Google in the whole United Kingdom. 

Most businesses and bloggers use this extension to grow their business & engage with their local customers & clients. If you want to increase your business sales, revenue, clients, and customers then a country code generic domain extension might be the best option for you.

How To Select The Right Domain Name Extension For Your Business?

How To Select The Right Domain Name Extension For Your Business?<br />

You have to select the right domain extension for your business, blog, and online store so that your website can rank on the first page of Google. If you don’t know how to choose the correct domain extension for your website, follow the given procedure:

  • Use the .com extension (if you’re not sure)
  • Avoid Suspicious Domain Extensions
  • Use Memorable & Trustworthy Extensions

Use The .com Extension (if you’re not sure)

The best part of using a .com extension for your blog or business is that it can work with almost every domain so you don’t have to worry. Most people think that the .com extension is a universal extension but the truth is .com extension was invented for commercial purposes. Therefore, everyone can use this domain name extension however they want.

Avoid Suspicious Domain Extensions

You must avoid suspicious domain extensions if you want to truly rank your website or build authority on the first page of Google Search Results. Suppose you have two options on your screen, the first one is and the second one is 

Which one will you open or which one will you ignore? If you have selected the first option, congratulations! You have selected the right option. But if you have selected the second option, you must learn the basics of cybersecurity to avoid cyberattacks and threats.

Use Memorable & Trustworthy Extensions

We recommend you use .com, .net, .org, .tech, .io, and other domain extensions like that so the visitors could remember and trust your site to subscribe to your daily emails. 

If your website has a shady domain extension, there is a higher chance that Google will not rank your website. But, If you’re using a trustworthy domain name extension, then Google will trust and rank you.

The .zip, .review, .cricket, .science, and .link are some of the very shady domain extensions because most cybercriminals use these kinds of domain extensions for illegal activities.

Can I Change My Domain Name Extension?

Can I Change My Domain Name Extension?<br />

Yes, you can change your domain name extension anytime by setting up a 301 redirect. It will help you save your website traffic and search engine rankings. The 301 redirects can automatically redirect the visitors of your old domain to the new domain without complicated settings. It’s just a one-click procedure but can save the reputation and class of your website.


We hope this article could have helped you understand the concept, types, uses, and benefits of Domain Name Extensions. If you like this article, comment down your thoughts or ask questions regarding the domain extensions. You can also mail us your queries so we can help you anytime you want.