Let’s suppose you thought of buying a unique domain name for your new website and it turns out to be in use already. What will be your reaction? You might be overwhelmed searching the market to get a new, relatable name.

Well! You don’t need to worry about it because a premium domain broker can help you here. But what is a premium domain broker? It’s a domain strategist who finds the current owner of a particular domain name and finalizes a purchase for you.

Being research enthusiasts, we reviewed up to 40 brokers for you, and Buckley Media seems to be on the top of the heap. But after its evaluation, we came to know that it’s not actually what it seems like.

Consequently, we have found the Best Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative for you. Do you want to know what that alternative is? It’s VPN.com. So, in this article, you will see what makes VPN.com the best Buckley Media domain broker alternative in the market and how you can make the most of your deal with VPN.com.

Why Should I Choose a Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative?

Choosing an alternative to Buckley Media is recommended due to potential drawbacks like high service costs and a focus limited to .com extensions, which may not meet all business requirements.

However, Buckley Media is good at providing, negotiating, and acquiring premium domains but has some potential drawbacks in the first place. The major one is the cost of their service, which is considerably high due to their focus on premium domains.

Although offering premium domains is not a bad practice, the drawbacks, like only focusing on .com extensions, will limit investors’ options for searching for other domain extensions. It’s also essential to note that an expensive domain broker is not always necessary, especially when the broker doesn’t pay heed to your budget and only deals in premiums.

You must select the one that provides a domain exactly according to your business requirements. That’s the reason why you need a Buckley Media domain broker alternative, and we suggest you use the services of VPN.com’s expert brokers.

How Do You Choose the Best Buckley Media Domain Broker alternative?

How to Choose the Best Domain Broker Alternative
If you want a simple domain name that is easy to remember and has a high search volume, then hiring a professional domain broker who can lock the best deal for you is good. 

To choose the best alternative, consider factors like reasonable cost, transparent processes, user experience, domain transfer and fees, and additional services.

Reasonable cost

Pricing is always an important factor to consider for all business deals, no matter what type of business you run. So, while selecting a registrar or a Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative for the domain name of your new website, you must cautiously dig into the pricing model. Different domains are purchased at different amounts depending upon the type of domain extension, such as .org, .io, .com, and .net.

You don’t have to fetch the most expensive domain brokers. Instead, as a Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative, you can compare all the top domain brokers and review what price they demand for your desired domain name. Go for a company that offers the most reasonable price and is famous for its excellent services. A domain broker can help you with this.

Transparent processes

If you like doing perfect work, you must search for the same level of transparency while choosing a domain broker for your website. A reputable company hides nothing from its customers. So, select a domain broker that is fair about its policies, pricing, and practices.

While reviewing different companies, go for a domain brokerage service that provides up-front cost information with precise terms and conditions so you don’t have to face problems later. Check if you can quickly get access to crucial information like renewal charges and processes, domain registration cancellation policy, and the procedure for domain transfer. If yes, you can select that registrar.

Moreover, it’s good to browse through the social media accounts of the domain brokerage service to check if there are any negative comments from a previous user. You should also research more about such comments to avoid any inconvenience in the future.

User Experience and Reminders

User experience is also an important standard to consider before selecting a domain brokerage company. The user interface of the company’s website should be impulsive and easy to navigate. You must instantly get the required information from the company’s website if you face any issues.

A knowledgeable domain broker is highly effective when support is not given immediately. Early renewal of the domain name is beneficial for you to prevent losing your valuable domain.

When the renewal time arrives, a responsible domain registrar will send you an automated notification before the domain expires. If you have not enabled auto-renewal or bought a new credit card, this feature can help you.

Domain Transfer and Fees

If you are unsatisfied with your current domain broker, an alternative to Buckley Media domain broker might be what you’re looking for, especially if you want to avoid paying a massive fee to transfer your domain to another one. Although most professional registrars don’t charge extra for domain transfer, checking their domain transfer policies in advance is always good.

Some brokers even make the transfer process difficult and make it unmovable. So, you should check the domain transfer process before choosing any registrar to avoid such surprises in the future.

Additional Services

Your domain-related needs are not fulfilled by just purchasing a domain name. An alternative to Buckley Media domain broker, like some other services, understands that you can do nothing without useful services like email hosting, email marketing, security, web hosting, and many more.

Many famous domain brokerage services, serving as an alternative to Buckley Media domain brokers, provide these services in addition to selling domain names. Some companies even give the domain name for free if you subscribe to their services.

So, taking all services from one reputable company can benefit you in the long run. You should check the bundle packages offered by different services and buy multiple services at a reasonable price.

What is the Best Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative?

What is the Best Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative

Are you looking for the Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative for your new startup? Have you tried the renowned Buckley Media before and are not satisfied with their service?

So, are you looking for an alternative now? VPN.com has robust features that will help you get a good domain name at a very economical price. See why VPN.com is the best of all.


Are you among those who want to buy or sell their website name without telling anyone? Then VPN.com is the best Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative. Their services are trusted by big companies, rich people, and anyone else who wants to hide their identity.

So here is the reason: If you have a fair budget, then some people might try to ask for more of your website name. Not all sellers in the market are like this, but some might benefit from this fact. But VPN.com will not let it happen as it accounts for your ease.

They are trusted by many well-known people and heads who want to hide what they are buying. For instance, how much more can a website name cost if the dealer knows that some famous personality like Oprah is looking for it?

We know very well that buying a domain while staying anonymous is not easy. Even asking about a particular name can advise others. But VPN.com masters how to keep things confidential until the deal is finalized.

What’s best is that VPN.com, an excellent Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative, does far more than just selling and buying domain names. They are also trustworthy retailers of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), which will mask your online activity. That’s why we suggest that it’s the best alternative when it comes to choosing the right Domain Broker. You can check their history as they have never disappointed their clients.

So, if you want to select them, as a Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative, to buy a name, then they have their lawyers to help you in case you face any issues later. You will also legally protect your domain name in other countries. They will not charge you initially, but they usually deal with domain names worth more than $5,000. If they help you buy or sell one, they will charge a 15% commission, which is quite favorable.

So, if you want to buy or sell a domain name, contact VPN.com. If you own a valuable domain name and don’t know how much it costs. VPN.com will tell you this for free.

What Makes VPN.com the Best Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative?

What Makes VPN.com the Best Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative

You might neglect some of the best domain deals if you try to select a domain name on your own. But with a reputable broker like VPN.com, you can benefit from many untold features. 

VPN.com is considered the best alternative due to its competitive fees, negotiation skills, comprehensive services, and focus on maintaining client anonymity.

Give Premium Domains

Choosing a domain name that is short, easy to remember, and preferable to the audience is the most crucial step in improving the ranking of a website. Luckily, VPN.com can help you achieve that.

Their main focus is to buy a premium domain name for your website, typically starting from $5,000 and up which results in a vast record of valuable, one-word, .com, and geo domains that serious investors and end-consumers want. At VPN.com, you will not find any inferior-quality leftover domains. Their main focus is on the trending and top-tier ones.

Good Negotiator

Not everyone can handle the negotiation. Even outstanding domain brokers, including those considered an alternative to Buckley Media domain brokers, lack this skill. So, we recommend trying the services of VPN.com’s domain name broker.

These brokers are not just fast; they also know exceptional negotiation tactics. They have the potential to lock in the best possible deals for you and save you time as well as money. So, what are you waiting for? Buy premium domains from VPN.com now.

Spends Your Money Wisely

VPN.com, a competent Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative, understands that you might have an emotional attachment to a particular domain name. That’s why they negotiate on your behalf and don’t let you invest a huge amount blindly on a standard domain name.

Sometimes, the sellers also tend to charge more if they come to know that the buyer is really interested in purchasing their domain. But the brokers of VPN.com, serving as a Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative, know very well how to bargain and get a fair purchase for you.

Low and Competitive Fees

VPN.com is not like the brokers who charge extra fees for their so-called features, positioning themselves as a reliable alternative to Buckley Media domain brokers. You are also surprised to know that VPN.com doesn’t ask for any upfront cost. They also do not block domain transfers to grab extra amounts for their customers.

Instead, they charge a 15% commission on a premium domain purchase only after the domain is safely transferred to the buyer’s website. They make use of their protected escrow services to keep your digital assets safe and transfer the amount smoothly between buyers and sellers.

Up-to-date Marketplace and Tools

VPN.com has a free domain appraisal tool that uses machine learning to evaluate the market value of premium domain names. They also have sophisticated tools to track the best domain for you. The key features of their services include:

  • Secure purchase and stable domain escrow
  • Recently sold domain record
  • Powerful research criteria like keywords, Estibot value, and more. 
  • Customized offer features and negotiation benefits
  • Keyword analysis integration to assess domain value
  • Domain watch list and tracking tools

This working strategy gives rise to a smooth end-to-end marketplace experience. 

Highly Responsive Customer Support

VPN.com, a knowledgeable Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative, has highly knowledgeable support staff available, which is important for a smooth domain brokering experience because it prides itself on responsive 24/7 support via phone, email, and live chat.

Their team, serving as an efficient Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative, is skilled at resolving issues quickly and providing expertise when needed during the domain sales process. So, you can contact VPN.com if you have any queries related to domain purchase. You can also ask them about the variety of services they provide to their customers.


There are a lot of businesses out there that don’t want to reveal their actual identity in the deals. The reason is that as soon as they expose their identity, the prices go high.

An ideal domain broker can help with this, too. They will deal with the opponent party on your behalf and keep your presence anonymous. Records have shown that VPN.com is the best anonymous domain broker in the domain industry. 

The Bottom Line

We accept the fact that Buckley Media is not an ideal option to consider. However, there are a lot of factors to consider before selecting a premium domain broker. That’s why we have suggested the best Buckley Media Domain Broker Alternative, VPN.com. It will help you with your business no matter what you need.

Let it be a source of your secure payments, negotiation, or organic traffic. VPN.com will prove itself to be the best partner for your website. We hope that all of your confusion is clear now. But if you still have any, feel free to ask in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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