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How To Hire A Domain Broker

Michael Gargiulo - CEO,

By: Michael Gargiulo, CEO at

Updated: 8:51 AM ET Tue, February 2nd 2021

Clients hiring a domain broker.

You’re finally on the path to starting the website you’ve planned to build, but then you run into an unexpected problem. Your domain of choice is already taken, and you don’t want to settle for a different one. However, this isn’t cause for despair. Instead, you should learn how to hire a domain broker. A capable domain broker can access millions of off-market domains and help you find the name that you’re looking for.

What Is A Domain Broker?

What you need to know about using a domain broker

A domain broker is someone who specializes in buying and selling domains for others. If you’re interested in selling domains, a broker helps set realistic prices and seek out buyers. On the other hand, domain brokers are often invaluable to those who are hunting for a specific domain that someone else already owns.

Finding a domain, assessing its value, and negotiating a sale can often be a complex process. It’s important to know how to hire a domain broker because they can make this complicated process simple.

How To Hire A Domain Broker

How to find the right domain broker for you

Hiring a domain broker is as simple as seeking out a credible broker and requesting their services. They’ll likely charge a percent-based or flat fee for the deal, but you receive the benefit of their expertise in exchange for this charge.

Domain name deals are an art as much as they are a science, and securing the best deals requires a unique combination of professional and interpersonal skills. Even when you have experience with negotiation in a business setting, there are several unique challenges involved with domain brokerage.

Why People Hire A Domain Broker

Why people hire domain brokers

When you’re trying to buy a domain someone owns, there are several reasons hiring a domain broker is a good idea. In general, the world economy runs on specialization. Hiring a domain broker with experience and a history of success in this industry will save time, effort, and even money.

Domain Deals Are Unique And Challenging

Compared to negotiation in more traditional industries, domain name negotiations can be more challenging. The industry is young and decentralized, so you’ll often do business with the owner themselves as opposed to an emotionally detached professional. For instance, when selling a home, a pair of experienced, business-minded realtors will stand in for the buyer and seller. Personality doesn’t enter into the equation in the way it does when dealing with a domain name owner.

People who own an asset often exaggerate the value of the asset and can be dogged, stubborn negotiators who require a careful touch. This challenge is further aggravated by the unique nature of domain name deals. In other industries, there are usually fairly concrete methods of measuring the value of an asset.

While there are some metrics you can use to judge the worth of a domain name, it requires a great deal of experience cross-referencing to come to an authoritative estimate. This can lead to abrasive, loud personalities seriously overvaluing a domain name. An expert domain broker will be able to handle these cases more effectively than anyone else, which makes them a key resource for negotiations. Not to mention, negotiations are only half the battle when it comes to finding your ideal domain name.

Find Your Ideal Domain Quickly

The Internet registries around the world hold well over one billion registered domains, and that number will inevitably cross two billion. Sometimes, it’s easy to find the owner of your domain of choice, but sometimes, it can be more challenging. A premium domain brokerage will know all of the popular channels for aftermarket domain sales as well as more obscure ones.

When you hire an expert domain broker, you benefit from their experience and connections in the industry. They’ll be able to quickly find the information for a domain owner via a WHOIS application if possible. If that avenue doesn’t work, your domain broker will comb the auction sites and other aftermarket resources to find it.

Hiring A Domain Broker Successfully

Successfully hire a domain broker

How to hire a domain broker is simple, but there are steps you can take to make your business with them more successful. Consider the following tips:

  1. Seek out a reputable brokerage with favorable testimonials, one that you can trust. To work with them effectively, you’ll need to be able to communicate actively and believe that they have your best interests at heart.
  2. Ask questions until you’re satisfied with the answers, but ultimately defer to their expertise. You’re hiring a domain broker because of their industry-specific skill and knowledge. If you go into a deal with unrealistic goals, then bringing your expectations back in line with reality is part of their job.
  3. Be diplomatic. Everyone involved with the process of buying or selling a domain stands to benefit from maintaining a friendly demeanor.
  4. Don’t make ultimatums. Attempting to enforce arbitrary deadlines and limitations will likely do nothing except make it impossible to close your deal, which leaves everyone worse off. Some purchases move more slowly than others; that’s just the nature of the domain brokerage business.
  5. In short, appreciate that you need to leave the job to the person you hired to do it. The nature of the industry means that any domain broker will already strive to close a deal as quickly as possible and leave a satisfied customer for their own sake. Wasting time means that they’re wasting their own money, so they’ll already be doing everything possible to secure the best outcome for you.

Hire The Best Domain Broker For You Today

If you’re in the market for a proven domain brokerage team, consider We’ve left many customers satisfied and can efficiently connect you to the hundreds of millions of aftermarket domains. The team has years of experience negotiating with difficult prospects and getting fair deals for our clients. Give us a call and learn more about how our premium domain brokerage services can help you get the perfect name for your website.

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