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  • Industry leader of 6-8 figure premium transactions
  • Over $65 million sold
  • Custom services & portfolio management
  • 15% commission w/ zero upfront costs
  • 100% anonymity guaranteed
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  • Industry leader of 6-8 figure premium transactions
  • Over $65 million sold
  • Custom services & portfolio management
  • 15% commission w/ zero upfront costs
  • 100% anonymity guaranteed


  • 5,000 domains sold
  • 100% success rate
  • Low 12.5% commission
  • Over $30 million sold since 2016
  • Only pay once the transaction is successful

Buckley Media

  • Free consultation
  • Naming services for new companies
  • Over 20 years of domains experience
  • Business strategy solutions
  • Website development services


  • 20% commission
  • Set your budget and they find domains
  • Maximum 30-day sale mediation
  • Hands off experience
  • In house escrow services

VIP Brokerage

  • Stealth acquisitions
  • Brand strategy services
  • Acquisitions for social media handles & other digital assets
  • Portfolio Management
  • Custom appraisals and internal analysis

Grit Brokerage

  • 20+ years of sales experience
  • Closed 14th largest domain sale of all time
  • Over 500 successful transactions
  • Nominated as 2015 Broker of the Year
  • Unique approach to sales


  • Great for new companies or startups
  • No fee or commission for marketplace purchases
  • 15% commission for brokers
  • Large selection of selling options
  • No advance broker fees

Media Options

  • 100% confidentiality
  • Specializes in the top 2% of domain names
  • Domain sales newsletter marketing
  • Outbound focused sales
  • Boutique brokerage firm

Right of the Dot

  • Co-founded by former Moniker founder/CEO
  • 25+ years of domain experience
  • Over $470,000 in domain sales
  • Closed the first $1 million+ domain sale
  • Excellent domain auctions


  • Fully featured, intuitive mobile app
  • Subscribers get lower fees
  • Over $250 million in domain sales
  • Free social media and web forwarding
  • Marketplace with over 1 million domains

Your web address, or domain name, is often the first impression that new visitors have of your brand. However, with 2 billion websites in existence, many of the “best” domain names in almost every kind of business have already been claimed. That being said, new websites or businesses who want a better domain name still have options. Sometimes a domain name may be owned by a business that’s now defunct, or a domain name may be contested by two different brands. In these cases, a company that wishes to secure their desired domain name may wish to employ the services of a domain broker, a service that works on behalf of brands and businesses to secure domain names.

Not every domain broker will be able to secure the best domain name on behalf of their clients, however. They’ll need to have experience in your industry, great negotiation skills, and a large network of professional contacts. We’ve gathered everything you need to know to find the best broker to help you buy or sell a domain.

What Is A Domain Broker?

Domain brokers are professional negotiators that secure or sell domain names on behalf of their clients. Brokers can find domains that aren’t available to the general public and have the market knowledge to negotiate fair prices. They also help protect their clients from fraud, overpaying, IP issues, or having a domain name held hostage by a squatter.

Consider a domain name broker as performing a service similar to a realtor you hire to buy or sell a home. They’ll act in your best interest and help you make financially sound decisions. The best domain name broker always puts the interest of their client first.

Do I Need A Domain Name Broker?

There are a few good reasons to hire a domain name broker, and all of them have to do with protecting your financial interests.

A domain broker will protect your anonymity, which helps with the negotiating process. For example, if you’re dealing with a domain name squatter, that entity may charge more to a business that they think can pay more, but a domain name broker will deal on your behalf, helping keep the price for the domain name fair. They may also take legal action in cases where a squatter may be negatively affecting a brand.

Domain name brokers also help their clients keep emotion out of negotiations. They are trained negotiators and realize that there may be a sentimental attachment to a particular name. Basically, your broker helps you think with your wallet instead of with your heart.

The best domain brokers also have a large network of professional contacts and relationships with the largest domain holding companies.

Can I Sell A Domain Name Through A Broker?

Domain brokers don’t just represent clients wishing to buy domain names. They also represent sellers. For example, businesses that change the services or goods they sell may not need a domain name that reflects their old business. If the domain name still has value, the business may be able to make a profit. However, finding a willing buyer can take time and connections, which many business owners do not have.

The best domain broker will be one that has a large enough client list or enough connections to find a willing buyer. A domain broker can also give a domain holder an honest assessment of the value of their domain.

Even without a ready buyer, domain brokers may still be better able to help clients sell domain names. Part of the service is advertising the domain name for sale, including a press release, targeted marketing to potentially interested buyers, or listing the domain name in a trade publication of available names. These professional resources aren’t a secret, but they may be out of the wheelhouse of a lot of business owners.

Is There A Difference Between Domain Sellers And Domain Buyers?

Using the analogy between domain brokers and real estate agents, there are also domain sellers and domain buyers.

Domain Name Sellers

These agencies represent the owner of one or multiple domain names. The function of a domain name seller is to find willing, capable buyers, and negotiate the highest possible price for the seller. These agents typically work on a commission and thus have the motivation to find top dollar for their clients.

One of the benefits of having a professional domain seller is their reach. Domain brokers have extensive contacts and understand how much a particular name can go for. They’ll also identify buyers that have the wherewithal to purchase the domain name.

Domain Name Buyers

These agents represent interested parties, usually businesses, who wish to have a “better” domain name or one that more readily represents their brand. Buyer brokers also work for a fee, paid by the buyer.

The benefits of using a broker to purchase a domain name are similar to the benefits of using a seller broker: the contacts, connections, and professional experience with the value of domain names and the contractual understanding for proper transfer.

Choosing The Best Domain Broker

Not all domain brokers are created equal. Some may not have the ability to secure a domain name legally, while others may not have the professional connections and experience needed to successfully negotiate on behalf of their clients. Good domain brokers understand that their professional reputation is everything and therefore work with integrity to support the best interests of their clients.

Choosing the right domain broker can save you time and money and allow your business to grow and thrive. Plus, legitimate domain brokers will be able to legally acquire the domain name, including holding funds in escrow, ensuring that the name is transferred correctly, and creating a binding contract. Domain transfers are a relatively new type of transaction, and it’s important to have them completed correctly to prevent problems down the road.

How To Find A Qualified Domain Broker

Unlike real estate agents and many other professional service providers, domain name brokers aren’t required to be licensed or registered with a professional association. In fact, there isn’t any formal training or education to become a domain name broker. Anyone can declare themselves one. Due diligence on the part of a potential client is important to avoid financial loss either through poor service or malfeasance.

Ask people within your industry if they know of good domain brokers, or work through professional organizations such as LinkedIn. Another way to find reputable domain brokers is to interview brokers you’ve found through a Google search and then ask for references and experience.

You can also find good, reputable domain brokers through professional blogs and related internet articles. The good brokers will be mentioned fairly often, and most will be fairly easy to contact, especially if you’re approaching them as an interested client. Before committing as a client, read through industry blogs and familiarize yourself with different brokers. There are also news feeds dedicated to the domain name industry, and many of these will have stories about large purchases or feature well-respected domain name brokers.

Look for brokers that represent clients like you. Some brokers work with high-end clients, those with millions of dollars to spend on a domain name, while other brokers prefer to work with clients with smaller budgets. Do research on which brokers that are selling or buying domain names like yours, and you’ll likely find ones that are familiar with your industry and may have better connections. You can also check the registered names and purchase history in public directories such as WHOIS and RDAP.

The best domain brokers will have a demonstrated track record of negotiation and successful domain name transfers. Many larger deals are covered through press releases or can be found with a simple internet search. Look for a proven track record, and make sure to ask how they connect buyers and sellers.

Skill Sets Your Domain Broker Should Have

Connections, negotiation expertise, and depth of knowledge for certain proprietary information are all critical skills that can help you, the potential client, protect your brand and finances.

Ask the domain broker about their negotiation philosophy, about their past experience in fields such as sales, and if they’ve had formal negotiation training. Buying and selling domain names is like any other commodity when it comes to coming to a successful agreement. Other domain brokers may be professional mediators, a valuable skill in the domain name sales process.

Look up your domain broker on LinkedIn. This can give you insight into their professional connections and an idea about the size of their network. The longer that domain brokers have been in the business, the larger their network usually is, so look for someone well-established and well-connected.

Research skills are also necessary for successful domain brokers. There may be thousands of businesses within an industry, and being able to find domain name holders who are willing to sell or new businesses who may be in a position to buy takes time and skilled research. One good question to ask your domain broker is how they find domain names or willing buyers.

A couple of soft skills that great domain brokers have are enthusiasm and persistence. It can take time to shop a domain name around to potential parties, and representing clients at the negotiation table takes persistence. An enthusiastic broker will also work hard for their clients, helping them make the best deal whether they’re buying or selling.

Brokers with enthusiasm are better representatives for their clients, and brokers who have in-depth industry knowledge will be in a better position to negotiate on your behalf. You’ll also want to find a broker who is a good personality fit for you. There’s a chance that the two of you will be working closely together for quite some time, and finding one who you can comfortably communicate with will help the process for you both. Again, we’ll reference the example of finding a good real estate agent. When you have one that communicates with you in your preferred way and one you click with, you’ll have the best experience.

Find The Best Domain Broker For Your Brand Today

Good domain brokers are well-connected professionals that have the negotiation skills and persistence to quickly find the best deal for both parties. Plus, the best domain name brokers also possess the legal knowledge to transfer the ownership. Do your homework, and treat contracting with a domain name broker like any other professional interview.

The premium domain broker team is prepared to assist you with domain acquisitions and sales, portfolio management, dispute resolution, litigation, and more. Contact us today by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.

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